Washington Politics, Why The People are Odd-man Out

A man will fight harder for his interests than his right- Napoleon Bonaparte

Background: Three Regime Models of Socialism

In the thinking-the-unthinkable department, which I’ve sometimes asked you to do, I’m sure it’s crossed your mind that a less-than-benign dictatorship could be in America’s future some day. Even Krauthammer hints this may be the case, although he never hints whether he’ll go or will he stay?

For America’s wealthy it’s always been of concern for reasons other than the ones average Americans fear most. And for some of the politically active wealthy, it can be  downright scary.

If you understand the Left’s end game, dictatorship is where they’ve always wanted to take America. This is no longer a secret and is actually becoming more evident with every passing week. So when you say that word “Left”, know this is what it means; some form of authoritarian dictatorship, not touchy-feely liberalism. Nor does it mean the strained carrots and peas that are fed to young Occupiers, who also think of themselves as “of the Left”. There are millions of them out there who will call themselves that until they have to get a job, or pay a bill, or realize that 7 x 7 cubicle in a government office building, playing solitaire or watching porn on the computer, isn’t really the image of being a part of “management” they had in mind when they signed on. They don’t know what the real Left is, much less its real consequences, and most will fade away…only to replaced by a million (hand-picked from approx 12 million applicants annually) new faces each year, who are just as rosy-pink-cheeked stupid as the previous batch. In every language since the Cossacks stormed the Winter Palace in 1917, they have been more aptly defined by history as “useful idiots”, cannon fodder. And they are as expendable to the real Left as toilet paper.

With the true Left there is no bipartisan “hands across the aisle”, because, quite frankly, with them it is an article of faith there should not be an aisle. And just as with Islam toward infidels, or Comanches, there is no honor except inside the tribe. It’s open season on everyone else. The real Left is real and it means business, so watch your scalp if you think you can make nice with it.

Why this threat is more real for us is because we will be the ones “left behind”. If this dictatorship should come to full fruition most of the people and organizations we look to for counsel will be gone, or will have made some sort of accommodation with the victors. But for some, this could evolve into a very real life and death game, a game many would just as soon we not know about, inasmuch as we are the odd men in their calculations.

You see, if the balloon goes up and the Stars and Stripes comes down conservatism’s most effective leaders will have to get out of town. Only we can’t. So how do we continue? Leaderless, do we hunker down? We need to begin thinking about this now, not on D-Day plus two.

So this article is a general insight into the thinking of our leaders, some of whom, as you’ve guessed by now, are flag-waving phonies and hucksters.

I have some personal experience in this. I worked my first “Get Out of Dodge” plan in 1995 for a rich recluse in Arizona. I vetted associations of rich people and properties in New Zealand before it was fashionable to think in those terms. So this is not a new wave. Obama just cast a brighter light on this kind of advanced planning than Clinton.

A lot of those people were cynical about any loyalty to America, so I never approved of them, But they were my rice bowl at the time, and have always been on my mind as to what various classes of people will likely do if the country goes south. I do know ordinary Americans can’t look to them for guidance. (My Kindle best-seller, 10 copies sold, America’s Epitaph, Death by Skinflint was based on a variation of this theme, i.e., what the conservative rich probably won’t do to prevent the rest of us from being left behind.)

This is not a rap against some of our best leaders, who, if America flips drastically, (as I describe below) will probably have to leave the country to avoid the gulag, Or worse. But there has been a sort of conservative Washington gold rush going on for several years now, raising millions while raising the flag, but reasons that are not completely noble. Trust me, there are many wearing conservatism’s shoulder patch today who are pretty AC-DC about who’s running the show just so long as they have a secure niche in it. I’m not a scalp-hunter, mind you, but I do like to nose around a bit when I believe that fundraising may be for arguably specious patriotic ends,  which is why I’ve been doing a series on the Article V promotion, which I’ll conclude as soon as I put this article to bed. They are related.

You may not know it, but almost every wealthy person in America has a bug-out plan, left and right. Even if they never use it. Those plans can become quite complex, involving cat-and-mouse games with the government in moving money around, and logistical decisions involving all sorts of come-to-Jesus moments as to how much of their empires they’re willing to leave behind; in banks, property and other holdings. (Getting out is relatively easy. Taking it all with you, isn’t.)

These are probably the most closely held secrets in America, covering every part of America where rich people are found, from politics, finance, business, government, entertainment, and  the sports industry.

Just know that rich people have been hedging their bets against political collapse for centuries. And not all of them flee. Some stay and ingratiate themselves with the new regime, often planning years in advance. When the Romanov’s fell in 1918, there were many rich businessmen for the royal household who decided they would (for whatever reason) rather stay in Russia than open emigre restaurants in New York, start a vineyard in France or work as mercenaries for war lords in China. Whether moral philosophy, love of the Motherland, or lack thereof, directed their decisions, to go or stay, I can’t say. I just know that 98% of all the people in Russia had no such choice.

Obviously, I can’t tell you what America’s wealthy men and women are planning, just that they are planning. We who are left behind simply need to know some of the things that go into their considerations.

There are three basic political regime templates against which the rich are planning, so remember these.

Regime #1) has been evolving in America for several years, now. It is a “benign” Euro-socialism model (what I’ve always called “hot tub” socialism) in which wealth creation becomes more and more controlled by Washington. Most of the current rich in America believe they can live within this system, without having to relocate or prostate themselves too much before benefactors (e.g, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Rupert Murdoch). Those wishing to become rich, however, are finding it more and more difficult to turn good ideas into gold without some sort of federal approval…and sugar-daddy.

As the private sector middle class is displaced by a public sector sector middle class, which is accelerating greatly now, the survivability of this sort of “soft” socialism becomes problematic.

More than others, conservative rich look for tipping points in this political and economic process, some buried deep in financial institutions, to determine when America’s drift into regime #2 or #3, discussed below, might occur.

Inasmuch as this does not seem personal to you (actually it is), you need to understand why the politics being played inside the Washington establishment, all of it, is not about things we thought it was supposed to be about. It is not about liberty, or defeating the Left, reducing the size of government, etc. It’s about money, power and status and the wealth that comes it. (This is what conservatives want to change, and is the fundamental difference between the establishment GOP and the conservatives.)

Consequently, ideology, or the most basic of moral values, such as honesty or personal integrity (see Harry Reid) has very little to do with this battle inside Washington. Because of the vast amounts of money that can be made in politics right now (which I mentioned in the Article V debate, and will again) no one, even most of the Democrats, who currently own the playing field, wrote the current rule book, and run all the concession stands, want to see this game end, especially in chaos. (As Rupert Murdoch recently hinted, that he could live with a Hillary presidency, it’s assumed inside the Washington establishment that Lady Sleaze will represent a continuation of this current #1 regime, which will likely stifle a great deal of GOP  enthusiasm to defeat her.)

Still that devolution into a chaos has to happen if we, the People, are to prevail, or they, the Left, are to prevail. Even Charles Krauthammer, who has already spoken of rising “lawlessness”, admits the specter of totalitarianism is on the rise. So you can see, the Washington establishment, the moneybaggers, are caught in a kind of crossfire of their own making, wanting neither the People to come rushing in from the bottom, taking all this filthy lucre away, or the hard Left, from above, to kill the golden goose they’ve been feasting on the past two generations. They really want a grifter to get the nod in 2016.

This is why the Republican Party is trying to reduce the conservatives and tea parties into irrelevancy, and why the Democrat Party is trying to reduce the Repulican Party to squaws. Both fear an unsettling interruption to this erstwhile “gold rush”, respectively from below and above.

In due course this sort of soft socialism has to fail. It could never last, and while the greater threat was always assumed to come from above, as Obama has proved, the Washington establishment see the only real threat as coming from the bottom, which is why we are odd-man out.

The threat from above they can live with…they think…until at least the alligator has eaten everyone else. But when the government runs out of legally-obtained money they will face the choice of tightening down the screws on citizens or cutting government programs and personnel, which means cutting very “necessary” departments such as the Ministry of Silly Walks. The bureaucracy will never allow this. So the establishment has to hope that we will respond to the next, and the next, wave of screw-tightening according to our nature, which will be taking line of least resistance.

This is the existential situation the Democrats especially now finds itself in. And we have to disabuse them of this.

In other words the slide into Regime #2 authoritarianism can be slow, or very quick. That all depends on (we) the people who will be left behind. We do have some say in this.

Regime #2) is a more harsh “get-even” socialism, which I think best has depicted the ambitions of this current regime from the beginning. Unlike most Democrats, get-even authoritarians are less interested in continually feeding off the fatted goose and more in favor of watching it squirm and scream when they pluck it. And to see how painfully they can twist that knife without cutting an artery.

Normally such a regime would last no more than a generation, and be replaced by a more regimented bureaucracy, but if they are able to pump into government a million new souls every year with a brand new list of grievances to seek (righteous) vengeance for, this sort of government can go on indefinitely. And if things start to collapse around them, they can simply retreat into #3 totalitarianism. Already it’s not hard, all it takes is hutzpah and political will and a fearlessness of death.

Under Regime #2, there will still be great wealth, only the State will select winners and losers more punitively. The guy who comes to kill your termites will be beholding to some local insect czar, who will beholding to some regional czar, all the way up to the Ruling Council on Pesticides…that’s how things will work. And every kid in America will want to grow up to be one of those czars some day, instead of a doctor, because that is where the big bucks are…and where you can get all the girls,,,no matter that your sex.

For honest conservatives, this will be an edgier kind of neo-fascism where many will be dispossessed as a form of punishment (social justice). Entrepreneurs and creators, the heart of private sector America, will not be invited to participate, their share of the economy being parceled out to the more malleable and manipulable corporate sector, where, I’m sorry to say, Wall Street is loaded. You fans of Atlas Shrugged will know what I’m talking about here, only don’t look for a John Galt.

So, Regime #3) is always a part of planning in any #2 Regime. should there be a popular uprising, or American farmers start firing their fields and other signs of mass resistance. It’s a fall-back, determined at the moment chaos erupts.

But many on the Left have wanted that chaos (also called “anarchy”) all along. So the mere existence of Regime 2) above magnifies the possibility of a third type of “revolution” reminiscent of the Bolshevik-Menshevik split in 1918, which would be an out-and-out dictatorial seizure of just about anything that isn’t already nailed down and the Democrats haven’t already laid claim to.

But because the modern Left in America likes to live large, and in-yer-face publicly, I think even this Regime #3 would be more fascist in nature than Marxist. I see art treasures “repatriated” into the homes of Leadership, gated compounds within gated communities, national style and elegance redefined by Beyonce, with Reichschancellors instead of commissars dominating the social scene in this new system of government,

Just know, a lot of people inside this current administration’s circle of friends privately salivate over this last possibility, so don’t rule them out too hastily. Though they wear the best of clothes, these are true Bolsheviks and are ready to don their Mao jackets at the drop of a hat.

If our side should win decisively, the Left’s rich and powerful would likely do the same things described here. So this is not a pity piece about our being left out or behind. I don’t do pity, unless a dog or cat is involved.

This is a hard-nosed assessment of what anyone with more than $3-$4 million and a “moveable family”may  be considering right now. And why so many without it, would like to squirrel away a few million for that rainy day fund.

But in this current atmosphere, common sense dictates that certain wealthy powerful Americans will literally have to take in on the lamb, for there will be a real jail/gulag/concentration camp out there awaiting them if they don’t.

Make your own list, but from Rush Limbaugh to Glenn Beck to the Koch Brothers, the top echelons of conservatism  have already begun making escape calculations based on which of these three regime types is the more likely to eventuate.

And justifiably so. I don’t blame them. Each, in their own way, have “earned” the punishment awaiting them. There are hundreds like them, where merely seizing their assets won’t be enough to satisfy the hate that is felt for them, e.g, the Cathy family (Chick Fil A), Phil Robertson’s clan, and several others will likely be targeted for special re-education programmes. Every alliance-member of the vast Left-wing conspiracy has markers they will cash in for services rendered so that their most favored enemy can be punished according to their pleasures.

(Without comment, I’m sure you also can make a list of prominent party and government establishment types who ostensibly have been speaking for us these many years, will cop some sort of plea deal, allowing them to stay on as respectable member of the “official opposition”.

Just don’t lay too much stock in the “Our Lives, Our Fortunes, Our Sacred Honor” oath so many prominent conservative spokesmen profess.They also have families to consider. And they have options our Founders never really had, such as hideaways all over the world and jets much faster than a getaway horse named Liberty.

Where we are today

Washington has reached that point between #1 and #2 already. The entire politics of Washington is between two walled compounds, one vying to kick the other out, and take over completely, the other trying to sustain itself in the status trappings it still possesses even as it loses territory daily. Ordinarily, this would end in a sort of alliance, a firmly established junior-and senior partnership, except for that constant pecking at their heels from us, the odd-men out, below, and the draconian future lurking from above.

I guess my point is, we can’t keep living this way. But we do control the dynamic.

We have a little time. We can pause and take stock after the fall elections, and see if they have made any difference in the politics going forward. That’s everyone’s prayer, but I doubt it, for the Left and the Washington establishment will dig in its heels as if they were one.

I’m for buying time if we’re doing something with it. I’ll have more to say on this in coming weeks, but it will cost a lot less than it does to buy ads for a senate candidate in Louisiana or for one of the national tea party groups to throw a big rally on the Mall, to defeat the Left from the ground up. I call it “the death of the Left by a million paper cuts.”

In the meantime, just start thinking of how you will fight or resist without the support networks you’ve relied on for the past twenty years.

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