Can the Courts Run With the “2000 Mules” Findings?

Short answer: Yes Should they?: Absolutely, but parties have to properly lay the issue before a court. But quickly. I don't think any responsible court can turn its back on evidence that proves, the high...

Removing the “Cromwell” from the “Cromwell Interregnum”

It's been said about Oliver Cromwell, that regardless of your political or religious stance, for or against, if you look up "Oliver Cromwell" you will find what you are looking for. The "Cromwell Interregnum" is...

How Democrats Plan to Steal Georgia in 2022…Permanently

While trying to get my FM classical music station this morning, I accidently picked up a morning call-in show one click over, and it was featuring a host I don't know who was interviewing...

Here’s What You Need to Know About “Facts” We’re Being Fed

From a friend, not sure who wrote this, but numbers you can use as you process Kipling's Rules, Who, What, When, When, Why and How. Perception is reality in the mind of the perceiver ! A...

The Natural Law of Nature’s Laws

Two primary categories, Natural Law and How Things Work, are presented on my front page here, running back to 2011. Much of what I have written here involves those two related themes, since almost...

Judging Beauty, Goodness and Virtue

"If you judge Beauty or Goodness or Virtue solely based on what you see in the mirror you will likely die a painful death...whether old or young. Just ask Kurt Cobain" from St George Frederick, an old friend returned.