Obama Math for the New Age Begins in the First Grade

From the beginning, over four years ago, I’ve tried to present situation analyses as a way to alert folks to things that may happen, or are likely to happen. And why. I don’t do this to amuse myself, but rather to alert citizens as to things they can do individually or in small local groups to push forward the conservative agenda, or in the alternative, thwart the Left.

The national stage is largely theater.

When bad (or good) things happen it’s always beneficial to know how and why those things happened. If it doesn’t kill you, you should try to become wiser and stronger because of it.  This has been a guiding principle with me for over 40 years. Gaining understanding why the other side, in their myriad of psychological (and psychopathic) manifestations, do the things they do, may one day save your life.

Writing is not what I do best. Scheming is. So my purpose in writing has always been to make readers more aware and more able to scheme and fight, not spectate.  To do this you have to try to stifle anger and outrage (“you should never get mad at dogs for being dogs”) and encourage more observation and inquiry about the Enemy, as if kibitzing a chess match, looking over the players’ shoulders, questioning and guessing every move.

But even as less than pawns, still we can play a positive role in fighting the forces of Evil (an eternal war in its own right) and trying to rescue the Constitution and the Republic. We can even, as we saw in 2010, become outcome determinative.

Why we weren’t determinative in 2012 isn’t because we lost our sass and enthusiasm, but because we ran smack into a better plan, drawn up by people just as I described, above, who watched and planned and schemed, instead of kicked and bitched.

We are not generals. In fact, we can’t even get an invitation to the officer’s mess in this war, so the more we pretend that we are, the less effective we are in the things we can still do to undo this Enemy. On the national scene, the best we can do is watch these game(s) play out on the a grand stage from the vantage point of the peanut gallery, which is staged nonetheless, in great part, for our benefit, to keep us glued to the TV just as they do to our mindless youth on “American Idol.”

The one sure thing we all thought we could do was engage in Get Out the Vote and Precinct Project efforts in the 2010 and 2012 elections. But I’m sure the Left in the last election felt like it had thwarted all the voter enthusiasm coming out of the woodwork in 2010, by pouring cold water on us this time.

The Three Rails

In part, that is true, for it does seem our best efforts at GOTV will never work so long as they are able to find, lose, detour and deflect key votes in key parts of the country almost at will.

It seems to me there are three rails to un-seating this unholy power the Left now has.

(I’m assuming you all still want to continue this fight, after a reasonable time set aside for mourning, of course.)

The first rail is in doubling our efforts to improve conservative/GOP (this alliance may not endure the next four years) voter turnout. But the problem we have now is that we can no longer be sure of many aspects of that turnout, since pollsters are now telling us our enthusiasm wasn’t nearly as powerful as we thought it was, nor for that matter was the dissatisfaction (I can think of much harsher terms) with Obama and his administration as bad as we thought that was. In other words, we can no longer rely on the pollsters to tell it to us straight. We have to rely more on our own senses and our own internal polling, which often is little more than a precinct wide.

Depending on how much you want to buy into consultants’ belief that we need to be more brown, even as the GOP has more Hispanics in Congress than do Democrats, or that once again evangelicals stayed home because of the “Mormon thing,” will determine how you approach the 2014 midterms and the 2016 general.

My view is that you should hear, but not embrace, everything you hear, and continue to move just as you did in 2010 and 2012. But you must also look over your shoulder, as your efforts must be reinforced by an out-of-sight force (the second rail)  set up to preempt the voter fraud schemes that for now at least the Left believes have been cemented into place.

Here, we need to accept the fact that writing, alone, won’t get it done. In fact, I believe the political blog is dead as a medium for political activism, right or left. If nothing else, this past election proved the futility of the written word once events on the ground go past certain thresholds. In so many ways, our war with the Left has moved beyond words.

Which leads me to the second rail, and where I will spend the next four years, with any luck.

As I’ve already mentioned elsewhere, perhaps Mitt Romney garnered more votes than Barack Obama, only in several key areas, it was reported otherwise. I won’t detail them here.

You already know I subscribe to this theory, and I think in coming months it will be borne out by more intrepid analysis and  reportage from Virginia, Florida, and Ohio, which initially were deemed to be the keys to electoral success, that in fact Obama may not have won those states fairly. And if not those, then how about Colorado, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, and others?

What we will learn is that not that many votes actually have to be stolen, or lost, or converted to produce victories in each of those states, only by the time the facts are “known” (becomes quantifiable to statistical analysts) it will be too late to undo. One analyst told me that Obama winning Florida was the equivalent of flipping a coin heads 100 consecutive times. Can’t be done.

So, as much as I wish I could, I’m not trying to undo November 6th, but rather want to go about setting in place the necessary “things'” to insure it doesn’t happen again. And with all likelihood this will have to be done without the condonance of the state governments or the state party apparatus. With the Tea Party-GOP sweeps in 2010 I was perfectly content in believing the GOP, through their respective state parties and new governors, would insure that no such thefts would occur, but that was not the case. At best, they’d just get in the way, at worst, become a severe security risk.

I could be wrong on this assessment, but won’t take time to debate you about it. But the degree of probability I’m right requires that something be done about it. An ounce of prevention is worth, in this case, a trillion pounds of cure.  We will need more than just the ability to count how many votes were stolen, but rather, deter, impede, and catch-red-handed the crooked bastards that are doing this.

Trust me, this can be done.

To implement this will require 2-3 years of program design, preparation and implementation, mostly by stealth, and it is toward this end that I plan to spend my allotted time. Every state and precinct uses a different physical voting plan, so it will require quite a bit of support, and the best support you can provide will be pass this simple message to as many deep pocket GOP donors as you can, since we can’t raise money for this sort of project with a lot of fanfare. But if we can effect this, by late 2013 there may be things many of you can can do, as the plan will be fairly volunteer-labor intensive. Even exciting. (Read my earlier piece, “Forensic Poll-Watching.“)

But if I am even half right, the chances of any conservative alliance ever winning another national election without this sort of interdiction is reduced by half, all the way down to nil.

Obama Math

And this is where the new Obama math begins, and the third rail.

You see, when Obama was elected in 2008, there were 3.3 million children born who were this year just entering pre-school, where they will begin receiving indoctrination in all the things public schools are now famous for; mom and dad are idiots, dad is even unnecessary, global warming (which ended in 1998), free stuff, that every child is entitled to a computer and cell phone, God is bad, the State is good…we have writers here who can compile a list much better than I can…but you get my drift. There are millions of 5th-6th-7th graders who believe Barack can walk on water. Really.

When I first began this harangue in 2008, the 2008 Pre-School class is now in Third Grade, and have moved more or less unimpeded through learning the Lefties’ early catechism.

I’m not sure where we lose them , or our last year to rescue them, but it is somewhere between 4th and 7th grade, unless the parents are especially resilient or have home school, and the State already has in place plans to deal with both those roadblocks, as we’ll see develop in the next four years.

What this means is that in every four-year election cycle approximately 13 million new voters will go into the polling place, and without any illegal counting, bribes or promptings, can be relied upon to pull the Democrat-Left lever over 60% of the time. Obama has already promised to spend as much of the budget as he can to hire as many of these 18-21 year olds as possible, and has set up several pilot programs to do just that in these next four years.

Since the late 1960s, each generation comes into the voter force before they enter the work force, with a whole new basket of expectations, and freebies, to the point that work is often not even among them.

Now if you’re thinking that every election cycle, approximately 12 million Americans die off to offset this onslaught, just consider,  the people who are dying off now are our age, and while my generation was pampered and spoiled compared to our predecessors, we at least held a majority in the basic beliefs in the Constitution, liberty, the work ethic and American exceptionalism. So every dying worker/contributor is being replaced by a kid with his hand out; Obama automatons.

So, while you’re waiting for the 2014 campaign to come around, you might consider what you might do about what’s going on in First Grade in your town. That’s where the real war is.

This was always going to be The Battle that saved America, and it must be done sometimes with pitchforks, not just school board elections. Local rules apply. Just never give up. Make your voice heard all the way down to the state house. Curriculum and content, and no more “mmm, mmm, mmm”. Organize after-school schools to teach history, government, hero worship, moral ethics, work ethics, all with enthusiasm, until they can be returned to their rightful spots in the classroom.

Scheme. Act.

For I swear, no matter how well we stop election fraud, For the last memories of what America used to be will be but a whisper in another 20-30 years.






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