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Overcoming the Stigma of Being “Republican”

Eric Gurr, who is trying to unseat John Boehner in Ohio’s 8th Congressional District primary (My sister was born in Hamilton. Like all respectable Appalachians in those days, she wanted to be born at a better address.) wrote a nice comment to an older article I wrote about the GOP’s default “sell-out position” on Immigration. So show a little concern for Eric at http://gurrforcongress.com/, and drop a note or Tweet of encouragement, and even some change if you have it.

So I reread it and have some advice for new Republican challengers.

What dawned on me was the answer to a question that has been haunting conservatives for at least twenty years, and that is why the Republican establishment feels the compelling need to kowtow to Democrat premises, in this case an immigration policy that will be suitable only to Democrats… when the majority of Latinos in this country, by every means to measure them, agree with conservatives on immigration policy. The only Latino groups who favor this legislation are the NGO’s who sponge off Democrat and government funding but who comprise no more than single-digit representation of the Latin-American communities. As reciprocity, they are recognized by the Left, the media, and apparently the GOP establishment, to be the sole spokesmen for Hispanics. This is Feminism redux, where, in the East, you have to become a lesbian just to move up in its hierarchy. The same with LGBT. The GOP establishment rushes to embrace them, or more accurately, will move heaven and earth not to cross them, under the crippling illusion they will lose votes, when in fact, the opposite is almost always true.

I don’t get it.

Then I recalled what Evan Sayet, the Jewish pundit said during a Q & A after one of his talks recently (which I recommend you watch) When asked why most Jews vote for Democrats (despite knowing their hypocrisies). Evan came back with a short simple reply: “Because they are not Republican.”

This is a lesson every aspiring GOP candidate needs to learn, but which no Republican insider will ever tell you, and that is:

In almost half of American society Republicans have two strikes against them from the outset, because of a modern day lie, but which was once true.

Everything bad they say about Republicans today was true for nearly a hundred years. And for many Americans, the stigmata is still there…because Republicans allow it to stay there.

If you didn’t know it, in the late 1800’s and early 1900s, the name “Republican” defined meanness and indifference to America’s urban and industrial humanity, and this was handed down, from father to son, mother to daughter; in the oral traditions of Jews, people of color and ethnicity, even through the religious idiosyncrasies of the Roman Catholic Church.

With such a strong foundation for hatred of “republican” among the first generations coming to these shores, for the past 60 years it has been easy for the Left to simply remind these “victims” who the source of their victim-hood has been. Jews can live in mansions today, but still retain stories three generations old of how Republicans treated their forefathers on Delancey Street. Some of them were possibly even true. Irish, Italian? Don’t think about it. Blacks who have lived in Chicago, Cleveland, or Detroit, for 90 years still hear tales of Alabama lynchings and learn why the faces of the US presidents on the dime and quarter have their heads turned away from the face of Lincoln on the penny. (Bet you didn’t know that.) Only these stories didn’t come down from mother to son for three generations, but instead is whispered by community organizers and ethnic ward heelers using laundered taxpayer money. They are warned it is still the same way “out there,” so don’t go out there. “Stay here where it is warm and cozy…and almost safe.”

It has been this way since the 1960s; to lock some of those people up, throw away the key, yet blame the Republicans for their incarceration, while throwing them the occasional flat-screen, six pack of Pepsi and a monthly relief check to keep them just dependent enough to fear venturing out in the cold world alone, where they would find out all these stories are lies and not all kitchens have cockroaches.

Once upon a time, almost the entire civil rights movement leadership was Republican. Dr King was. But they were the products of local Republican parties, imbued with the original GOP brand, the Doctrine of Liberty. They were never the darlings of the national GOP brand and its 19th century vision of wealth creation and corporate management, which had been plutocratic in nature and elitist in culture since Reconstruction

Today the Democrats have skimmed off more than half of that wealth, plus their corporations, almost all of the snobbery and elitism, except

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in a few GOP enclaves in the east. Still, none of those original victim groups from the 19th Century knows this…because no Republican will tell them. They still believe modern Republicans will not dirty their hands with them, just as they did a century ago, when people with funny sounding names or skin colors were required to come around to the back door, so the neighbors wouldn’t whisper.

Evan Sayet was right. And this is the cross modern Republicans have to bear.

So I wonder, is the Republican Party silent today about these lies because they feel guilt, knowing that what Democrats have been saying about them for seventy years was once true. Or that it may still be a little bit true even today? After all, Establishment does have it privileges, doesn’t it, and as John Boehner has proved, privilege can consume a good man as easily as a come-hither look can at one of Lady Gaga’s Tupperware party.

Is the GOP Establishment still a little nostalgic because they could do it so much better than Democrats? After all, if Hollywood, the Clintons or Obamas are any example, the Democrats have degraded every thing they’ve touched. They could turn Versailles into a Route 66 Glass Barn just by letting Lady Nancy bring in her designer. Since the Democrats have swooped in on Washington they have turned the whole city’s culture into the Hotel Theresa in New York when Fidel brought his delegation to the United Nations, along with chicken coops, slop buckets and grills cut out of 50-gallon drums. After hours, the very air is fetid with the aroma of cheap brothel perfume and rotting barbeque ribs.

The rest of America, fly-over country, probably never knew of this progressive flirtation by the GOP establishment since before FDR, or that their Doctrine of Liberty, which guided the way for how the rest of America was built was not the received wisdom of the establishment Republican Party when it offered their national platforms at their conventions. It was all business and no soul, until, for a period of time Ronald Reagan changed those platforms. They have now disappeared.

Today, conservative Republicans need to know that the first Republican Party, as originally branded, had never been a part of this slide toward progressivism beginning over a century ago. Therefore, they were never part of the “anything is better than a Republican” narrative, as Evan Sayet reported. Yet, they are all measured against it. And the modern Republican Establishment cannot bring itself to act, to move with its feet and its rhetorical fists, to prove that “it ain’t so.”

I consider this either resignation, surrender, or possibly, just a hint of wanting to be part of the in-group, even if it is as a junior partner.

Remember, were it not for the original Republican Doctrine of Liberty (1863) America would have fallen into complete and total debauchery a generation ago, for the Democrats have never veered even one iota from where they want to take Amerika since 1896… into the arms of Marxist authoritarianism.

So go look at the red and blue map and see what your true mission should be, and what you can do to put little red pinpricks in the blue cities. Then, as Eric Gurr must do in Ohio 8, look at how much of that blue vote is really purple simply because of the false promises made by men such as John Boehner and who Ohioans had re-elected just a few times too many.

But turn to the Democrat voters even more, for they are neighborhoods no Republican has worked since Ronald Reagan, and before him, never. Most grass roots Democrats still know embarrassment and shame, and most know these sentiments only too well today. Obamacare has at least a third of Democrats already turning on a spit, being slow roasted. All they have to have is the old stigma about Republicans removed and be given a reason to believe the “real” Republican brand isn’t what they were always taught. Relieve them of that “one reason” to vote Democrat, and most will give you two years to prove it. The rest will be up to you.

Finally, image

Intellectually, Republicans are thought to be Right but Rigid or Right but Self-righteous. But the other half of that equation is that Democrats are always known to be “Wrong, but Wromantic” (I stole this quote). Nobody thinks Democrats are right, or even truthful about anything. But the Sayet Maxim rules because Democrats have personalities, a twinkle in their eye. After they’ve robbed you they will still buy you a cup of coffee and sit down and drink it with you. Bill Clinton personified this type, and got away with it as the most rapacious of any world leader since Catherine the Great slept with the entire Polish Palace Guard in 1769.

Most Republicans come off to the voter as loan officers down at the bank. Dull and dreary, their heads full of numbers, cold logic, instead of quick zingers. Virginia just elected a known-crook, an old Clinton bag-man, who has wasted no time in trying to skim money from benefactors after only a couple of months in office. And Virginians will regret their choice, as will the Establishment GOP who refused to help the better man. But hey, Terry McAuliffe is a fun guy, quick with a joke, a slap on the back – and a deft touch with the hand in pocket – the kind of guy you’d like to have a beer with, at least if you’re not expecting him to give you a lift home. But McAuliffe beat an upright, moral constitutionalist and conservative, who, because he was unaware of that 100 year-old stigmata, didn’t know he was being portrayed (successfully) as a self-righteous prig, just one step away from a witch-burning Puritan. Ken Cuccinelli either didn’t know how to step out of character, or didn’t know he needed to. He probably didn’t even know he had that “Republican” monkey on his back.

Don’t be that bank loan officer. Especially if you are running in a primary or against an incumbent Democrat, and are the underdog. Consider the longer game, for real Republicans are looking for men and women who can get down on their knees and shoot craps with the ‘hoodies, and can tell the difference between “lies and damned lies” and will shout it out. Those kinds have a chance, if not this time, the next. They leave an impression. They are not one-and-doners, and more money will be there the second time around.

And for you incumbent Republicans who are feeling a little safe with your demographics, you would be wise to look over your shoulder, for if you are leaving those core Democrat voters to their own devices, someone else is going to steal them. This is how John Boehner could go from a bona fide conservative to a tart-for-hire in twenty short years.

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