Beware of Libertarians Not of the Constitution, 2014 Illinois Edition

A warning to Republicans who think they are only in a two-way race.

It’s crunch time, and I notice that while American media and political consultants may be chasing after what may turn out to be a false flag of getting out the black vote, and the threat of Georgia and North Carolina black churches bundling absentee ballots in the churches, “to insure safe delivery”, the threat of faux libertarians, Libertarians-not-of-the-Constitution may pose a greater, and hard to detect threat. Most of these faux’s are card-carrying members of the new Atheism, not non-religious, but anti-religion, who want all moral issues removed from the politicasl playing  field. And they could care less about the parts of the Bill of Rights they have to trample to get votes, especially since they will never govern.

Faux-Libertarians are a very real threat in any campaign in which there is a less than 3 point spread between the Republican and Democrat. And if you are scratching your head why losing Dem candidates are polling much higher than Obama, keeping the race tighter than it should be, it is probably because GOP candidates have been persuaded to campaign against the sins of Obama instead of against the more specifics sins of the Democrat incumbent, and are likely not campaigning fro any higher vision FOR  the nation at all.  “Let’s jus get rid of the democrat majority and everything will take care of itself.”

The hole in this approach is that even today there are millions of voters who were just entering puberty when Obama was first elected president six years ago. There are at least 10% of the voting-age population out there who can camp on the ground the GOP has left open between the their own lack of vision and the sins of Obama. Being young and not yet vested in the future of America yet, they can  easily be convinced to vote against the very audacity of your use of the concept of sin. To them, morality is a red flag issue. With all this low hanging fruit, these “faux-libetarians” (with apologies to Judge Napolitano, and maybe even Ron Paul)  are good safe bet to get whatever number of votes they need to swing a close election, by hook or by crook, while everyone is watching for ballot box fraud in traditionally suspect districts. If they can only raise the money. And the Dems and unions are there with  fistfuls of it, while I doubt the GOP is even paying attention.

There was always a price to pay for Republicans who’d chosen to narrow their attacks to only Obama, and to limit any head-to-head attack on the people who created Obama for their own sins and abuses of power. I’ve seen or heard very little in the way of fist-pounding wrath for what the Dems have wrought, then ask for voter forbearance simply by not inviting Obama to speak for them. But the rise of the Libertarians-not-of-the-Constitution are one of those prices, for they own 10% of the voting population, if they can only find the money to go get them.

Well, the faux-mask is off. I give you Chad Grimm, Libertarian candidate for governor for Illinois, whose entire campaign is proudly to deny the Republican candidate the victory, while having absolutely no one in his vacuous voter base to question why he would support, instead,. the victory of a party already known to be corrupt, but who also see the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, as an impediment at best, and anathema at the worst to their political ambitions. Chad Grimm’s libertarianism has even less accountability to his voter base than the Congressional Black Caucus does to its.

Intellectually it’s been a free ride.

This recent news report from the Sun-Times of Chiacgo, expresses in clear and unambiguous terms the degree of prostitution to the true tenets of Libetarianism new atheist-libertarians have become. They are eager and willing allies of the Left…for money.

It may be too late, but GOP candidates and their campaign staffs would be wise to do a crash course study of the 2013 loss of Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia, the first victim of faux-Libertarians, and a fellow named Robert Sarvis, now running as a 6% back-up to Dem Senator Mark Warner, should Virginia voters turn on him.

The rise of a perpetual 6% third party-which-can-be-bought paints and entirely  new political landscape, where even Democrats not on the state or federal payroll hate the Democrats in charge, but can’t seem to get rid of them,  creates a completely new reality. Of immediate concern, the potential for fraud is multiplied. In he early Obama years, people like Ohio Secretary for State Jennifer Brunner set the stage for fraud among young people of almost Gordian complexity. And now there are voting machines that can be hacked, or are un-calibrated. (Why are un-calibrated voting machines in lllinois never casting black votes for Republicans?)

I can see these next two weeks becoming the model for the last two weeks of every campaign from now on, carefully scripted and choreographed, high expectations and then that final last-minute disappointment, a next morning scratching of heads wondering how so-and-so just lost a squeaker, while the public schools spit out another 4m potential new voters to enrol in the low-information, new atheism party of Libetarians-not-of-the-Constitution next time.

High on the faux-libertarian list of things they are against, besides laws against drug use, same-sex marriage, and the 10th Amendment in general which gave cities and state certain prerogatives, were laws against prostitution, as victimless crimes.  Sarvis and Grimm tell us why, for there is nothing so easy to buy than a faux-libetarian’s soul.

Democrats are beginning to hire Libertarian candidates as we speak, and expect even a bigger dose in 2016 and beyond. Adjust for windage.



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