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Finally, the Republican Establishment Has Found a Hill it’s Willing to Die On

Be still my beating heart. There is some red blood still beating in those bluish veins after all.

Since Bill Clinton came to office we’ve watched the Republican leadership cut and run so many times, I was beginning to think they were Italian infantry. For years we’ve pleaded and begged, “Hold your ground” only to see their coattails at the first sign of trouble.

We cajoled. Entreated. But most of all we asked…”What to they really stand for?’ Do they love the Constitution? If so, then do they not also hate its enemies? Do they love America? If so, do they not also hate its enemies?

To these questions we never could get a straight answer, so could only measure by performance what they try to disguise with their forked tongues.

For the longest time we had thought them cowards. We’ve all shared that sentiment here many times. They have no taste for a fight.

But we were wrong. They aren’t cowards. They are quislings.

Only recently I asked them to wheel and turn on the Democrats. Instead, like Hitler with Barbarossa, they wheeled and turned on the ally who protected their flank, thus costing Hitler the war.

Finally, the Republican Party has publicly identified its one true enemy. Conservatism. And it has picked Virginia, Oh, Noble Virginia, as the hill they have planted their sabre and are willing to die on.

You see, conservatives make up over 50% of the Republican Party in Virginia. They also make up almost 50% of all voters in Virginia. Indeed, conservatives make up over 50% of the GOP voter base in America, and easily 40% of all voting Americans.

There’s a bunch of us, in other words. But recently, by some sleight of hand, the GOP of Virginia has managed to keep all conservatives in the current presidential field off the Virginia ballot, leaving only an establishment moderate and space captain (Mitt Romney and Ron Paul) to face off with one another.

Seriously, how can you have a Republican primary when over half of your voter base does not have a representative on the ballot? There’s not a single conservative on the ballot in a state over-flowing with them, and where, as recently as two months ago, returned the entire Virginia state government to the GOP for the first time since Reconstruction.

To add gasoline to this little fire, the GOP has announced if you want to vote in the Republican primary you must first sign a loyalty oath, which means if you are a Democrat you can lie, and if an honorable man you can turn around and go home. Conservatives will have two existential choices; to stay home or cast a protest vote for a man they dislike even more than Mitt Romney. (I hope there is a media campaign to get them to march in lock step on this, one way or the other, for conservatives do have it in their power to render the Virginia primary irrelevant either way…by record low turnout, or a win for Paul.)

On the other hand, if their math is as solid as their spines, the VA-GOP seems to be saying Romney can beat Paul in a head-to-head match.  That is now for conservatives to decide.

Now, this Virginia gambit is no mere coincidence. I’m not privy to their game plan, but it’s clear the GOP has finally decided to openly declare who it’s enemies are. And as I alluded to earlier, it should be clear for all to see who their enemies are not; anti-Constitutionalist, statists, leftists, socialists. Their true enemies are God-fearing constitutional conservatives.

As the campaign progresses, we will develop here all the voters in the United States the GOP leadership does not want in its corner, and then let you do the math as to how they ever thought they could get from here to there.

Although I never thought the Great Battle for the Party would start this way…
Custer split his men, but he won’t do that again…” (John Cash) it’s obvious the GOP feels it’s time to show their cards, and have picked their hill.

“Hoka Hey”, as the Oglala say.

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