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When the Truth Takes a Lewinsky

I am shocked…shocked…at how much the Truth has slid under the bridge between 1998 and 2012.

If there had actually been a I-HEART-BJ’s Club in the 1970’s, I’m sure the young Bill Clinton would have joined it, and carried his membership card in his wallet proudly, just to show off to his pals. A more discreet young Governor Clinton would have cached that card away, for propriety’s sake, along with a lot of other momentoes of a misspent youth before he met Hillary. It would have been in this man-cave that he stowed these fond memories away, along with some favorite Playboys and old 8mm reels…the same man-cave (closet) he retreated to to file his petitions with God that oral sex (BJ) was not really sex, thereby circumventing all those silly Biblical sins about adultery.

Seems Barack had his own membership card stowed away, is just as proud of it as Clinton, and now it has been revealed.

So you can see why Monica Lewinsky actually plays a big role in the recent revelations by Stanley Kurtz, who dug up official documents of ACORN (you’ve heard of them) buried away in some Wisconsin state archives about Barack Obama’s membership in a socialist party.

As you can read yourself, Kurtz  disclosed minutes from a 1996 meeting of the New Party, an socialist party (whose by-laws were drafted verbatim from the old USSR Constitution, so you be the judge) and ACORN front, in which then state-senate candidate Obama joined up, signed a pledge, got a card, and even did the secret handshake if they had one. (I don’t think communists take oaths in front of one another.)

With this fresh knowledge in mind, consider the 2008 campaign when Obama denied any link with ACORN and chastised those who accused him. The media helped broadcast his innocence. And over the past three years when any mention of his being a socialist comes up, especially by an inquiring press member after Obama had just said or done something very socialistic (which is almost daily), great offense is taken, there is beating of the breast and gnashing of teeth, the charge is staunchly denied, then in the dark of night, threats are issued at the insolent journalist and his parent organization. The Chicago way. Many a journalist’s career has hung in the balance because of the false commie-rap he implied.

Back up to 1998. Enter the intern Monica Lewinsky in the White House. What 50 year-old card-carrying I-HEART member could ever pass up that little-big 21 year old minx?

President Clinton sat before America and wagged his finger at us, and threatened us, “Now you listen to me, I have never had sex with that woman…Miss Lewinsky.” But then a few days later the blue dress popped up. Just as Obama’s handlers had overlooked those ACORN records buried in some Wisconsin archives, Clinton’s “erasers” had neglected that dress.

But the news here isn’t that Obama actually was a card-carrying member of a socialist party in the 1990s. That’s called a good break.

We always knew he was a socialist, if only on the “if it walks like a, and talks like a, it’s a…” theory of guilt. And his true supporters also have always known he’s a socialist, but kept mum about it on “the people are too stupid to understand what a wonderful thing socialism is” theory of government takeovers.

And the news here isn’t that he lied, or that his staff lied or that the White House made all sorts of threats for asking questions in public. His biography was a lie. Virtually everything he says is a lie. So what?

The news here is that he can get sway with it so cavalierly, and, in this socialist-party case, the media has said and done nothing about it.

That’s the real news. The Truth has taken a giant Lewinsky in the fourteen years between “that woman, Ms Lewinsky” and that card-carrying socialist Obama.

Here’s what has changed.

I maintain that the media was in the tank at least as much for Bill Clinton as they are now for Barack Obama. As the sex scandals broke anew with the Paula Jones lawsuit (the real basis for Clinton’s impeachment) and then Lewinsky, the media helped the Clintons beat up every claimant and investigator…Linda Tripp, Ken Starr. They managed the news on a non-judgmental he-said, she-said basis, even after Miss Lewinsky was granted immunity and had to testify that she had lied under oath in the Paula Jones case.

Until that damned blue dress showed up.

What the media did in 1998, and what it really can’t bring itself to do now, was let Clinton flap in the breeze alone. His lie was too public to ignore, and his guilt too naked to simply try to bury.

I suspect if it could have, it would have buried Clinton’s Lewinsky lie, but it was part of an federal investigation.  The public demanded the truth and there was no way for the media to either bury it, or come up with an alternate theory of the truth. They had to let Clinton walk through the shadow of the valley of just retribution alone…never knowing that a gutless Republican Senate would see him through to the other side unscathed anyway. (Goddam their eyes.)

The media hasn’t really changed these past 14 years.

We have.

But today, because we have changed,  the press feels it can simply ignore facts (truth) if it will cast a dark light on their judgment about Obama.

Unlike 1998 when the people demanded the truth, and the media couldn’t deny them, as they wanted to, today, not so many of us demand the truth anymore. There’s the shrug of resignation, instead. The public stigma of lying doesn’t carry as much weight as it did in Clinton’s day, and it carried precious little then. Some even thought it was clever and politically astute to lie as well as he did. We have been conditioned to look upon the powerful, both politicians and celebrities, as being above the law, and when they do beat someone up, (Clinton and Obama use surrogates) we seem almost indignant that they should have to pay the same price as ordinary commoners. That was the case with OJ, and why isn’t Ron Artest in an orange jumpsuit instead of an  NBA uniform?

When I think of the abuse of power Barack Obama has used against some people for “lying” about his socialism, when all that time he had a membership card in his wallet, I want to scream…that the media dog he kicked the hardest, not to mention the American people he lied to, every last one of us, just seem to roll over and show its belly.

This is how life is in Russia…both old and new.

The whole meaning of Truth stands at a crossroads now, for if a lie as gargantuan as the one Obama White House has spewed out about his affiliation with a socialist party is allowed to stand, as if the truth never existed, we’re in big trouble.

This is a big, big deal.

Either this cowardly/deceitful/craven/conspiratorial/dishonest/element within the media has to go….or the Truth does.

George Orwell, call your office.



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