How Things Work For People who Don’t Read, or Won’t Read

America has come to a crossroads and the outcome all depends on whether the majority, who for all those years didn't read, and now won't except in 240-character couplets, clean up their acts. I've told...

Gotta Smoke?

It is the sound of work boots going up the steps, and the sound of bedroom slippers coming down- Paul Harvey

Science and History and Facts

Science began as a logical and reasoned inquiry into how Nature works. Isaac Newton and gravity always comes to mind first with me. You'll note it's tied together with mathematics, and how many times...

Capitalists and Capitalism, Why we Sometimes Confuse Them

(Repeated from October 11, 2011, ten years ago, when I was 65, proving I can sometimes be better than I am.) In the inquiry that follows we'll see why the Left is forceful in investing...

People Who are Lost That Don’t Know They’re Lost…a Teaching

If the shoe fits, this qualifies as a "teaching"...for those under 55. The situation both American history finds itself in is one which my generation can do little about except to issue a heads-up and...

Who Shook the Jar, by Mark Twain

0   Says it all about who's turning Americans against Americans