Glenn Beck recently spoke of his differences with Proud Boys, and their street skirmishes with Antifa. He disapproves of their participation in violence, while I disapprove of their mindless, possibly choreographed kabuki dance, as a way to signal that Good will not surrender the public street over to Evil. Rev Martin Luther King had a far better way to show the world the evil that lurked in some men simply by locking arms with his followers, singling hymns as they marched down a public street, inviting and inducing the police to sic dogs on them, or to use billy clubs…and as they drug them away from Whites-Only lunch counters, or the middle seats on public buses. Or to be allowed to vote. And of course there was the occasional visit by hooded men in white sheets who burned crosses outside their front yard, as warnings to uppity black folk who didn’t like the way things had been done since the Democrat Party started managing the past century or so of their lives.

And their wives from the Garden Club were none too friendly, either.

Only more ordinary white mothers shucked corn and cut beans with black mothers, (so long as they did it on the back porch) discussing things like chil’ren and the Bible. Then, after seeing their sons embarrass them by ganging up to sneer at a young girl being escorted into a university in Mississippi, they stopped fixing hots meals for their husbands and made them sleep on the couch until they quit that white-sheety club because of the shame Junior had brought on their house.

The KKK died from the bottom up. White Christian mothers were Rev King’s secret weapon, and by 1968 the old songs of the South was largely on their way out.

As he often is, Beck is only half right. Violence isn’t the answer, but the easy-to-message fear of it often can be.

And since America was built from the ground-up, I’m of the firm belief that this is where “dark alley” strategies can be most effective, especially since Fear trickles up. The smallest most rural county in Virginia has its genuinely crooked politician in city/county government, and what school doesn’t have board members, administrators and wet-behind the ears “woke” teachers just itching to teach Betsy and Junior that Mom and Dad doesn’t know what’s best for them. Nor God.

Let law take care of punishing them. Just make them afraid, enough so that they always are looking over their shoulders, and whistle past graveyards,

“Going dark” allows small teams to do what

Best of all, my idea of “Going Dark” doesn’t involve the taking of another’s life. Or even doing great harm, unless you consider a mouthful of Ivory soap or a bloody nose great harm.


I think of that giant demonstration by citizens at the Capitol Building on January 6 to have been a genuine, from-the-heart display of patriotism by many Americans.

But as we’d seen elsewhere in America; Charlottesville, Portland, etc.,  it only takes a few people, and in Washington DC on the 6th, fewer than a couple of hundred, with a well-scripted counter-tactic, coordinated with national media, who was charged with making that couple of hundred appear to be thousands of rioters, trying to re-image the uniformed Bull Connors of the Capitol Police into the brave fighters at Bastogne. The American press is clearly no longer in Martin Luther King’s camp about popular democracy, nor have they been in more than a generation, instead providing the scripting, or as they call in today, gaslighting of a class of people they hope to invalidate as citizens, just like it was in Selma.


If you’re inclined to agree, it’s a target-rich environment, both nationally and locally, for the lesson we learned from January 6th is that the powers that be in almost all of Government are still as afraid of the power of the citizenry today as were the “hooded few” who ruled in 1960.

They believe, now in their third generation, that smarter-than-thou people who have never so much as felt the sting of an open hand across the backside, or a bloody nose, or know the taste of a bar of soap, can still, because “they are smarter” can use government to relegate the great majority of the people to whatever cubicle they consign, despite the people being armed to the teeth.

Fear of those guns, then, not Violence with them, is the people’s answer to stripping their power.

Fear trickles up as easily as it trickles down. Start small, and at home, and see how quickly it finds its way back up into that same building they used a set-piece for taking our rights on January 6th.

So, if you’ll just go to DarkAlley-VassarBushmills you’ll see over 40 articles, some going back over 10 years, on a variety of subjects, and types of public misconduct. I speak of “Killing Rose Bushes”, a euphemism for everything from keying a bureaucrat’s BMW to “skunking” a Christian D’Or business suit or Gucci purse. My recommendation: Leave high profile public figures alone. Let the fear trickle up.

Some public figures might consider these small irritations possibly assuming petty vandalism. But they change their tune once it has been communicated to them they have been targeted for a specific crime, especially once they learn their “watcher” (you) has no name, no face, no age, nor even gender, nor any desire to get their name recognized on Twitter. Once their recognize you (and your team) as only something that only goes bump in the night, they will become hyper-aware and afraid. They are not used to enemies who only seek anonymity. (You might read up on the Norwegian underground under the Nazi occupation.)

It’s just between you and him/her, only they don’t get to know who you are.

What you will have done is unleash is Fear…mainly, of death or serious injury, which, if they knew who and where you are, they would try to be done to you, simply because they know the crimes they have committed. This is why protecting your personal security is foremost in what you will be doing, they have the networks to hit back ten times as hard as you can. They don’t know, and probably can’t believe, you only intend to let them feel a little pain. Their minds don’t work that way.

There are any number of ways to let them know you are there.

(The perps’ mistake here was not leaving it at one pie.)

We can learn a lot from the professional bad guys.

Alinsky’s Rules are just as effective in the hands of patriots as Marxists. Likewise gangsters, such as the Kray twins of East London, who, one night sent cars throughout that territory to kidnap the entire police establishment, just to take them to hidden locations and tell them the rules they expected the police to abide by in leaving their business interests alone. “We know who you are, where you live, and who your families are. Just stay out of our business.” And of course, there’s the tactics employed by the Algerian rebels  (and this) as they fought the French in the 1950s. There are lesson aplenty for you to learn and modify for your targeted needs.

Repeat: just keep you own personal vanity out of the mix. You’ll find that in politics some are driven by 1) ideology, placing personal enrichment second (most often younger people), while others are 2) driven by class considerations, and an unrepentant dislike for people of the lower classes, (more often found in the media) and finally, 3) the more cynical people who are in the game solely for the money and the power, with every expectation that their children and grandchildren will benefit for generations to come.  With them, everything is for sale.

As for the Left’s current strategy of employing youth as storm troopers, I’ll be offering some insights about “involuntarily” treating some of the psychotic bratlings of Antifa and their female affiliates, which requires large investment and sophisticated planning (“Batt-ling Bratlings”) but again, designed to result in a raised appreciation of fear, without leaving scars or broken limbs, all designed to reduce the Big (Soros) Money’s ability to recruit bratlings to carry out their street plans. (More later.)

The point is to make them stop, and if they refuse, let them know what a spanking feels like.


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