Election Body Language, Putting On A Sunny Game Face


Lincoln Steffans, the muckraking  journalist from New York, visited Russia in 1919, and said, “I have seen the future, and it works.”

I saw that future unfold 70 years later, and it didn’t. Because of this I’ve  been able to see America’s future up close… if Obama wins this year.

Tonight, if you could be lucky enough to have the Ghost of America’s Future walk you around 40 years from now, I wouldn’t need to write this.

You’d see it all for yourself and you’d know what to do, and you’d do it without hesitation.

I can tell you this; if Obama wins, Americans will live in a perpetual world of half-light; no sunset, no night, no sunrise, no day.


And this shrouded image in the picture best fits the grim countenance of your children and grandchildren, for you won’t know those children as you know them now.

Oh, you may recognize their faces, the family resemblance, the hair and eyes, but you will not know them.

Why do I know these things?

Forget the economics, the dreary existence, the rationing, the endless drudgery. They are no-brainers. Consider:

The loss of God: In Bulgaria, after only 45 years of communism, when one could finally go to the churches without fear of job loss or ostracism, they found that almost no one actually knew what went on there. Crosses, crucifixes, icons, had all been hidden away in the back of a bureau drawer, or were sold in the flea markets as curios or for their silver value. They had no other meaning.

There were priests, but even they had gone two generations without instructing any children or new members. The greatest rite in the church, that of renewal, had been forgotten. I once watched an eighty year old woman teaching her great grandchildren to cross themselves and genuflect at mass because neither her children or grandchildren had ever been inside a church. This fate awaits our grandchildren. The State will be certain of it.

The loss of moral compass: And if you think pop culture is bad today, consider this; While Lenin said that religion was the opiate of the masses, in fact, easy sex is. Along with cheap vodka and tobacco, it is the one thing that kept workers coming back to work, dead broke, every Monday for fifty years….the thought of another paycheck on Friday and the next weekend. Pavlov’s dogs.

And while children were taught about safe sex from elementary school on, there wasn’t any countervailing moral teaching at home about wrong sex for at least fifty years. “Wrong” sex was defined only as one that ends in an unintended result, the state recognizing no other “wrong”. Soon parents quit offering any counter-argument. Sound familiar? As our liberals say, “Kids are gonna do what kids are gonna do”.

Today, this is why Russia and eastern Europe have become the preferred stable stock for brothels and prostitution rings worldwide, 1) this lack of guilt or shame, and 2) their incredible beauty (no store-bought parts). (No doubt Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s latest prostitution ring bust came from one of these hives.)

Forty years from now your children will have a morality all right, only don’t try to put your arms around it. As I said, you won’t recognize it.

This is how civilization hobbles down.

The breakdown of nation and society: The people I’ve known in Russia and eastern Europe, even good friends, all had strong cultural ties to family, which had been strengthened, not loosened, because of the “imperial communists”. But they also became more tribal, which means they must go about the process of nation-building all over again, which will take at least 2-3 generations. Terms such as narodna (national), much like volk  in the 30s, had become themes of indoctrination, which the people instinctively resisted. Much of the ex-Soviet empire has fallen back to a time when family and clan have replaced national identity in so many key areas of culture…even as they recognize that they are getting just a little too close to becoming like Pakistan for comfort.

That’s all I’ll speak of the darkness. This is a consideration you should carry in your hearts, but as a great responsibility, not a great fear.

It does not belong in your tone of voice, your countenance or your attitude.

In order to proceed, even as our jaw is jutted, we must move with a lighter, more confident step.  Here’s why.

The Facts

On a brighter note, the only way Obama can win is if we let him. Like it or not, the lot has fallen on us to be either the generation that saves Liberty or let it slip from our fingers. History has thrust that charge upon is whether we want to accept it or not.

So from now until the election, I will be reminding everyone about getting and keeping our heads screwed on straight about this One Thing.

We see and hear lies daily. They are outrageous, but instead of being outraged we need to be clinical and diagnostic, as we would any enemy who is trying to destroy us.

First we ask who are they talking to, who are they talking at, and why are they saying these things? What is their purpose? Over time, you will build a dossier in your minds of answers that will add, not take away from your confidence of the outcome, once you consider the cold facts as I will outline below.

**First, Obama hasn’t got the numbers to win. Not even close. The recent flap over contraception, just like previous flap over the Keystone pipeline, was all about shoring up a base just a year ago he thought was a lock. Today wacko environmentalists are closing their checkbooks tight just as the Tri Delts on spring break are, er, opening theirs. (There’s an aspirin joke in there somewhere.)

**And on the union front, Obama has a lock on the leadership, who have almost uniformly declared for Karl Marx. But this means that not since Reagan has there ever been a better opportunity to reach down and bring family-oriented, America-loving rank and file union members into the GOP camp. (And this time, GOP Establishment, we intend to keep them. So be on notice.)

But they won’t come over uninvited, and the GOP won’t ask them, so we have to do it, one at a time, if necessary.

**Obama knows he can steal at least 2-3 points, usually in districts and precincts that are heavily Democrat anyway but in the landslide he faces, that won’t help at all. Nor will the thugs and violence he and the unions and Occupiers can put into the streets.

**And of course Obama has the media, and they have their ways, but in the broadest since, they are only talking to one another. The media communicates at you, never to you, but you must understand, since Obamacare, I doubt that Obama has gained any new voters except maybe half of the new voters who were 15 years old in 2008. But he has lost millions.  Obama’s circle of insiders to whom these lies are told continues to get smaller, not larger.

This is how governments who are circling their wagons always behave. A kind of false bravado; chest thumping. I recall the same sort of displays leading up to 2010.

**Obama’s lost plenty. In fact, the so-called “Undecideds” have almost completely disappeared, as almost no one is undecided today, so don’t let media consultants tell you differently. If there is any deciding to be done, across the entire Obama 2008 voter spectrum, it is whether to vote GOP or stay home.

**And don’t believe a thing you hear from pollsters, who have a pocketful of ulterior motives. What we’ve seen in GOP primary polling already, and the 2010 election in general, proves that conservatives aren’t being polled very much, if at all. We’re 60% of the GOP, still no one counts us. Just keep your sails in the trim and all will be fine.

Obama’s math for success is based on his 2008 demographics, which, you’ll have to admit, were pretty impressive. But the bloom is off that rose. In fact, it’s been plucked.

Consider also:

**The Takers: (Ayn Rand called  them “looters”) Obama is the first president since Nixon to increase federal employment (against population), but still only the new hires (app 400,000) have any special loyalty to him. They are the only real looters. Most state and federal employees are still true-blue Americans who will treat him as ordinary private sector voters, notwithstanding their union bosses. I see no reason for them not to follow 2010 trends, which was downward as far as Obama and the Democrats are concerned.

**And even among those who receive federal benefits, from retirees, to lower middle class, to full-fledged plantation dwellers, excepting the retirees, over half want to get the federal payroll. They are not Obama shoo-ins. The working poor will largely vote against him, as we are promising better, more secure jobs and genuine self respect. And even many disaffected plantation folks will stay home, so while African Americans will still vote 95% for Obama, not nearly as many will vote at all. All we need to do is give them a “come hither” (Look for dynamic grass-roots conservative black ops (sic) in the inner city this year.)

**And as reported last week about unmarried female voters (26% of the electorate, I’m told) who supported Obama 70-29 in 2008, that number fell to 57-41 in 2010, with 51% of white unmarried women actually voted GOP. So Obama is trying to woo them back by offering free contraception (est value: $600 a year), but in the deepest parts of their souls, at least half of that 26% want to be settled into a permanent relationship with a man, so are not quite as proud of their sexual proclivities as we are led to believe by vocal protesters and demonstrators. Expect the 2010 trend to continue against Obama, closer to 50-50, even if he throws in a $3000 signing bonus and a year’s free gas.

(Besides, about that last point, “with a man”: while rent-a-sluts have been marching and screeching nationwide to protect a reproductive right that has never been threatened, it turns out many of them aren’t really sluts at all. At least in the traditional understanding of the term. As the courts say, they lack standing. I have always assumed that lesbians have no practical or gynecological interest in contraception, so their interests in it now is comparable to me marching on the State House because of an outbreak of warts.

Obama’s problem isn’t getting new voters, which he can’t, but keeping those he got last time, which, it seems certain, he won’t.

Consequently, the main thrust of his $80 million-soon-to-be-a-billion war chest (have you seen the threatening letters his campaign in sending previous supporters?) will be to suppress Republican turnout. And the best way the Democrats suppress voters (unlike Republicans who do it by requiring a photo ID) will be PsyOps…

…namely sowing fear and despair.

That’s right, the entire media purpose is, and has been for the longest time, to frighten us into a state of a solitary sense of aloneness, which is, after all, the worst kind of fear. (Except rats.)


You see, they know you will vote. That’s not what they are about, keeping you home. What they don’t want you to do is, by word, deed, countenance, or body language, seduce any other person to vote. They most fear your ability to express to any other person a sense of confidence and outreach about what’s going to happen in November.


All they know about you, as they learned in 1980, and 2010, is that by a secret mode of communication, which, with all their sophisticated electronic wizardry, they can’t duplicate, you quietly and in a Christ-like manner, pass the word along to others, “Don’t let that son of bitch win” and Shazzam!, citizens come pouring out of the woodwork on election day.

How’d they do that? As Father O’Conlan once said, “It’s a mystery, my son.”

Be one of those citizens. It’s that simple.

The secret to this magic is “by word of mouth” and by word-of-mouth I mean just that. You must learn to understand this ancient, yet increasingly novel method of communication. Twitter, emails, even Facebook rarely work because they are usually directed at already committed like-minded friends.

In fact, these are the places the Left attempts to plant their seeds of despair and aloneness. Twitter, email, etc are the second volley of rounds first fired at you by the media.

These are the places where your initial outrage at the latest lie can spread like a virus, sowing resignation and despair rather then hope and confidence among your friends.

I want to caution against this. All of you already know far too many people who are hooked on outrage. In fact, many are nourished by it, becoming carriers by passing it along to their best friends.

If you believe the Facts (above) that Obama can’t win without our help, and our choice of a candidate probably matters little in that regard, then it should follow that we should be able to carry ourselves forward with an air of confidence, for it is that countenance on you faces and in your voices …by word of mouth…that will cause your vote to multiply, like fishes and loaves, ten-fold.

In other words that tone in your voice can be the greatest vote-suppressor or vote getter-outer in the world.


When Obama lies, he is lying to his base. But he is also lying at you, hoping for this passive but negative result, which he and the media too often seem to get.

Ignore them.

Recalling the Arthurian legend of Merlin, it is said the Druid witches just suddenly up and disappeared one day, no longer casting spells, or spinning webs of deceit…all because people just stopped believing in them.

That’s all you have to do.

Keep on the Sunny Side. I’m sure you all have your favorite sunny side repertoire of music.

If you must despair, and quietly weep, do so as men and women have done for generations in America, and that is because the legislature is in session.

Words can never hurt us, but legislatures can.

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