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The Acclamation of Sylvia Mathews Burwell, HHS Nominee

The president has said he will nominate Sylvia Mathews Burwell, current White House Budget Director, to replace Kathleen Sibelius as head of the Department of Health and Human Services, a cabinet post that has been much in the spotlight.

The word that’s going around is that Ms Burwell’s nomination comes about because she is attractive (personally I don’t see it except in a Washington-CPAC-white woman sort of a way) and that she is to be a tease for Senate Republicans who will want to beat her up in front of national cameras over the failings of her predecessor; i.e., a war-on-women pity dance for the Dem’s come November.

My suggestion is the GOP senators from the Finance Committee should decide to acclaim her nomination unanimously, without comment, in and out in five minutes, with the Ranking Member saying only these opening comments:

“Madame, we are here to determine your qualifications for the job of secretary of Health and Human Service, and our party endorses your selection unanimously, without comment…for the simple reason that the President has already proven himself to be the worst possible judge of horse flesh in selecting nominees for cabinet posts. So we are quite certain that nothing you could do or say in your tenure as HHS secretary could possible match the incompetence of your predecessor.

“Thank you, and good day.”

(All rise, exit stage right.)

You won’t find a lot of hell fire and brimstone among these GOP’s eleven members. but I think most would like at least to hear someone read these few words and once in their careers get to stand up and walk out on an Obama IED.

Perhaps Sen Hatch can call in sick that day and let Chuck Grassley do the benediction.

I just know all America would just love to see it.

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