Are Corporations Fascist by Nature?

American first generation corporations are not fascist in aspect, but by third generation corporations usually are.

The Government’s War on the Private Sector Middle Class IS the End Game (2012...

The American private sector middle class is history's un-managed loose end.

Capitalism and Capitalists, Why we Sometimes Confuse Them

(If this seems dull and dreary, it's because it's the Introduction to a short monograph I'm preparing about the lack of effective funding on the Right to combat the Left. I had to write...

Why GOP Billionaires Don’t Care

You've heard, no doubt, that with Herman Cain's sudden rise in the GOP presidential heap in Florida this past weekend, GOP billionaires are in a near panic as to who they can give their...

Keeping the Covenant When Worlds Collide, What It Means

When World's Collide Earlier this year, there was an unintended collision of worlds in Wisconsin. It was not planned, was not supposed to happen, and certainly was not supposed to have the outcome. You see, for...

Who Shook the Jar, by Mark Twain

0   Says it all about who's turning Americans against Americans