What we are seeing develop is truly magnificent.

I want to say I told you so, for driving a wedge between Liberals Not of the Left (NOL) and the Left has been a goal of mine for several years.

Back in the day I cut and pasted an email reminder to Rush Limbaugh almost monthly that all liberals are not of the left, injecting that famous little spanking Malcom Muggeridge gave Bill Buckley in his last Firing Line interview in the late 1980’s. Buckley cracked wise about liberals and Mr Muggeridge replied, “But Bill, I am a liberal. I am just not of the Left.”

The same with Glenn Beck’s use of the term “progressive, who I admonish from time to time, as well. I used to think statism and anti-capitalism in America were entirely European born, Marxist, Fabian, or Hegellian in origin, when in fact, according to F A Hayek and some friends (Capitalism and the Historians, 1951) it was mainly American bred until the 1930s. Hayek’s crew laid the cause at the feet of Hamiltonian vs Jeffersonian views of government, which requires a great deal of rethinking by me. As so it should for Mr Beck.

Rush and Beck never read these notes, of course, it simply satisfied some inner need. But today we seem to be speedily heading toward a severance between Obama and his current Democrat Party leadership with the old style liberal wing of the party, and I get my “I told you so.”

Watching this play out will be a real treat.

You see, the real instigators of the meteoric collapse of Obama we are about to witness will never get the Pulitzer Prize, as Ed Klein’s The Amateur will richly deserve, or the Academy Award as Dinesh D’Souza’s film 2016, Obama’s America will deserve. Even unhappy Democrats have gotten into the act with The Hope and the Change (watch their trailer),

This book and films are events that are shaking the Democrat’s world, and reshaping American history, and the August 1 mass demonstration at America’s Chick-fil-As, chronicled here by our own EPU, proves the point. Liberals like good chicken too, and there ain’t no such thing as a prejudiced chicken.

I’ve discussed here before, asking “Who will vote for Obama this year, Seriously?” , as many as 15  million (20%) former Obama voters will either stay home or vote against him this time around. This is why most of the Obama media ads and messages are directed at the rock solid Left of his party, aka “the stupids.” They want them to hold the line. The problem is, they never knew so many un-stupid liberals Not of the Left were in that crowd. And they are jumping ship at an alarming rate.

If the liberals not of the left continue to depart his camp at the rate they are now departing, Obama’s numbers may well hit 50% no shows, come November.

Why this collapse will cascade? Vanity

All the liberals who voted for and supported Obama, including many in the media, seeing this tidal wave develop, will not want to have to stand before their own circle of friends and admit they were snookered, that they drank the Kool-Aid. They will all have to come up with an alternative excuse, remarkably the same, as if they were all reading the same talking points. They will have to be able to point a finger to some moment in time when they were betrayed by Obama. And it will have to be personal, for they will want to keep as many of the policy issues alive for another day.

Klein and D’Souza (and yes, Limbaugh and Beck) have provided all the ammunition required, proving that Obama not only lied from the beginning, but was himself a lie from the very beginning. And the “unexpected” success of 2016 in theaters (Dr Sowell had to sit in an aisle, on the steps, which must have made him very proud) and the standing ovations, plus the best- seller ranking of Amateur is a testament that people are paying attention and being swayed in a way that can’t be covered up, as Limbaugh’s weekly radio numbers usually are. No, the liberals NOL see the writing on the wall.

D’Souza and Klein both have showed that Obama isn’t an urbane sophisticate at all. He was sired by a communist, atheist mother and a communist, Muslim father who abandoned him before he could even learn to say “dada.” He then was raised off and on by a Muslim step-father, named Lolo. A nice man, Lolo was a little too much the capitalist to suit Barack’s mother, so he was shipped off to Hawaii to live with his grandparents at 10. By all accounts, his first language was Indonesian, as all the schools he attended in Indonesia were taught in that tongue. (I’ll bet that’s a big deal with Liberals NOL as no one has ever heard him speak it,)

In Hawaii, in those formative years, from ten to eighteen, he sat at the foot of Frank Marshall Davis, avowed communist and poet from the old Stalinist days.

As Lady Penguin inferred, if he ever had a Christmas tree in the house, sang a carol, saw a 4th of July parade, or sang “Yankee Doodle,” there’s no record of it.

Barack Obama never set foot on North American soil until he was 18 years of age, where we know he went to three universities, and actually joined a socialist-communist party in Chicago in 1992 in order to get their support for his run for state senator in Illinois. All in all, he wasn’t a smart guy, nor worldly and sophisticated. He was an Eliza Doolittle with big ears.

What’s important for us to know is that all this information was available to the media and the liberal community when Obama announced. Thanks to Oprah his book made him a millionaire, but I swear, I doubt anyone actually read it, or listened to it after it came out in audio. If they did, round about now, they’d all be saying “You didn’t write that”…and they’d be right. But no one inquired.

There were all sorts of loose dots over Obama’s penciled-in portrait, but no one wanted to connect them. If he loved America and the Constitution, as most liberals NOL profess they do, then when was Obama’s “come to Jefferson” moment? If he is a Christian, as he professes, then when was this son of a rabid atheist, raised at the foot of a rabid communist-atheist, “come to Jesus moment”?  Yes, I know, Rev Jeremiah Wright, only no liberal NOL ever considered Wright to be anything other than a liberation theology racist.

So the liberals have to cover up their own cupidity by allowing Klein and D’Souza to reveal to them today what they should have known long ago. Vanity.

And the media is in even a tougher spot, because quite frankly, they think they are bigger than Obama. Much bigger. And more important in the grand scheme of things. Seeing this sudden downward spiral, no way they can let themselves be burned up with Obama on re-entry.

I can see Olbermann and Mathews and few other hacks, maybe MSNBC en masse, go down, but most of them have reputations, and legacies, to protect. Not to mention club memberships.

Again, how this will play out in coming weeks will be sweet to watch, for while I know most of you want to see the media crash and burn alongside Obama, they won’t. Nor do we need them to.  There are other ways in which they will get theirs if Romney and Ryan prove their mettle.

So, whither the Democrat Party?

Saints be praised, Obama is doing to the Democrat Party what no squishy Republican ever could. He is driving it back toward the center. Conservatism will not be on the ascendency in the Democrat Party, but old style liberalism will. And that’s a good thing, for it will mean both sides will be playing on the same field again, for liberals NOL do actually adhere to the Constitution. The alternate universe of the hard Left will be banished to the basement bomb factories many will retreat to.

This is a good thing, for the proper place for liberals in a constitutional republic is as a minority, to be constantly nipping at the heels of the majority. It will stay a good thing so long as the Republican Right-center coalition can prove to the American people it can govern responsibly, while giving us all the straight facts, figures, and real hope and smiles.

How long this will take on the Democrat side is anyone’s guess, for there is much to be swept out over there. They will have to be done with Harry Reid and Lady Nan, for sure, both of whom may just up and quit should the GOP sweep a three-fer this year.

But with the liberal’s help, they will buy America forty years to get it’s cultural and moral ship in order, things only the grass roots can attend to.

Just give credit where credit is due and thank God that your prayers have been answered and the main threat has been sent packing.


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