The Idea of Private Ownership of Property

How Things First Began to Work: Man's Natural Thirst for Freedom to Acquire Property In my Introductory article, asking "Just How Important is Public and Private Education?" I closed it with my grandfather advising me...

Just How Important is Public Education and Private Education?

This will probably become an outline of a series since, as I took down some notes about various aspects of both public and private school education I quickly realized one could come at this...

Knowing How Things Work is the First Rule of Freedom

"The Answer to Every Diagnosis begins with a Unified Theory" Knowing How Things Work is the first Law of being free and remaining free.  Most of the Laws of how things work begin with Nature. And...

Is States Rights Back? A Return of America’s Lost Army

I'm not sure when American public schools began skimming over the first era of our history, 1787-1824, but I'm going to guess sometime after the Civil War, when the two-party system emerged as representing...

America’s First Principles, and the War Made on Them; Understanding Why we Fight

A First Principle is a basic proposition or assumption that is no a growth from any other proposition or assumption. If  Principles were a building, First Principles would be their stone foundation. Virtually every opinion...

Who Shook the Jar, by Mark Twain

0   Says it all about who's turning Americans against Americans