Street crime these days is a reflection of public corruption. It’s allowed.

Now there have been are “for-profit” gangs in all the cities since before Prohibition. Even small towns in Missouri have thieves who make their living by stealing. The old axiom that there is “a leisure class at both ends of the economic spectrum” predates America’s founding, so crime is an ancient social construct.

But it’s quite another matter for city officials, including police, to stand by, or stand down, and even stand guard, while private businesses are looted or torched.

This is where we are today, that many of our local and state governments have been taken over by a political class that has a social theory to back up their refusal to enforce the law if it means they should relinquishing their power voluntarily, or peacefully.

This kind of takeover has been “in the cards” for decades, but only began to come out into the light once Barack Obama came to power in 2009. Various attorney-general’s projects, originally a George Soros construct, have paved the way throughout blue America, stretching into state-level secretaries of state offices, even some red states, as we will likely see once the 2020 election fraud cases find a fact-venue…if allowed.

Social unrest rioting and burning had been around since the 60s, but since 2014 has become a planned political tool, beginning with the shooting of a drugged-out petty thief named Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Turns out the cop was justified, and the eye-witness account (unpunished) “hands-up, don’t shoot” was a lie by some kid who just wanted his name in the paper. Black Lives Matter, a communist organization having nothing to do with race, was born that week, and has prospered since, a key element to their designed insurrection moving forward, including the rise of kabuki-opposition gangs to do battle with them (think of the Washington Generals, who traveled with, played…and lost…to the Harlem Globetrotters.)

Several other cities have burned at the hands of righteously indignant BLM protesters, alongside Antifa bratlings, children of wealth, often consumed with drug abuse, who first arose from the Occupy Movement (I watched them organize in St Louis in 2010), which was bought and paid for by still other leftwing money-interests, and made to appear like a spontaneous movement to counter the genuinely spontaneous 2010 Tea Party movement. A major fail politically, they did well in recruiting what has become the core of a national army, starting with fuzzy-butts like this;

but who end up like this:

(If the FBI and various state crime agencies have ever dug into these networks we’ve yet to hear about them.)

The “real” versus the “phony” has dominated the news cycle for close to a decade, and the fake have been uniformly hawked by the national media as the “true good” in America throughout this period, also at no personal or corporate cost to the media hawkers.

Naturally, after almost a decade local blue city governments and states have gotten bolder and bolder, which is where we stand today, on the brink of a collapse of our entire system of government simply because no one seems to know how to meet them on the street and defeat them.


A year ago I would have said we could fix these things under the hand of Donald Trump, who could have ushered in at least a decade of necessary reforms, all legal and above aboard. But just two years into his term, America returned to its slumber, and, in 2018, handed Congress back to the Devil, closing our eyes to dozens of locals steals they employed to secure their win…

…but worse, also emboldening the Democrats  to make the big leap and retry the Big Steal in 2020, the one that failed in 2016, and forcing upon the American political establishment, long believed to at least have some sense, to accept that an incontinent, senile wraith who poops his pants could actually grab off a record 81-million votes to defeat Donald Trump, who miraculously actually gained an additional 7 million votes from his 2016 victory!

They thought they’d dotted all their “i’s” and crossed all their “t’s”.

All the bars removed, including public credulity by the political class, the changes in government this first year, both in policy as well as its aspect, was sudden and without precedence, going back to 1782, when the losers of that war spent only a few weeks scratching their heads, asking “What just happened here?” before deciding that maybe Nova Scotia and England would be a better place to lick their wounds.

Americans have no where else to go.

So now, what stands before us is much more complicated than it was in 2018, for there is no real official leadership at our top any longer.

And if you are looking for leadership, you will not find it on Twitter, or Gettr, or from men and women, however bullish from behind a microphone. Donald Trump is still out there, and maybe even has a plan, but we’ve yet to see it. But microphones won’t “gettr done”.

Our job, your job, it to lead from the bottom….and this year, 2022 is that signal year, for all the changes in the Congress can only come from us, at the bottom, not just in voting, or even getting out the vote, and taking back Congress, but also in making sure the bastards won’t try another steal and get away with it.

Think of this as the final big test for the People who slept through 2018. A chance at redemption.


I have long been an advocate of “dark alley” methods to blight the path of the criminal elements we see in our governments. For your convenience I have covered many subjects, from school boards and universities, to corrupt mayors, city councils and police chiefs, even rioters, “Dark Alley,” ,

plus several sections on To-do’s and not to-do’s; organizing a team, staying in the dark while making bad people begin to fear the dark.

I invite you to scour these for some practical ideas, especially about how to take advantage of the dark, since so many people now believe everything we do is easy to see. If they don’t know who you are or where you are, they will become afraid.

Of course there are corrupt blue cities, but they can’t carry enough red district to win national elections. Virginia proved they have to win in the affluent suburbs. Virginia also proved they have to try to cheat in order to do so. And in Virginia, in our 2021 election, we proved that fear matters, once outraged citizens begin to storm city councils and school board meetings. There were simply too many citizens with a mean look in their eyes to try to steal the 2021 election.

So, now, in 2022, Virginia citizens have to deny them from trying to get their genii back into the bottle.


So always keep in mind the old Polish adage about territory; Not my monkeys, not my circus. One of the hooks the Left and their media have sunk into us on Twitter and Facebook and their media news services at Google and Microsoft, is to cause us to fly into a fury about outrages coming from Oregon, Minnesota and Wisconsin instead of paying attention to what’s going on with our local school boards, as we noticed in Fairfax County, Virginia, this year.

People in Virginia, with a GOTV design by Dan Schultz, an Arizona attorney who first unveiled the Precinct Project plan in 2010, with the launch assistance of Steve Bannon, flipped Virginia this past November, returning the state back to the Republicans for the first time since 2014.

Now, that Virginia fight has just begun, and will go on for some time, but the folks here have now learned to look for the corruption in their own circus, and let Portland, Kenosha, and Milwaukee manage their own sandlots.

So, what follows is a guide for how you might accelerate that process, depending on where your circus is located.

(About Vigilantes)

I’m a big believer in the virtue of vigilantes, in part because they brought law and order to America before the “real law” every officially got there.

History records the people who benefited from those vigilantes were mighty grateful, but liberal historians since the 1960s have hated them.

Modern Liberals, as I noted in “Their Majesties, the Mob, and Modern Liberalism”, have insisted since the ’60s that “vigilante law” was evil per seeven as the people who lived in those times, and recorded those events, looked upon them as heroes, going all the way back to the Gold Rush days in the late 1840s, and Nevada’s and Montana’s silver mines, into the 1870s.

As heroes they were so popular as to become America’s most popular film genre, from the 1930s B-Westerns all the way up through John Wayne, Clint Eastwood (Josie Wales, Dirty Harry) onto Bruce Willis and his “Die Hard” films. Denzel Washington made his mark with his “Equalizer” set, beginning 2014, which I especially like.

Hollywood may have been liberal, but they knew who the paying audiences were.

And, even now, in real life, while the media tries to create myths about Charlottesville, and paid kabuki theatre over Civil War statues, a lone kid named Kyle Rittenhouse stepped out and did an outrageous age of vigilanteism, killing two men who tried to kill him in Kenosha riots over a police shooting of Jacob Blake, and both were paid to riot and to protest Blake’s shooting. (Look up to see what happened to Jacob Blake, and the cop who shot him, and ask yourself why these Kenosha riots were going on in the first place. In short, it was not “spontaneous anger”.). It took a jury of “the People” to rule Rittenhouse was virtuous in what he did, acting in self-defense and that the riot itself was the real criminal vigilante action.

Bottom line, the American approval of this sort of “hero” is still very much intact.

So, look around your own little circus town and leave the big national stories alone. Quit granting power to the likes of Twitter or Facebook to control the conversation. They can’t keep up with 100 separate Fairfax County insurrections going on simultaneously. You can render them sterile, as well as the major media groups who funnels their versions of truth through their portals, especially those successors to staid old news brands such as Newsweek, The Nation (make your own list) and who have given writing-employment to hundreds of children, barely past 20, who see history as having only begun when Bill Clinton was elected 30 years ago; knowing only histories that can be read in 600 word snippets on their cell phones; the limit of both their attention and comprehension spans.

Their entire circus will never exceed 25%-30% of the population. (Natural law.)

So, if you want to scare Pelosi, or the DOJ or FBI, then scare their underlings at street level. Fear is best when it trickles up.

Just remember: Certain Rules Apply, as noted in the cited articles above.





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