Is America’s Small Business the new Jew?

It’s not hard to prove whether ours is a socialist-leaning regime or a fascist-leaning one, it is a meaningless debate. They are virtually the same.

The only real difference is who gets to label who in the end.

Italy named itself “fascist” in the 1920’s when “middle class socialists” there (that’s what the Bolsheviks called them) took the Roman “fasces” as their national totem in order to revive nationalistic spirit and remind the people of the glories of Rome, 1500 years earlier.

Militarism never looked good on Italians, but cool uniforms made it all work for awhile. And Italy’s trains ran on time, for awhile.

But the name stuck; so anything that was outwardly patriotic and wore a uniform in parades got tagged with being “fascist,” a tool useful to both communists academics and bureaucratic socialists who considered tweeds and business suits more to their liking.

(Tie-dyes and soup-stained beards would come later.)

Today America is viewed this same way by both the Euros and Barack Obama…

…for our unhealthy love of country.

In short, the difference between fascism and socialism is largely a facade. But because of this corruption of “nationalism” we need to understand Germany’s “fascism” in a slightly different context, for it was the Third Reich who provided Obama with the prototype for his “crony-capitalism,” a policy objective having nothing to do with abnormal patriotism.

You see, for the Nazis to succeed in their socialist takeover, like the Eyeties, they also had to magnify the German sense of nationalism, the Fatherland, especially after a humiliating defeat in WWI. But the Nazis also had to turn this nationalism into a white hot intensity of racial Aryan purity to satisfy  Hitler’s hatred for Jews…

…and also to do two other things: 1) to invent a straw man to blame for their humbling at Versailles, 2) and to wipe away a thriving small business class, the petty bourgeoisie, in order to centralize the German economy into a top-down corporate super-state.

Socialists don’t speak much of this second aspect since it comports perfectly with their own purposes today. The Jews in Germany represented  exactly the same economic class hurdle Barack Obama faces with the American small business class today.

In 1933, the Jews fit both shoes splendidly, for they had been Europe’s whipping boys for centuries.  Since the 19th Century they became anchors in the European small business and retail class, who were, parenthetically, excluded from membership in European “middle class” by definition.

Jews built great wealth in manufacturing; in textiles and metalwork, and in the arts of moving goods through commerce, i.e., buying and selling.

In other words, the Jews were hated as “middle man”, which Thomas Sowell pointed out in his Black Rednecks and White Liberals, every society must have, yet still despises. According to Marx, Jews were the prototype of the petty bourgeoisie “capitalist” who bought for 4 and sold for 8 without “adding value.”

In agrarian societies where the idea of “value added” meant using the hands to produce a thing, it was not hard to convince people that this type of business was the devil’s work.

American Redux

America changed all this. Consider: If you will check (don’t look for a UN report on this), you will find out that there are thousands of small businesses in America, even ones that earn millions of dollars, that do not even exist in Western Europe. A man can get rich in America doing what a man is not even allowed to do in France.

Does this surprise anyone, really?

There is a reason for this, namely that from the earliest times, Europe always had to control the rise of its small business sector, excepting the most rudimentary of neighborhood retail sales such as the butcher shop or corner green grocer. That Adolf Hitler destroyed a major part of it, 1933-45, offended no one.

As seen by socialists, “the way” Jews created commerce, having nothing to do with the beard, hooked nose or yarmulke, was a threat to the economic order they had planned.

Socialist states today, i.e., the new ones that arose following WWII, and which encompass the whole of Europe, “social-democracies” they call themselves , are built on the same corporate model as the Third Reich. In America we call call this…


It’s a simple formula, in which the state and large corporations, some of them state-owned, others state-controlled, join arms to not only manage the national economy, but also patrol, guard and manage the toll booths on the gates through which ordinary citizens can enter the business  sector.

If you don’t know what I mean by this, in America over half of all businesses people engage in here are un-licensed. In Europe, this sort of private business activity is most often illegal. In Russia you could go to jail just for changing a guy’s oil, or checking his carburetor.

But these controls don’t just speak to tax avoidance from unreported income…they  go to the fundamental right to engage in business at all.

In Europe it is not a right, but a license, by permission of the state. Even the simplest home-repair-for-cash is considered a black market activity.

Back to Adolf  Hitler. He did not vilify the corporate rich. The big companies; big steel, (Krupps), big pharma (Bayer and Merck), big film (UFA), big aviation (Fokker) or even big bank. He needed them, and by a prodding process we’ve seen up-close since 2008, they came on board.

How Hitler did it was to stack their boards, insuring a few of the members always wore the NSDAP pin, and that everyone else knew they were being watched and that notes were being taken.

Union board members at Chrysler and GM serve this purpose today.

Corporate leaders were hectored, as every university office of political correctness does so well in academe.

Obama needs Big Business too. And he has done the same, bringing in GM, GE, and Wall Street and many banks. This is why you won’t see many corporate officers march before a senate committee and then spit in the senators’ eyes. For one, they are on the same page as their government masters in more ways that you can know, and two, sadly for you Ayn Rand fans, these are all third generation corporations. All the sweat equity in building them, all the Hank Reardons, the builders, are dead and buried…

…except in the American small business sector.

Hitler wrapped his anti-Jew campaign in language you can recognize today in anti-rich, class envy-speak, accusing the rich of being “bloodsuckers” or stealing the sweat of workers. Thieves. Mountebanks.

Sound familiar?

The lie then was as it is now. With the aid of able propaganda and propagandists, Hitler was able to attack the “rich” as a code word for something else altogether, while  exempting the approved corporate super-rich who had voluntarily come under the protective umbrella of “the Party.”

Replace “Jew” with “American small business sector”…and you’re home free.

The Nazis represented Jews as a vile people in part to cover up a hatred for the deeds they in fact did commit, free enterprise.  Socialists think almost identically about our business class today. When our (vile) lesser-born rise above their station, as almost every goddam American seems to do every goddam generation, without license, without permission, without even a decent education half the time…it isn’t fair, it isn’t fair, it isn’t fair. They must be cheating. They must be lying. They must be in cahoots with the Devil, (or, these days, with God).

Socialists (or do we call them “fascists,” I forget?) agree, they must be subjugated and destroyed.

So, yes, the attack on the private small business class in America by Barack Obama is intentional. It is deliberate. This is not just a by-product of a bunch of stupid guys from Harvard trying out a plan that went wrong. They know.

Now it’s important they know we know.

Beyond outrage, I remain

Your obedient servant

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