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David Petraeus and the Official Birth of Newspeak

For you Orwell fans, you’re actually getting to see the new Truth, Newspeak, being born before your very eyes.

Now, we’ve all witnessed hamfisted first attempts at producing this little monster in the lab during the eight years of Bill Clinton, producing facsimiles that looked more like warthogs or factory-baked orcs than real live new Truths, but still enough to keep the labs working overtime to improve the product.

And with eight years of GW Bush the labs were able to throw all that research and experimentation off on him, sort of a reverse-Newspeak, by blaming every truth to come out of his administration’s mouth to be a lie to cover the real Truth, which, of course, today is being revealed as the real Newspeak.

Confusing, huh?

Well, cultural observers have been onto this game for a long time as it has been out there in the public spotlight at least since the Clinton scandals in the late 90s (even much earlier among the global warming and environmental Marxist crowd), but all they have been able to do is poke fun at it with cartoons, parody and satire.

I don’t think they ever really thought of Newspeak as a real cultural threat (which always precedes a dire political threat), until perhaps after 9/11, and the revelations of Clinton having abandoned his post, having swapped a little free time in the back room with God-knows-who when the opportunity to take out Osama bin Laden came and went, while his hairless surrogate, Sandy Berger, couldn’t bring himself to call the kill shot. Clinton lied and thousands died.

What cultural observers witnessed, arguably with the help of the Bush Administration, who chose not to investigate the transfer of critical defense technology to China, and probably could have put several of Clinton’s administration, including Hillary, and yes, Eric Holder, in jail…was the simple fact that the ex-president was able, has been able, to strut around like a demigod for over a decade now, an image to be worshiped and adored, rather than hiding out in shame, or picking up litter along the I-55 corridor.

So, in its gaudiest form, Newspeak has been around since 2000, at least.

But here, today, as the world waits breathlessly to know if David Petraeus will tell the truth or defend an earlier lie, we get to see the All New and Improved Newspeak being created in the lab, not quite fully understanding that it is we who are the key ingredient to its viability. (scroll to bottom)

You see, we already know the truth about Benghazi, and we already know the lies told about Benghazi. And we also know the Administration is not clever or dextrous enough to tie up all the loose ends that we already know can really change the outcome.

The Administration knows this as well. It’s only gambit is to simply ignore the “competing” truths (the so-called loose ends that can’t be squared with the new Newspeak version that is slowly unfolding this week) and believe that almost all the people will accept this new truth, and not enough of the rest of the people will (as we always do) simply squeal, carp and complain, and in the end, slink back into our caves until the next-best-hope to reveal this gang of criminal will emerge next week, or the next. With this gang there will always be a next week.

How David Petraeus fits in is this.

By virtue of his job Petraus was among the first to know, first-hand, that the Benghazi assault was a terrorist attack. It was his office who, no doubt, first ordered CIA elements in Benghazi (a mile from the consulate) to stand down. Whether he did that on his own, or under orders from higher ups is unknown, and may or may not ever be revealed, for I doubt if the interrogating members of Congress will have the presence of mind to ask that sort of question. All we know is that the things normally done in this sort of circumstances, all the protocols, were not implemented. (This is one of those loose ends that will have to be buried.)

We also know the President knew the attack was terrorism, at least within a short period of time, (there are a few hours he can’t/won’t account for) as he said as much to CBS in an interview the next day. These revelations, as we know were buried, never published, until only recently, to make room for the cover up video lie also the next day. CBS, and through them the entire MSM, was among the first loose ends to be closed.

So now we know the media, save Fox News, was also part of the cover-up, and have an equal interest in seeing all the loose ends buried and replaced by the new truth. And since they are the self-acclaimed certifiers of truth, they feel this should be an easy truth to sell.

Petreaus’ role is pivotal, for he has testified (under oath I’m told) behind closed doors before the key members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that Benghazi was the result of a spontaneous demonstration. He lied. Under oath. Perjury charges may ensue if he changes his testimony today.

The Administration is banking on him not doing this, for their entire cover story, Susan Rice, Jay Carney, Hillary and the manner in which the mainstream media totally ignored the story, all is based on the lie that the first word they got about Benghazi was that it was a spontaneous event, and the source of this information was David Petreaus, the best first source available. Remember the early blame on “faulty intelligence”? This provides all the cover they think they need for changing the cover story two-three weeks later.

So, how will Petraeus testify? Whether intentional or sheer peradventure, Petraeus’ extramarital affair was a windfall to the administration, and while it would provide great story material as to when they actually found out about the affairs (remember we’re relying in Eric Holder’s word here) it is also immaterial.

For all that matters is how David Petraeus will testify, and how he will testify goes to the core of the man. I’ve seen articles telling me what a man of honor he is, others as to what a phony he is, or for that matter, the entire graduating class at USMA since Desert Storm. No Robert E Lee’s to be found there.

If Petraeus is truly contrite, wants to save his marriage more than his reputation and pension, and is willing to face the slings and arrows of all the things that might befall him, including court martial, for speaking the truth today, he will speak volumes of truth we haven’t heard yet. (Compare it to a new convert confessing his sins before God just to unburden himself.)

That’s one kind of Petraeus. But if Petraeus should testify along the official company line, and most are betting that he will, then, if Bill Clinton is any proof, he will always be welcome in certain circles on the Left, and his scolding wife be damned. There are as many pretty babes out there as he can afford.

But in the end the victory or defeat of Newspeak depends on how many of us will accept the new truths. This new Newspeak model is a doozy, so beware. And unlike Clinton, they have at least four years and ten times the power to perfect it.

If Petraeus testifies honorably, and again, we already know the truth, we have to do more than simply stand by waiting for some hero to ride in on a charger. We need to take matters, and pitchforks, in our own hands.

If we do, the media will never be the final arbiters and certifiers of truth again.

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