A Memo to President Trump: Beware of the Green Card Bias

This is a hard subject to talk about. President Trump and I belong to a generation when the natural law of "becoming American" was still operational, even for Indians who immigrated here in the 1960s....

Social Distancing, “If I was any Closer to You, I’d be Behind You” (Updated)

(I updated this on 4/03 after I found some notes on corporate production tatistical modeling from a Fortune 500 company in the 1980s. Instructive, perhaps at least for government agency decision makers.) In Virginia it's...

A Letter to a Few Patriots in Congress

Dear Jim: Happy Christmas! Many Blessings on your House. Always Remember that the solution to any condition begins with a unified theory. Then remember that throughout History the primary struggle has always been between Man's innate desire...

Tracing the Gentleman’s International League of Gutter Trash

I started this little investigation into gutter trashery with Joe Biden for Joe is pre-Baby Boomer, so comes from a generation who should have known the value of keeping little private weaknesses out of the public eye....

Maoism in America?

For years we've been steered toward the old Soviet Union as the model of Marxism to either admire or hate in America. In the process very little notice has been given to Maoism and the rise of the cult of personality...

Melancholy, a Ten-Minute Indulgence

Just to shut you down for about ten minutes, remind you of your place... ...and our place.   Both from Ken Burns films: Lewis and Clark https://youtu.be/llhs1p2xNgo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzTONjssOqc Ashokan Farewell, Civil War https://youtu.be/uZmxZThb084 Ashokan Farewell-Sullivan Ballou Letter https://youtu.be/1VK1KcZoDu0