Tavon Austin, NFL Running Back, Throw the Boy’s Momma a Bone, GOP

Thanks to Rachel Jeantel, and the accidental complicity of CNN in trying to portray her as a cultural heroine, the back story to the George Zimmerman trial may well be the despicable state of the Democrat Party’s prize possession, the Plantation.

I call it “the Gulag.”

But instead of dwelling on Rachel and Tayvon’s last telephone dance, or her opinion on the federal deficit, let me jump to another Tavon, Tavon Austin, rookie running back drafted by the LA Rams out of West Virginia University.


This Tavon is an inner city kid from Baltimore, and football is his way out.

And his mother and grandmother’s way out.

“The goal was to get my mother and my grandmother out of the city,” Austin told the Charleston Daily Mail on Apr. 28. “I don’t know if they want to leave, but I’ll definitely get them a better house so they don’t have to worry about living in the hood. That was my No. 1 goal and that’s happening now.

“I’m definitely going to move them to a nice place outside in the county, or something like that, where it’s a gated community and I pretty much know they’re comfortable while I’m here working and they’re back there just waiting for my game days on Sunday.”

My question…not to the Democrat Party, or to the public at large mind you, but to  the Republican Party… is why does a kid have to be a superstar in order to escape this paradise the Democrats have erected for black people across America?

And why does the Republican Party accept this condition lying down? Or Christians around the country?

There are several reasons actually, and Miss Jeantel brought them all home to America this past week. The Left, caught in a bind, is trying to shame us into trying to understand black life in the gulag as seen through the eyes of an 18-year old black girl; a B-student who can’t read, and clearly more in need of a  scholarship to most any suburban 9th grade middle school in Florida than a college.

And who should be making that case is the Republican Party. And yes, it is all about race.

In 1962, most of the blacks in the South were registered Republicans, and it was on that basis that caused the white Democrats to deny blacks the ability to register to vote….unless they could first pass a test by reading passages from the New Testament.

In Greek.

What did Martin Luther King and Ralph Abernathy know about the Republican Party then that the GOP no longer wants to claim as their own?

I think all this started with Woodrow Wilson, but the gulag system was not really institutionalized until LBJ, with the Civil Rights Acts and Voting Rights Act, which curiously enough applied only to the old Confederacy. The Supreme Court in Shelby Co v Holder (June, 2013) threw down part of that architecture only a few weeks ago.

Rachel Jeantel showed America the bang it’s been getting for the $15 (with a T) trillion it’s poured into poverty and welfare since 1964 and the Great Society. That money went somewhere, and somebody(s) is doing very well with it, thank you, but it sure as hell isn’t the 98% percent  black citizens living inside the Democrat gulag.

Fifty years later a talented kid has to get a million-dollar bonus to play football in order to rescue his mother and grandmother. When that kid was conceived back in 1990, he had only a 40% chance of surviving the abortionist’s knife. Today those odds have fallen closer to 20%.

Joe Louis had better chances in the 1930s. So did Jackie Robinson. Both had fathers. And the long arm of Margaret Sanger had not yet devised ways to reach out and kill them, nor the Democrat Party ways to hog-tie  them.

Today, with B-students who couldn’t pass a 9th grade English test if it required them to write the answers down on paper, no wonder they can’t leave. It’s like a prison. How do you make friends out of stir? What common ground can you possibly find with black or white “foreigners” on the outside?  They speak no common tongue. Most gulag kids can’t pronounce the words in a Temptations song.

The modern Democrat gulag system is devised to “tap out” individuals and more or less assign them a place in the system. Some will get out, most won’t, but all that do will have debt to repay. Some may apprentice for bosses inside the district, and work their way up.  Others are channeled into college, but only in course studies that will enable them to either take positions as young professors, all with the same degree in Psychobabble, where they may rise to a senior professorship position at Yale or Harvard, or even president, or, more commonly, secure a cubicle and a computer at the Department of Agriculture. Several agencies of government have been set aside for these very purposes, to hire engineers who can’t do logarithms, liberal arts students who cannot read their diplomas, but who do dress out nicely, and could fill out a student loan application, and do the time it takes to get a degree. These can be trained to take a document from an In-Box, stamp it, and move to an Out-Box, and thence, down a line of as series of  In-and-Out boxes, until it finally works its way into File 13, the final resting place of 85% of all federal bureaucracy paperwork. $35,000 a year for $8/hr work, but a coat, tie and parking place is involved. And benefits.

It’s been this way in Washington since the Ford-Carter years, and all that stands between Miss Jeantel and this sweet gig is that college degree just offered to her. Only she may turn it down, for culturally she will be stepping into a world that scares her to death. A fish out of water. It would be like Greystoke moving back to England.

Today, after 50 years, that get-out-of-gulag system is now self-generating, most of those college kids now coming from black suburbia, and no longer from the inner cities.  As with Tavon Austin, a few can escape on raw talent. But sadly, a talent for science or math are not considered “marketable skills” by gulag managers and is discouraged. And almost no one tries the private sector, for if they do, they often get tagged as sell-outs. School kids are conditioned these days to associate severe self-esteem issues with the risk of failure, so the easy path is almost always preferred.

The life of the “did-it-on-my-own” black man can be difficult, you see. A rocky road. Ask Clarence Thomas (noted judge). Ask Thomas Sowell (noted scholar). Ask Herman Cain (noted businessman and math, yes, math, genius.) Ask Walter Williams (noted economist). Ask Condolezza Rice, (noted scholar and pianist). Owing nothing to no one other than parents, church community and personal standards, they are reviled inside the gulag establishment. Wanted posters for them far outnumber “Be Like This Person” posters. Had they been born inside the gulag (and survived the Sanger Sabre) they would have been squished like bugs. Millions of such dreams are each year, without a single life-life offered by Republicans, for fear of offending the “damned Democrats” who manage the gulags.

Instead, most end up like Jeantel.

Most choose to hang on in the hood. Uncomfortable as it seems to us, you could tell from Rachel’s tone there is a certain familiarity with life in the gulag. Drugs, guns, gangs are a daily fact of life, just as they are in prison, but those who master the skills of survival inside find a kind of easy familiarity with it, a place where they know their place. (Sound familiar?)

So, only one rule applies for those who escape, “You can’t go nowhere without owing somebody for getting there.” Already Tavon Austin is being hassled by people back in Baltimore for all the IOU’s they say he owes.

The Cursings

It is commonly said that slavery was America’s greatest sin. Now who do think first told us that? But in truth, America’s greatest sin is what we are allowing to be done to these grandchildren of slaves today, 150 years later.

And I said “We”, not “Them”.

For the Democrats are Marxists, you see, and this is what Marxists do, which is destroy every fiber of will in people under their thumb. Every leftist in America, one way or another cut his or her teeth on perpetuating and perfecting this monstrosity. They are craven dogs behaving as craven dogs. They are g-d Democrats, dammit.  Enough said. Every problem facing America today, every disaster facing America, begins and ends with the “g-damned Democrats”. And I can’t say the name without attaching a colorful adjective. And I have a hundred. You may not approve of profanity, but when it comes to Democrats, it provides “a relief denied even unto prayer”. (Mark Twain). Like the psalmist, I invoke curses on this scourge with every breath.

They have conspired with black house servants in Congress and the race industry to almost destroy an entire race in America, something slavery never did.

Again, this is all according to their nature.

“We” is the Republican party who actually know just how indecent this sin has become but don’t want to admit it. Rachel Jeantel just reminded them. There is no denying it any longer. There are millions of Tavon Austins and their little sisters out there, just waiting for someone to come kick down the barricades and carry them and their mommas away to safety. There are millions of Rachel Jeantel’s who would love to read Jane Austen or maybe just a handwritten letter from their aunt.


All we have to do is go save them.

And all that begins with calling Democrats “damned Democrats” and set loose the dogs of whoop-ass (now that Rachel has said it’s OK to say this in polite company.)

I’m angry. How can a civilized society sit back and watch 10% of it citizens reduced to a primitive state and not react …with prejudice? How can a society close its eyes and act like this infestation of slavery isn’t there, and call itself “civilized”?

Damned right, I’m mad.

Do this one thing and all the other problems will fix themselves, for in many ways this is the Democrats original sin. If the GOP cannot summon the courage to do this one thing…start a fight and just see where it goes…then that will tell us still other things about the GOP.

Either way it’s time to turn over tables in the temple.

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