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After Obama’s Wednesday Jump-the-shark presser, even the Left is beginning to ask, “When will he finally melt down? Moreover, how?”

London bookies have started taking wagers and I’m already got two-bob down on this coming September, second week.

But how?

Will it be a swift, perhaps an open-mike ‘pardon my blooper’ moment such as the famous comment a kids TV host once said at the close of his show, “I guess that’ll hold the little bastards”?

Obama could let a snark slip at any time. That’s part of melting down. And I’m sure he has a string of favorites and uses them around the office all the time, among staff. But New York Times columnist David Carr may have already pulled a Milton Berle by stealing out from under Obama’s nose the piss-on-the-people’s-back insult de jour, “low-sloping foreheads,” while commenting on the impact of Margaret Mead’s Coming of Age in Samoa on New York’s gay marriage law, on Bill Maher’s Cliffs Notes Intellectualism Comedy Hour.

I’m sure he has writers working on others, which may be the only creative activity going on in there these days.

Still others think the meltdown will be, as we may already be seeing, a slow drift into an emotional thumb-sucking pre-natal crouch in the corner of America’s sofa.  As Rush Limbaugh said on Thursday, the toughest, most high-pressure job in the world is to try to perform with your A-game in front of the world after your well-crafted public image has been laid bare as a lie. Mr Limbaugh surmised, and I agree, that Barack Obama is no Tiger Woods…and even Tiger may not be able to pull it off.

All we know is that Obama has failed to meet his advance billing, the world now knows it, and  he now knows the world knows it….making every future public appearance a really tough gig.

So watch him wilt in the coming weeks. But also remember, a cornered (b)rat can turn dangerous.

And he may be about to lose key allies in Congress.

This president has taken more vacations, played more rounds of golf…in two and a half years!…during the most severe economic crisis to come upon this country since 1930…and in the middle of one and two half-wars…than any other president took in an entire four, or eight year term.

And now there is a full plate of Republican candidates calling him out on it.  Everyone but Huntsman, I think. It’s not an issue the media can hide.

In my opinion it was not audacity, but something more pathological, delusion perhaps, that caused Obama to serenade the Lazy Bones Congress for laying around out back all year long, doing nothing…

…while he’s been working his butt off, shooting bin Laden, and, and, and….dithering his days away…which is really no better that diddling, as his Democrat predecessor was best known for.

So pay close attention to Congress. The 25th Amendment has been whispered about for months now, as rumors of his being more often medicated than not drift through the halls of Congress. It isn’t wise to chastise your only safety net. Whatever will become of the Democrats in Congress, or the party in general, it’s becoming increasingly obvious they can do it better without Obama. He is becoming a liability.

Heeeerrrreeee’s Jay

For those of you who are too young to remember how Jay Leno got his boost in show biz, it was by standing in for NBC’s then vacationer-in-chief, Johnny Carson, 2-3 days a week. Rumor has it Joe Biden is installing a Green Room just off the oval office, to house guest hosts, especially Jay Leno, to stand in for the absent Barry, on a when-needed basis. The pay is reputed to be by the week.

I’ll bet Jay would’ve got Osama in 2010.

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