This piece is not for giggles.

Nor is it a request for donations or any other gesture that may bear your fingerprints. Just nod your head if you agree.

But it does have a serious purpose about which I am sure you would concur, at least from the privacy of your own space. And as to what needs to be done, you know I’m right, only may now have a growing sense of helplessness about watching forces from above and below begin to squeeze our nation in tandem.

Mine has always been a 50-cent solution, all from the bottom, where a few citizens can still cause things to happen, thereby changing how things at the top are done. Bottom-up, not top down. Our own history books are laced with precedents and the book I have written will cite many of them.

Right now I would simply like to publish a book, perhaps a pamphlet in the fashion of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense. Paine’s book, in just 47-pages spelled out in common sense English why Americans needed to break free of England. His weren’t particularly noble thoughts, just “common sense” to men and women who already knew how things worked and who wanted the freedom to build free and prosperous lives. This is why It is still the best selling book in American history, and was directly responsible for causing the Declaration of Independence to be drafted and signed in Philadelphia…and very quickly, just six months later, July 4th,1776.

If you don’t believe me, get a copy and read it. Even get the kids to read it. Underline it and keep it on your bookshelf.

(You may or may not know this “rest of the story” about July 4th, but had the citizens in the colonies not read at least portions of this book, who knows how long the Continental Congress would have dawdled and speechified, proving even more emphatically that America was birthed by it’s own people and not by the political class.)


For years I’ve suggested “dark alley” activities that have been available to every citizen all these years. In our history they were generally employed as a result of the “natural law of survival”, first hallmarking our first century, as we spread out across the nation, defeating the more common types of criminals usually found with such expansions, as well as holding elected representatives and their spending inclinations on a tight leash. I’ve written often on this subject. Then, in our second century, we grew “up” more than “out”, with factories, and new cities, then suburbs so people who worked in the cities could then get away from the cities.

I first began talking (not just writing) about “dark alley” activities in 2013, targeting corrupt local officials and schools, even universities, providing a list of things a few concerned individuals could do in a community (of any size) to 1) let corrupt officials know that someone “out here” knows they are corrupt, then 2) go about causing some to stop, simply because they’d been made aware of some things out there that go bump in the nights.

I’ve known it to work, just not often.

It never became a movement, just a few lessons learned, and a few notations on various police blotters, scored up as uninvestigated vandalism. A couple of insurance claims.

At the time I was reluctant to target Education, which is now a major target, in large part because I believed students were unreliable sneaks. They like to brag. That is no longer the case, although special rules apply. Having spent most of the 90s and early early 2000’s abroad, learning the trade, so to speak, in the old Soviet Bloc, I really had not paid attention to American education at any level since my sons were in college, 1988-92 and 1992-1996. Then I bumped into an outline of the intellectual that had seized the academy in that period by reading a 1996 book, The Killing of History by Keith Windschuttle, an Australian historian. He outlined the process, and leading intellectual creators, who were responsible for taking over the academy since the 1970s, people like Michel Foucault and Francis Fukuyama, who, 1992 declared an “end to history”.

Another generation has passed, and we are witnessing the third generational iteration of this trend, unabated, so I will add a chapter on this very important subject in this coming book, for there are many things that can be done from the bottom-up that can change how tax-dollars and university administrators can be redirected, or even denied.

You see, until around 1960-65, the People were totally in charge of education, outside that world the private schools only the rich could indulge upon their children.

It was in these new social enclaves that the notion that “the people” could no longer be effective stewards of their freedoms, and that that task should be passed over to experts…in almost every walk of life. Just recall, as Mark Twain noted 1894, “There is no distinctly American criminal class except Congress.” So by 1965 Congress had inserted itself into almost every aspect of American life, using the power of the dollar to take partial control of every state legislature and municipal government. So while corruption was felt locally it was generally controlled by money and power three-levels removed.

For example, because Karl Marx was not well known in America until 1900, he wasn’t able to make much headway here until the 1930s and the Great Depression, only after all that wealth the winners of the Civil War had created in the Gilded Age had finally enabled them to send their children to Europe to learn the philosophies of several ‘ism’s and then return home to teach at prominent universities. With their assistance, and several thousands European immigrants in that period, many of whom pursued anarchy and soap box oratory instead of factory jobs, and the Democrat Party officially becoming the “party of the Worker” in 1896, thereby providing Marx’s symbols, if not his words, a respectable place to abide (and where Jim Crow also dwelt). So, since they were our ally in World War II, the Soviets had no problem in setting up cells all over the country, so by the 1960s, they could begin quiet recruiting programs in public universities at the time that first generation of baby boomers from WWII sauntered off to college.

And that was where I first encountered them, in 1964, as a young freshman, taking mandatory, auditorium-sized courses in English, among other required core curricula, only not taught by professors but largely by graduate assistants. Long-haired hippies with plaid shirts and woven ties. (A uniform of sorts, only no one paid much attention at the time.) In those early days, young Marxist student-interns, under a professor’s (Class of ’55) watchful eye, had to be very careful how they pushed their magic tonic in the classroom, for many offended students would have gone straight to Dad had they been too outrageous, and Dad would have gone straight to the university, who would have gone straight to the department who would then call that young prof (who drove an old Ford at the time) onto the carpet.

Thanks to Saul Alinsky and his own dark alley compatriots, those young profs had been trained to peel students off in groups of three or four, and indoctrinate them privately, with their own internal means of reward, such a elite-group acceptance, and of course, grades that would cement their own paths into grad schools and a professorship, and really a rather carefree path to success and status without ever having to break a sweat. Sweeeet. And it likely all began with the likes of Saul Alinksy.

(So, just as Alinksy gave Satan a hat-tip when he published his “Rules for Radicals” in 1971, I give him a hat-tip here.)

So by 1970 they were teaching those same courses in some other college, only multiplied. It’s the multiplier effect that’s important here, (which I discuss in my book) for by 1980, just 20 years, there were 100’s of those “children”, all the spawn of that one young hippie prof who was driving a new Volvo by then. By 1990 there were thousands of PhD’s with courses created just for their skill sets in Marx, or post-structuralism, Critical Theory, and now Critical Race Theory, only no longer having to disguise their messages. Winning 3 or 4 students over to Marx was no longer their model. In fact, Marx became sort of so-yesterday. Control, under a dozen names, became the game. And today they control entire departments. Revolution is no longer even the message…only the incoming freshman class of 2021 won’t know that for another four or five years. Control.

If you had the patience, as a simple citizen, since government at every level is an assiduous keeper of records, you could probably do a comparable study of your local county Drivers License Bureau and find the same bureaucratic growth pattern, married to a similar decrease in service, accompanied by a comparable added fractional cost to the taxpayer which the average citizen would never notice. Then step back and measure the power gained by the government versus citizen, and you will notice “a painful sense of loss between the two.”

“Them are the facts, after tax.”- Billy Ed Wheeler, 1964.

What to and how to do it?

I’ve never heard of a single college professor whose insurance company continued to repaint the Volvo after the third successive claim of vandalism. Nor have I heard of a prof who had to buy an old beat-up Toyota, and take a clean change of teacher-clothes in a garment bag to change into once on campus.

But this is likely because no one has ever thought to cause it.

Trust me, giving fear a chance, if only as an added cost, or worry, or time, for over a broad spectrum of American political and academic life the past 60 years, most of these people no longer feared any sort of blowback. They think they are immune.

Still the natural law persists: It’s much easier to use fear and pain to make bad people stop doing illegal things than it is to make good people to do bad things..

I’ve established very strict rules, outlined here, such as Don’t Get Caught, Don’t Get Recognized, and Limit Your Activities to Misdemeanors, and preferably against property, although I have a special place in my heart for the virtues of an earned bloody nose, or the foul taste of a bar of soap, if safely administered.

All this is common sense, and established by over 200 years of public history, that if 1) you do your homework, 2) you really want to make bad people stop whatever it is they’re doing, and 3) you want to make them aware that they are being watched, thus, adding that hint of fear in their lives they had not considered since the 1st Grade, you can change the course of the false government-to-citizen relationship the Government has imposed on us.

Just make them fear things that go bump in the night, thinking those wind-whispers may be angry citizens. You don’t have to save them, just cause them to pause and reflect. For three generations now that have never known a bloody nose of the taste of Ivory Soap, the threat of pain and inconvenience far outweighs the threat of public exposure. Let them seek their own counseling, although I think you’ll find therapists and their prescriptions have often been responsible for a large number of them engaging in criminal activity in the first place…the sense that they are immune.

You may be teaching them a better lesson that can someday save their life.


So, about this book, which will likely be called Rules for Equalizers, not “Wules for Wadicals”:

I recently decided to trash many of those articles 2013-thru-2020 simply because the battlefield has changed. Antifa and BLM, for instance, have slowly but predictably morphed into armed mercenaries now, changing entirely the prospects of altering their activities on their home turf where they operate and are permitted. That is not to say that the forces who protect them cannot be caused by the people to stop them, or at least withdraw protection, causing them to either disband, or go “ronin” and take their chances.

Also there is no certain timetable if or when a popular, people-based national government can be restored in the United States. With luck 2-4 years, but looking at a full generation of social and constitutional reconstruction. Nothing will come easy for at least thirty years, and will require vision, a kind of vision only the people can require and be able to oversee. This is why Education planning is now a central part of the dark alley strategy.


My simple request: Give this “Wules for Wadicals” the widest circulation, with the hopes of raising the interest of a publisher who might like to try to match Tom Paine’s success by publishing a book directed to the common man, and which could then inspire still other men and women to understand what great power they still have if they will but apply while not sitting on the couch.

I’m 75 and my entire resume is found in the body of my essays including several autobiographical stories. I’ve actually seen and done more things than Donald Trump, only under the motto Con los pobres de la tierra. I wouldn’t swap what I have been able to see and learn with any other person but still have never been paid a cent to write, just consult and advise. I have other unpublished works, especially, Famous Common People I Have Known, which is in need of revision of added chapters.

From what I’ve outlined below, I’d like to publish a book in the 100-page range, 30,000 words tops.

Perhaps a pamphlet even, as I’ve found a rolled-up newspaper can pass freely through every courthouse scanner, yet can stun as effectively as a taser.

Your support would be appreciated.


 1. Identify Target(s): It’s a target-rich environment. Use “Illegal” behavior standard. Leave people you “don’t like” to God.

2: Form a group: NO INTERNET: Email, Twitter, FB, etc. Only Paper or face-to-face, Land lines still require a warrant to tap.

3. Go dark: if possible, don’t even tell the spouse

4. Keep it local: we’re spending too much time minding other peoples’ business across the nation

5. Security, security, security: Don’t get suspected, much less caught

6. Clear Objectives;  Make them stop; deterrence, nagging fear of pain

7. Misdemeanors ONLY! : Property first, Physical Pain only when special rules permit

8. Intelligence Gathering: strategic and tactical, sky determines

9. Notifications; Sometimes before, sometime after

9: Power of Advertising

 10. Know when to stop (and become a myth)

(Contact:, Twitter: @BushmillsVassar)

Your support will be kept at arm’s length. This is something that simply needs to be done, and that takes money and connections, neither of which I have. And I doubt America has a lot of time.

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