In 1961, Dick Gregory asked a white, Atlanta night club audience this question:

“Wouldn’t it be funny if all this was burnt cork, and you were all being tolerant for nothing?”

Which brings me to Ed Asner, one of the spokesmen for the Hollywood Left. Mr Asner recently commented that Hollywood is mum on a US rocket attack on Syria because it fears the racism label, which, in the past Hollywood never really had any difficulty dosing out by the bushel.

My answer to Ed Asner: : “It’s all burnt cork.”

But the question looms, if people of goodwill everywhere; Republicans, conservatives, independents, are afraid of being labeled racists, and then suddenly so are the labelers, well, just who is it everyone’s afraid of? If we’re all in front of the firing squad, who’s yelling “Ready, Aim…”?

I scent the markings of a trap, Mr Asner.

You see, except for conservatives, the Left are the most dedicated and ideologically loyal of all Americans. Leftists believe in certain things, and they believe in them with real fervor. Republicans are noticeably omitted from this list.

How deep does this fervor run?

At no time would Bill Clinton have ever tried this Syria plan. Why? Because he would never have tweaked a major shibboleth of one of his major allies to achieve what is clearly still an unknown goal to all but Obama’s closest aides. (It clearly isn’t about lethal gas—Saddam gassed over half a million and Obama was against attacking him—nor is it about the international rule of law, and especially, it isn’t about any discernible American strategic or security interest. In fact, the raison d’etre, Assad’s guilt, may not even be true.)

Bill Clinton could never get away with this gambit because he is white. Only Obama carries that trump card, and whether wittingly or not, he has now played it against his own.

Every liberal of every stripe; environment, global warming, war, nukes, LG stuff, they all share one (and probably only one) common lynchpin that would otherwise make that gigantic Leftwing locomotive just a trail of slow, little handcars.


But race, as Asner has quietly acknowledged, instead of being that great liberation ideal coming from Dr King, has been exposed by Obama to be a pistol each member of the Left’s alliance holds to the head of the member standing directly to his right, in a circle. A circular execution squad.

Not until this week has the true-believing Left even been aware of this circle, for no one ever had his principal tenets challenged by another member. Until now.

And now that Obama has shouted it out loud, the Left should make the same sort of inquiry into Obama’s motivations in this Syria plan as we have. And they will quickly come to the same conclusion we have been making for years, namely that what drives Obama are not high-minded, or even necessarily leftist, but rather puerile, motives. Now he wants to supersede some of the most sacred beliefs of the

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Left. And they all are on notice that no genuine Leftwing ideological icon is safe.

When Obama was first elected we commented then that his version of “get-even” socialism would eventually run head-on into the various (and profitable) interests of the Great Left Alliance, and it appears it now has, over a tiny matter of either vanity or money. Or both.

Obama has now thrown the Left’s Grand Alliance out of orbit. And no one can say a thing about it because Obama is black?

Well, I say again, Mr Asner,”No he’s not.” It’s all burnt cork.

Barack Obama has been wearing burnt cork all his life.

We all say that Barack Obama is African-American, but in the strictest sense, he’s not. He’s African-American in the same sense that a white Afrikaner becomes a naturalized citizen in the US is African-American. He’s African and American. But he shares none of the heritage of Africa, nor of any black American from any era. His father was African, but he only saw him once or twice after he was a baby. He disavowed everything African from his earliest existence…until he supervised the writing of his autobiography. He visited Africa once, but wants nothing to do with that land, leaving huts full of half-brothers who he wouldn’t acknowledge on any public street in Martha’s Vineyard or Nairobi. He sends no birthday cards, or Christmas presents, not even a ten dollar bill.

If he were Clinton or Gore, one might say he were only cheap, but this is something else entirely.

He was raised in Asia, on a Polynesian island, actually two, and carried with him an Asian, not African, name. He attended an exclusive private school, which was a polyglot of races, in which the Polynesian boys were darker than he was, and where shades meant nothing at all anyway. If he played sports it sure wasn’t baseball, basketball, golf or football. If he was a great student, it certainly isn’t found in the Classics, or math, literature, or American history or government, which isn’t taught with much enthusiasm anywhere in the Islands anyway. Until he was 10 or so, he was raised Muslim, but that’s another matter. From then on, he was raised white, just as white as you see, from time to time, from young black children who have been adopted and raised in the suburbs, nice suburbs, with white, affluent adopted parents. Barack’s parents just happened to be communists and atheists, which still begs the obvious questions: How did he ever become a Christian and a little-d democrat? But I digress.

Barack Obama never stepped foot on African-American (North America, America-proper) soil until he was 18 years old, and when he did, he clearly felt more comfortable hanging out with foreign students than he did with blacks.

So Barack Obama is only African-American when he needs to be. In his whole life he has only hung out with African-Americans of the most affluent sort, and all that beginning at the age of 30 or so.

Think about it, Mr Asner.

The truth is, black people in America have nothing in common with Barack Obama, nor does he ever want them to. Ordinary blacks, the working common people don’t even like him. Those on welfare see him as a sugar-daddy, and yes, they are happy they finally have a black sugar-daddy. He is also admired by the young African-American college graduates who are able to find work in government, where they have been steered, and where, they’ve found, they can make a nice living and nest without really having to prove themselves, sort of like Obama himself.

If you’re looking for a firing squad, it’s them.

Still, Barack is condescendingly white, just ask Cornel West. Just ask any modern-day Gatsby, who would pay no attention to that burnt cork at all if they were both tuxed-up, standing next to the dance floor, making snotty fun of the guys out there trying to pick up girls. Class, not race drives Obama. Class, not race is Obama.


Now that it is Leftwing belief systems that are being hung out to dry, instead of mine, perhaps the Old Left might try looking at Barack Obama the same way we do – as a colorless man, who is about to do great damage to their most treasured possessions, not to mention their self-respect, and ideological fidelity.

Just put your heads together and accept that it’s all burnt cork. You already know this to be true. Then go about being “honest” Lefties and let the guy fall. There will be other blacks, on our sides as well as yours.

We can take up our fight later on.

Laisser les bons temps rouller!

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