Or How Eric Holder trapped himself in a lie by pretending to be competent.

Not to minimize how dangerous stupid people can be, it has recently been put on display for our amusement with the OccupyWallStreet crowd and the inane list of 13 demands they presented as their cures for what ails the world. Even Jay Leno couldn’t make up the answers some of them are giving as to the logical consequences of what they’re asking.

If everyone gets a living wage even if they don’t work, why bother to work? Then where would the money come from to feed them? Where would the food come from to feed you? Where will you keep your money if you shut down the banks? Where will your mommy keep the money if they shut down the banks? If we cancel debt where will the cell phone company and computer company get the money to build cell phones? Where will you get your cell phone? Can you live without a cell phone? How would you know to skip school today? Who did what to whose what? Where were you on the night of January? And who put the “ram” in the ram-a-langa ding dong?

So many questions, so few connected dots.

We may as well be asking Kalahari pygmies where Coca Cola bottles come from? (Anyone see “The Gods Must be Crazy”?)

What’s this got to do with Eric Holder. The common contagion called incompetence, and the sage old advice “Never blame on conspiracy what you can blame on incompetence.”

Since the days of Travelgate in the Clinton Administration it was clear that brood would prefer to be thought of as criminals rather than incompetent boobs, based on the manner in which they fired the White House Travel Office, then sicced the Justice Department on them for embezzlement and corruption charges in order to disguise the incompetent way they tried to do it.

Since then management experts have noticed new Democrats just don’t approach “the job”, any job, in the same manner most executives, assigned with specific management tasks, would approach an appointment.

Eric Holder proves what many have suspected, that there is an alternate universe out there, beginning in American schools, starting very early, where one can go from K-12, college, grad school, law school, and never see one thing in his cloistered world that corresponds with what others, carrying on the minimum required baggage of common sense, carry in the real world. Every frame of reference leads them down a totally different path…to nowhere.

We have to deal with this, and in the broadest and most severe way, for these children are indeed lost. Totally lost.

For that reason, I have every reason to believe that Eric Holder did not lie, i.e., misspeak the truth with forethought, when he said he’d only heard of Operation Fast and Furious “a few weeks ago” this past July. It seems memos came across his desk concerning the gun-running op a year earlier, in June 2010.

This makes Holder a liar (he was under oath), but only under the assumption that as the CEO in charge of the Justice Department, he actually read those memos, and, except in the rarest cases would have been required to be briefed on those memos, and would have had to pass off on the project from the beginning.


Because that’s what bosses are supposed to do. Be boss. Be in charge. But not since James Earl Carter, who was a real micro-manager, has any Democrat done that, at any level of government. Or even known to, I think. It’s never been part of their universe to even consider that the Attorney General, head of Homeland Security, Treasury, you name it, must actually know 1) what the purpose of their agency is, and 2) what goes on inside their agency.

Just as those kids on Wall Street who believe the money to provide everyone a living wage without anyone actually having to work…the same sort of fishes-and-loaves trick the Greeks are still trying to pull off…grows on trees, Democrats believe the day-to-day job just sort of takes care of itself.  They think bureaucratic organizations are self-regulating.

It is inconceivable that any senior government manager (the appointed levels of DOJ) would not at least know of such an operation’s existence as Fast and Furious. That a lower-or-mid-level manager could pull off the program without clearance from higher-up is likewise inconceivable, and quite frankly I can’t see a GS-14 throwing himself on his sword in order to save his bosses’ behind.

Knowing this brood, it is perfectly believable to me that those memos did come across Holder’s desk, and may even have been initialed (or whatever protocol is required these days) without his ever pausing even a second to make a mental note of what he was handling.

Now, it would take a book, not a simple article, to detail the level of incompetence that runs through every senior office in the federal government right now.

But Eric Holder stands at that “existential moment” where he must decide how he is to be defined to the world…as a liar or an incompetent?

If past history is any evidence, he’ll choose to be the liar.

For to reveal the Big Lie about the Left’s ability to discern reality, much less manage it, is unthinkable.

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