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Weinergate Update: Now it’s the Democrats on Trial








Resolved: Anthony Weiner has been endowed by nature with a special gift.

Resolved: Anthony Weiner has been showing this precious gift around the internet, via photo, Tweet, email and sexting.

Resolved: Anthony Weiner violated House rules and possibly federal criminal statutes in showcasing his special news.

Resolved: Anthony Weiner got caught.

Resolved: Anthony Weiner tried to lie his way out of it.

Resolved: Anthony Weiner got caught in the lie.

Resolved: Anthony Weiner has refused to resign his seat in the House of Representatives.

Nothing above is in dispute.

So Let it be declared, from this day forward:

Resolved: Anthony Weiner is no longer on trial; the Democrat Party is.

(I might have added, but cannot yet prove, yet strongly suspect) that there is a deep pathology behind Anthony Weiner’s behavior. This is for the R-candidate who would like to take his seat away in 2012.)

The Big Trouble

I used to tell my kids when they were little that when they do something wrong, then try to lie out of it, they have turned a “little trouble” into a “big trouble.”

The Democrats have being circumventing this rule for many years. They don’t even believe lying matters anymore. And who can blame them, when their opponents are afraid to appear in the least bit judgmental about any thing they do?

I wish I could name the day the honest political world stopped spinning, but it was many years ago. Maybe it was the “day the music died,” which, according to Don McLean, was  in 1971. Honor sure died that day.

I’m cool with that.

Today a larger question looms…do the majority of American also believe it no longer matters?

I’m already on record here (June 2) saying that the minute Weiner lied, his little sexual deviancy became a “big trouble” and we (the American people and conservatives) should make all the noise we could in demanding it be turned into a “big trouble” and he be drummed from office.

His lie, as a moral dimension, trumps any stupid act of making a private sexual quirk public.

But there is a political dimension, as well…

So, Pay attention, GOP.

These are opportunities you cannot let pass. You rarely get a win-win laid in your lap.

In 2006, as part of a “culture of corruption” campaign theme, Nancy Pelosi hounded Rep Mark Foley (R-FL) out of office for sexual emails he allegedly sent to former congressional pages. Foley quickly resigned, while a later FBI investigation would turn up no evidence and the case dropped.

But the damage was done. The “culture of corruption” meme became a bumper-sticker, and remained a popular Democrat cry, until by 2009, as had happened with Bill Clinton, the Democrats had once again completely overshadowed all of the misconduct they could ever have accused the Republicans of committing.

They wanted to drain the swamp, then handed us the Sahara that needed watering.

This is politics, GOP. Hard ball politics. Start playing it.

As long as Anthony Weiner is a sitting member of Congress, and even if he resigns, then goes home and is re-elected, he should become the poster boy for the Democrat Party, just as JadedbyPolitics said on Monday.

Anthony Weiner, a liar, a pervert and arrogant bastard, IS the Democrat Party.

Proclaim it so.

Bill Clinton redux

I said there is a moral equation here as well. This is a fight we should have had in 1998, with the Monica Lewinsky thing, along with Bushel Britches’ serial lying misconduct.

In 2006, Mark Foley went home and ran for his congressional seat…and lost. Whatever his sins, however forgivable, the people of his conservative district still decided it best not to subsidize him for another term. This said more about them than it did him.

By comparison, anecdotally, we are told the people of Weiner’s district in Brooklyn/Queen’s don’t find all that much wrong in Weiner’s personal behavior…so long as he continues to do what leftwing congressmen are expected to do.

Shades of Bill Clinton, who, it was argued up and down Pennsylvania Avenue, was acting as private man in his under-the-desk affair with Monica Lewinsky. And presumably also while lying under oath to a federal grand jury. The “private” Bill Clinton had nothing to do with the “public” President William Jefferson Clinton. Private character didn’t matter, we were told.

We coulda-shoulda fought this battle in 1998.

Now we have to, I argue. For you see, there is a big question as to who is in the majority anymore; the “Give-a-Damn’s,” or the “Don’t-Give-a-Damns.”?

In JFK’s day, we outnumbered “Don’t-Give-a-Damns” 9 to 1, and had to be lied to very carefully to get JFK’s proclivities past our seine net. It was a well orchestrated conspiracy, thanks to Ben Bradlee.  But lying has now become so normal as to be indifferent in its delivery and Keystone Cop in its disguise. By 1998, that 9:1 ratio had slipped considerably, as to give many of us cause for serious concern. (I worry almost as much about cultural dishonesty in America as Bill Kristol does whether Paul Ryan will run.)

Red and Blue districts in America are beginning to line up like “Give-a-Damns” and “Don’t-Give-a-Damns” line up; on moral issues as basic as Honesty,  Human life, Human liberty or dependency. Good or Evil.

If we are in fact still in charge morally in this country we need to proclaim it through out current host, the Republican Party, or ask them to get the hell out of our way so we can proclaim it in another way.

We need to know NOW, like the Euros who are being outbred by Muslims, whether we are being outbred by “Don’t-give-a-damns.”

The Euros have passed the point of no return. And while I know our point of no return will not be passed as long as any one of you breathes, we still need to stop and take a tally, for the Pop Culture is spitting them out like rabbits.

The election of 2010 gave me great hope that we still have a solid edge.  But first, how do we stand in the Republican Party? How does Truth stand there?

This is show-and-tell time, GOP, for you too are beset by your own legions of “don’t-give-a-damns,” i.e., country club RINO’s, Castle-ites, elitists and other boys in knee pants.

Don’t just make vain repetitions on the street corner, Mr Preibus. Organize a campaign. Shout it to the roof tops, “Bring me the head of Anthony Weiner”… …then watch how mom and pop Republicans once again lend an ear.





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