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Drag a Hundred Dollar Bill Through Beverly Hills

…and you will come up with a racist Democrat pimped by Gloria Allred.

The liberals of America are playing to the worst possible racial stereotype possible right now, and that is the one I was taught as a kid, that you just can’t afford to leave your daughter alone with a black man.

In the 50’s and 60’s this was explained to me as the primary justification for segregation. It’s true.

So, I hope this comes back and destroys the racists in the Democrat Party, for what that are trying to do to Herman Cain is the sort of thing that could bring even the Black Panthers over to vote Republican in 2012.

About Mmes  Bialek and Allred

I felt sorry for that woman in a way. I can’t imagine the circumstances of her just coming out now, after 15 years, saying almost exactly what Juanita Broaddick said in 1999, that she only wanted to stand up for harassed women everywhere, yet not bring legal charges, which I doubt she can anyway after 15 years. (Legal Note: according to Ms Bialek’s statement, the Democrat Party has already concluded that the acts she described do not meet the legal definition of “sexual harassment,” see Paula Jones vs Bill Clinton, for when Paula asked Bill to stop, he stopped…and put it back in, and pulled up his pants, and excused himself. No harm, no harassment, I think that’s was the Democrat rule, circa 1999.)

The point is, like Ms Broaddick, had she filed a complaint, Herman Cain, not running for president at the time, but still a powerful business figure, would have been fired most likely, for one, by 1999, almost everyone knew how to shake down a company.

I expect that her being brought forward (trust me, she did not  just “come forward”) is based on the assumption that there will not be a lot of follow-up media scrutiny about her facts about this alleged incident with Herman Cain. (Remember how long it took for the media to finally be forced into fact-checking the stripper’s story in the Duke lacrosse case?)

And I can’t imagine the circumstances of her finding Gloria Allred, who I assume is doing this pro bono, since no law suit will be involved. So where’s the quid pro quo? Who found who? And how? Gloria’s probably doing it for the team, but like Lady de Winter (Dumas anyone?) doesn’t always know who the end-beneficiary is. Just for party.

I’m asking these questions because we know the mainstream media won’t. Instead, they can be expected to go ask Herman Cain to fill in the details about that evening back in ’99, and he will likely refuse, thereby securing his guilt in the eyes of a doubting public. He is, after all, a horndog black man just as we were always taught as kids.

Unlike the Politico stories, I know Ms Bialek represents (finally) a direct accusation, and we knew they’d have to have one to keep the meme alive…that Herman Cain is a horndog black man just as we were always taught.

But Ms Bielak’s story rang a little hollow, as when she said that Mr Cain pulled her head to his groin and she cried out, “What are you doing, don’t you know I have a fiance?”

Can we infer that were she not engaged she might have been inclined to go ahead and put in her application right there on the spot, or was that “heartfelt response” just a little contrived and hollow?

Ladies, who among you wouldn’t have first said, “Look you son of a bitch, I don’t know who you think you are…”?

Isn’t that what what the jury looks for from an innocent victim? They (we) look for outrage, not cookie-cutter cutsey victims, especially not in 1999. Maybe 1959.

Of course, anything’s possible, so she could have been speaking the truth, but circumstantially, there isn’t much here. It’s a sorrowful thing to say about America, but these days almost anyone can be bought for what Gloria Allred pays to have her dogs walked every day. And she knows it . Think of the millions celebrities have to pay to keep photos they want kept out of public scrutiny from back in the day when they’d do anything to get their name or picture out there. Mr Bielak seems a little old to be wanting Gloria to introduce her to a producer.

Still, there’s something she wants out of this, but as best I can tell, her true motives are less circumstantial than Herman’s.

I know Herman, but as an executive type, not just a person. A few of them were horndogs, too. Herman is the type who knows virtually everyone in the secretarial pool, as well as the maintenance people in the building. He was willing to spend a minute with them, and they’d drop in for a minute just because the door was open. He always remembered his secretaries’ (plural) birthday, and would even attend a christening or something. He knew them all on a first name basis, while one floor down they all went by “Hey you.”

Only no one will ask these sorts of questions, and haven’t even though he’s been running for months now.

As I said, Herman’s a type, and while this doesn’t automatically exclude him from being a horndog, other things do. But all that is public history that goes way beyond the years of his wanting to be president, which is fairly recent.

So if we are to compare circumstantial evidence histories, it’s obvious the sheriff has set the coon dogs out on the scent of the wrong person.

I hope Herman will require the media to make its own case here, and first prove the accusation before making him fill in the blanks for them.



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