Assuming We’re Still the American Melting Pot….

"American Exceptionalism" is not defined merely as a passing phase in history but is defined by Natural Law...which defines larger collective human endeavors by either being "survival-enhancing" or "survival-endangering"...and sometimes even "survival-neutral", as where...

The Iffiness in Science that makes Everything a Coin Flip

I have several fits-and-starts in my stack of stuff, all centering around scientific debates not just about how human history is written, but how human achievement is defined, going back long before history could...

Capitalists and Capitalism, Why we Sometimes Confuse Them

(Repeated from October 11, 2011, ten years ago, when I was 65, proving I can sometimes be better than I am.) In the inquiry that follows we'll see why the Left is forceful in investing...

Who are the Middle Class? A Teaching

"Middle class" is another one of those terms that has been stolen and remolded to suit a multitude of purposes. And it is the lynchpin of the Obama's class warfare campaign this year.

The New Commission, Toward a Moral Society All Over Again

In Matthew 28, Christ told his disciples to go and teach the Word to all the nations. (Mt 28:16-10). That was Christ's commission

“One of These Day I’m Gonna Run This Construction Company!”

For those of you old enough, there was a beatnik comedian from the 60s named Brother Dave Gardner. He told a story about going to a construction site where he saw a fellow standing over by the gravel pile with his foot on his...