If New York City finally sees rioting as a result of the OccupyWallStreet rock concert, it may well be in front of Gracie Mansion, for what Mayor Bloomberg is allowing to go in the people’s parks may take millions of the people’s money to clean up. Obama won’t help.

And if CDC gets involved, just wait til the citizens get the tax bill for that.

No libel ever accused the politically correct Bloomberg of saying “no” to children not his own, but even Walmartian moms know to tell their brats to find the restroom rather than crapping in Aisle 7.

A noxious cloud hangs over Zuccoti Park and other digs the vagrants call Occupy Village, a collection of sleeping bags, cardboard, plastic ground cloths, human waste, food wrappers, and yes, used condom packages and discarded syringes. A pig sty.

Michael Moore goes there? Early on, maybe, but no celebrity’s insurance will pay for any clap, grunge, skin rash, leg-rot, or swollen appendages coming from a visit to the sidewalks of New York today  Stay away is what they are all advised. And be careful where you step. Don’t slip. Jane Fonda will be a sight, taking a 2-step slide and plop in her Manolo Blahnik’s, cursing capitalism as they carry her off, her Blustream leather jacket dripping of all sorts of street snot.

I keep expecting to hear Country Joe sing the Vietnam Song.

The boys locker room at Black Star High School in 1958 smelled better, or as Robert Duval might have said in Apocalypse Now...I love the smell of stale barf in the morning.

And the poor green areas have turned into wallows, such as the ones hippos roll around in when not bathing in the Zambezi.

Mayor Bloomberg already knows they aren’t “just going to go away.” They have violated almost every NYC ordinance on waste disposal, public gatherings and trash pickup on the books, and every code of decency. Even dogs in NYC are expected to behave better.

And even in DC you can’t copulate in public, or crap on a cop’s car. (Photos withheld, for you with more prurient curiosities.) Only in Detroit do you even try.

I am content to let Mayor Bloomberg steep in his own foul stew. But other Occupy cities need to be put on alert that this is how it will play out in their cities too. Sort of like a Clint Eastwood spaghetti western, it looks a lot better on camera than in the saddle, so all the kids will want to try it, and out-do the New Yorkers.

So coming to a town near you.

Already tapped-out city treasuries will be hit much harder than they think. This will not simply be a matter of sending over a few garbage trucks. The garbage unions won’t let their people pick that stuff up without special protection…

…and double overtime. And if mayors think they can empty the jails and send those layabouts out in their orange jumpsuits to clean these messes up, think again. Civil rights lawyers will be all over you. Restraining orders are being drafted as we speak.

Cha-ching. Cha-ching.

And once the cleanup is completed, just like the old days when town honey-dippers would come around once a year and sprinkle lime around the outhouse, every nook and cranny will have to be sprayed and disinfected and lime laid down. Then roped off til they pass both the gas tester and smell test. It could be weeks. Green areas will turn yellow, then be re-sodded or re-seeded, and with some luck, in two years maybe, African lilacs will start to grow again. No trees will grow in Brooklyn.

Get a hold on this now, all you occupied mayors. Bloomberg is under siege, but is captive to his own nanny-cupidity.

Don’t be that guy.

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