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Slutty White Women and the Church

It’s often been said the Lord works in mysterious ways, and I’ll confess, with the fall of one conservative after another in the GOP primary, I’ve been hoping to see a little of that Invisible Hand passed over events.

One such may be the recent split between Barack Obama and the social justice wing of the American Catholic Church.


You already know the news story. One of the rules arising from Obamacare was that all health care facilities would have to provide free contraception services to their employees.

The Catholic Church (and others) appealed on the grounds of 1st Amendment freedom of religion and conscience….then entered into “negotiations” with Obama.

Then last week HHS Secretary Sibelius announced there would be no exemptions and that the churches would have to comply with all the rules, just like everyone else. Obama, supported by several left-leaning Catholic advisers who told him most Catholics wouldn’t mind this rule, backed Sibelius 100%.

Then all Heaven broke loose, so to speak.

Trust me, this abrupt and uncharacteristically rigid public “Hell no, we won’t go” stance taken by the Church did not arise internally from the councils of the American Catholic bishops, who have been way too cozy with Obama.

It came straight from Rome, and even though Obama has backed down (tried an end run actually) it may be too late, because Rome has figured out that it’s own vision of “social justice” is not the same as that of the now-outed anti-religion of Obama. I imagine that many American Catholic leaders are being ordered to step back from the White House as we speak, and a few are even being read the riot act in private communications from Rome.

That’s a good thing, all by itself.

But it’s up to us to make political hay here from here on out. I think the Church has made its statement (unless Obama tries to double down) not wishing to sound too political in a political season.

Obama, of course, wants this issue to go away quickly, for obvious reason.

A Way Forward

It’s our job to insure the issue stays out there, front and center. And to do that we need to focus on the underlying cultural issue, which, if will recall, allowed Ronald Reagan to snatch up all the working class Catholics in 1980, the so-called “Reagan Democrats.”

This is a fight we can win, for it has been simmering in American homes for nearly thirty years. We need to start reversing the slutification of America, for the Obama game plan here is to secure his single, white slut base.

What the Left has been trying to do since Margaret Sanger was still alive is to elevate sluttery, like a fine Sam Adams beer, as a thing to be held up and admired.

(Full disclosure, as I young man I was drawn to easy women myself, in part because they were just that, easy, and two, because they were so rare in those days. Having sex out of marriage was still rare in the 1960s, and having sex outside a committed relationship was nigh on impossible. Whereas men with money could simply pay women for these treats, poor young college kids like myself (and Bill Clinton) had to “go chasing slutty girls” with all sorts of artifices, promises and lies.)

Trust me, the Obamacare rules are all about protecting and advancing sluttery.

Margaret Sanger, meet the Tri Delts on Spring Break

You all know Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, committed contraception and abortion diva. She was also a strong believer in eugenics, i.e., improving the racial purity of humanity by clinically culling out its worst bloodlines. Adolf  Hitler was a fan.

Sanger believed people of color, especially Africans, to be inferior, but unlike the Mississippi KKK, didn’t sic dogs on them or screech out the “n’ word when they came around, making her a moderate in the race-speech of the day. Instead, Ms Sanger more quietly set in motion the legal extermination of millions of colored babies, more babies in fact, than were lost in all those slave ships coming from Africa. Are you listening Major Owens?

But she also set into motion another thing that may actually be worse, and in all likelihood, the real feminist purpose behind Roe v Wade...the creation, elevation and protection of a professional slut class in America.

You see, since Roe, black people still largely want to have their babies. The Left has pushed pro-choice as a poor woman’s civil rights issue, but that was always a false front.

For every black baby denied life, close to two white ones are denied.

So, who do get most of the abortions in America are young unmarried women, college students and professionals, who for a variety of reasons, mostly vanity and convenience, choose not to carry a child to term.

They want this option always held open, or else they won’t vote for the Democrats. It’s their party-til-you-drop (literally) get-out-of-jail-free card.

Sanger died just after the Griswold case came down from the Supreme Court in 1965, which made contraception a universal right. Based on “private marital rights” I never had too many qualms with it. But Griswold ushered in Roe, 1973, which created new rights out of whole cloth. Even liberals (not of the Left) recognize Roe v Wade as bad, bad, law. So they are connected, because Margaret Sanger’s fingerprints are on both.

What Roe did was complete a cultural circle which Margaret Sanger had begun back in the WWI era, for you see, Margaret Sanger was a fool for sexual revolution, which is probably why she is so revered by feminists. I’m not sure if she ever used the term “free love” back in 1916, but she was somewhere there in the ballpark.

Sanger didn’t like the role society (civilized society I might add) had reserved for women. As she saw it, for centuries women had been shackled to the chains of morality, then getting dressed up in scarlet letters, or stoned to death (even today, in the sharia law world) for any sexual impropriety. Everywhere women were the victims of public ostracism and shame for the slightest indiscretion.

Margaret Sanger thought women, like men, should be able to say “what the hell, have a good time,” and coming from a part of society (New York) that believed, like so many doctors who prescribe themselves drugs, they “can handle it,” I don’t think she ever could have imagined what that trifecta, easy morals, contraception and abortion, would bring to society…

…once the girls of Tri Delt on Spring Break in Cancun got hold of it.

Contraception, including male prophylactics, had been in use for years, and the Catholic Church and many mainstream protestant churches were against it totally as matters of faith, preferring the rhythm method in marriage and total abstinence outside of it.

But it was legal, if you were of age.

Although high school kids were trying sex out since Pierce was president, there were certain conventions that held firm because of this giant weight (fear of guilt and ostracism) placed on them; 1) a committed relationship and 2) the knowledge they were doing wrong.  In short these were sins, and while kids would always try a thing, it was important to both civilization and their souls that keep that nagging sense of wrongness in the backs of their mind.

George Carlin’s told of this humorously, of an Irish teen stumbling through his confession to Father Rivera:

“Uh, bless me, Father, for I have sinned…Uh, I touched myself in an impure manner. I was impure, impurity and impureness. Thought, word and deed. Body, touch, impure, sex, dirty. Impure, legs, impureness. Touch, impure, dirty, body, sex, rub and covet; heavy on the covet, Father, uh..”

(A really funny piece about Confession, c1972, you can read the entire piece here……and probably find it on YouTube.)

As Pascal said, there is nothing so terrible as the lost who does not know it is lost and is not seeking to be found.

The Catholic confessional, the evangelical altar call and close-knit family are about the only places in America this sense of right and wrong still exists, as most of the mainstream Protestant Churches have thrown in the towel to avoid the catcalls Catholics and evangelicals are now getting now that the sluts are running the government.

It’s not hard to see who’s sitting atop the cultural heap. We have to take this high ground back, and now that Barack Obama has openly declared for the slut coalition, I say, attack away.

Today little girls go trick-or-treating dressed like prostitutes (or Brittney Spears, I always get them confused) and even children’s cartoon characters flash leg all the way up their waist.

Even “good little slutty catholic girls who hate the Bishops and the Catholic Church have joined the fray, witness this recent report from C-SPAN 3, with our own Bob Montgomery’s commentary:

“Catholic Students for Womens Health” and/or Catholic students for…..wait for it…..Choice!   It was a hoot. You had little girls whining about the catholic bishops and how they hate what they stand for, and support President Obama. They had guest speaker Kathleen Kennedy Townsend telling the audience that the issue was a moral issue that only women could decide for themselves. Choose your own morality, I guess.  They had a male intern for Nancy Pelosi telling how he was raised such a good Catholic and how he supported women’s rights.  There was a woman from the Women’s Reproductive Health Network, one from Law students for Reproductive Justice, a proud black bisexual Catholic girl who abhors having to spend $50 a month for birth control (Italics mine).

That last line may be key, for when the right to be a slut extends to demanding ordinary working citizens pay for it, then requiring the churches to stand by and watch it all happen, as a French lord might bed a vassal’s wife on their wedding night (droit de signeur, law of the first night)…while making the vassal watch, the people start choosing sides in a hurry.

This kind of injury leaves a mark, Mr Obama.

One upon a time the Roman Catholic Church and its hospitals provided a healthy and judgment-free sanctuary for the world’s sluts. They would bind up their wounds, tend to their overdoses, and deliver their babies. They just wouldn’t kill them.

And they won’t pass out pills to prevent them.

Now they are ordered to employ them, and to provide those pills at no cost. Now they are ordered, just like the greedy corporate sluts of Wall Street and the banking district, to roll over (sic) and oblige their new masters.

No, this is not a thing the moral American community can accept lying down. Even part-time Catholics,who break almost as many of God’s law as I do, cannot stand idly by and see their Church dropped to its knees with a billy club across the shins by a baby killer.

I don’t think Ms Sanger ever considered the prospects that her sluteration theology, and all the free passes she helped provide along the way, once safely in the hands of the Tri Delts, would spend a week, at Daddy’s expense, wearing little more than a pastie and duct tape, then come a home all a’titter (no pun intended) counting coup with one another about the number of guys they’d bedded that week.

But then again, if Ms Sanger had been so wrong about people of color, what could she have ever been very good about? Insight-wise?

Still these are a bona fide constituency of Barack Obama; single white, slutty women. Only unlike the sluts of my day, these all claim the highest of pedigrees.

Still if she walks like a, talks like a, and woofs like a…etc.

We know, not just in the last election, but in several past elections, that Obama and the Democrats always get 75% of the slut vote.

It’s time they learned their place. We can’t bring them over in 10 months, but we can join together to outvote them…

…and to let them know we’re trying to find them.

They are but lost children, you know?


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