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Natural Law: The Need for a Voter’s Bill of Rights from the Supreme Court, ASAP

This is an observation about Natural Law, the unbendable Natural Law, and much less about the politics of the day.

I have carried around in my jacket since I first traveled to the old Soviet Union in 1991 a small booklet of the US Constitution and Declaration. I had a similar one when i went to Japan as an Army trial attorney, 1972-75. The one I carry today is from the Cato Institute, and they give these away. 58 pages. Very handy.

I first had occasion to see its effect on strangers when I spent a winter in Russia and Ukraine, 1991-92, just before the USSR was dissolved. It was a birthday celebration for a college professor in Kharkiv, Ukraine, and when asked to make a toast (you may know that Russian drinking ceremony) I had the occasion to read from Jefferson’s Preamble to the Declaration, beginning with “We hold these Truths to be self-evident….” The story is here, for, you see, they all cried…certifying those Soviet pagans had deeper understandings than do most American these days about what those words really mean…and which may explain the problem we have with honest elections these days.

And making me a true believer.

If you visit Twitter these days, or read many of the essays linked there, you can understand why so many politically-oriented voices can’t see beyond the next election.

I am suggesting here, and rather hurriedly, as you’ll see explained further on, that the current Supreme Court cause to be published a booklet of similar size, and ease of use, that lays out a citizen’s right to a fair federal election, i.e., an election that is a product of the Constitution…and why this is of some urgency.

By causing such a booklet to be drafted, and showing a willingness to provide citizens with access without membership in a special political action group, the Court then can insure that every state/and county voter registration office have a stack, to hand out to new registrants, as well made available at polling places, so as to be on notice that citizens likely will, for awhile, until state officials are properly afraid of the people’s wrath, knowing the Court stands fully behind them in matters of elections.

The book’s cover should read something like “Voters’ Bill of Rights”, listing all the things, from registration, to voting, to counting, and the expectation of “confirmed” reliability of the processes, let’s say, at 99%.

This booklet will be the Supreme Court’s promise to every legal voter-citizen that they are entitled to these protections, as a matter of law.

And yes, I believe there is still time now to scratch out a draft summary to use to provide relief from the election debacle of 2022, so that new rules can be applied, based on this Bill of Rights, (and were ignored or circumvented in November 2022), and new elections, where applicable, can be held as early as January, 2023.

My Argument:

Why this Court, and why now?

Sec 4, Art I of the US Constitution directs to the states the power and authority to design and manage the election of Senators and Representatives.

Many states have clearly bollixed that up, from large urban counties like Maricopa, Arizona, and Fulton, Georgia, to small counties in northern Michigan. This little Bill of Rights guarantees that a giant hand can and will come out of the clouds and sort this out. And quickly. Maybe even with a thump on the knuckles

And I believe this Court is now in the position to do just this.

In October, 2020, Amy Coney Barret, a conservative, replaced retiring Ruth Bader Ginsberg, an old-school Liberal, on the Supreme Court, just a few days before the 2020 election. This upped the conservatives on the Court from five to six, (Thomas, Gorsuch, Alito, and Kavanaugh, plus Chief Justice Roberts, whose has had his iffier conservative moments).

Barret was barely two weeks on the bench, two weeks before the 2020 election, the Fall session only beginning, when allegations (and considerable sworn testimony) of state misconduct in several swing states had turned the election over to Joe Biden… himself of questionable health, both mental and physical, having spent much of the campaign sequestered in his basement-den in Delaware. When he won by receiving a record 81 million votes versus Donald Trump’s 74 million, that also a record, (i.e., record turnout) the Court was not directly approached about how unique this feat was.

Complaints aplenty rushed forward, Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania figuring prominently because their elections were ostensibly run by Republican administrations or legislatures. Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, Minnesota, North Carolina, Florida, New Hampshire, and Virginia, also alleged several types of voting practices that were or should have been identified as illegal, stretching credulity. Much of the public hearings were televised, and what they showed the American people was something that most voters never really knew, and that was just how convoluted the authorities and processes were in the states, particularly between governors, their secretaries of state, who actually managed the elections, and the types of voting allowed; from mail-in, early voting, programmed machine voting, which brought the now infamous name, Dominion Voting Systems into the game, and finally jurisdictional-territorial disputes between legislatures and state bureaucracies, i.e., turf wars, only magnified by widely disparate left-right political ideologies…and each with their own armies of lawyers.

The media ate it up, in part because the Supreme Court was quiet and no one could find a trigger that would get its attention..and citizen-standing wasn’t one of those.

With Covid restrictions in play around the country, causing changes in election processes, and in hindsight many thought to have been unnecessary, but also very helpful to those hoping to benefit from election process changes hurriedly made-up (and possibly even programmed into the election process, considering the age brackets of the number of deaths associated with the pandemic, most of those deaths from the Silent Generation, born before World War II.) Conspiracy theories ran high, and many still have not been debunked in a true fact-forum, although many challengers attempted to find forums where that might take place. It was not state courts’ and tribunals’ finest hour.

If I were to compare this recent 2022 repeat of 2020, (still not resolved), to a war, I’d choose the trench warfare of World War II where men died needlessly by the millions because no one could come up with a breakthrough idea toward victory or a truce. Once all those vanities of Germany’s, France’s, England’s and Russia’s aristocracies had been ossified that first month of August, 1914 as to just what was most important to them, that turned out to be territory and the personal vanities of the royal upper classes involved.

This before and after photo of a Scottish brigade, 1914 and 1918

Without knowing the individual vanities of the nine Supreme Court justices, I do believe that the underlying philosophical and political beliefs of a majority of the justices are rock-ribbed and the addition of Amy Coney Barret may have been a game changer, especially since she’s now had a year to get her feet wet…

The Court now knows it has five (5) solid conservative votes with solid footing on the value system voters now see as their de-ranking…thus rendering the “self-evident” clause of the Declaration of Independence moot.

This rising of temperatures among the public’s spoiled class began with the Court’s overturning of Roe v Wade just five months ago, four months before the 2022 election, (which I’m told still hasn’t entirely been counted, 3 weeks later.) That fact alone would justify a redo in those offending states, districts or precincts, no different than a nun ordering an 8th grader whose dog had eaten his homework to do the test over.

Dobbs v Jackson overturned Roe v Wade just 5 months ago.

In the Dobbs decision, I doubt the five majority members of the Court sat down together and exchanged notes about the role of Natural Law-and-Survival in their decision, but I sense their sensibilities were leaning in that direction.

Natural Law has to figure into almost everything here as we move forward, and survival will sit at the heart of much of it the next several years.

This is where history has taken us, election fraud just one of many things that need to be repaired in our Constitutional kitchen. But the Dobbs decision seemed to connote that the Court was ready to go to full metal jacket in order to restore the Constitutional handshake to all the people. At least it was my impression that it wasn’t one-and-done…for clearly, in the Natural Law sense, more than one bucket of cold water on a hedonistic culture in overdrive rushing toward a lemmings’ cliff, may be in order.

This may be a signal by the Court’s majority that it understands that this it may be the last Constitutionally-created institution whose hands are still untied to reject the speed and trajectory of this race to the Dark Side…for once there, again relying on the natural law of history, it will take from 70 to 700 years to regain it once lost, using the cultural elements of Marxism that defined the short end of that stick, while the Feudal System stretches out centuries…and since almost all the front office command-and-control elements of the  Feudal System are very strong in the current caste-beliefs of the WEF and NWO, we should consider the worst case scenario, even though most of us won’t live long enough to see it fully blossomed.

What is to be Done?…

(Title used by both Tolstoi and Lenin, so I’ll let you decide.)

This note just this morning (11/28/2022), in a pre-dawn news release on 11/28 by the Arizona Daily News, reporting that the Arizona Board of Supervisors had delayed answering questions about irregularities posed to them by the state Attorney General. A 2020 election redux? This is worth your reading for we have seen similar foot-dragging and turf-protecting issues in several states both in the 2020 general and these 2022 midterms.

Arizona is the perfect anchor-state case, since, much like the 1954 Brown v Board of Education, which chose to end public school segregation in Topeka, Kansas rather than pick a southern KKK-bound state. Arizona is predominantly Republican, but alas, one which depicts the GOP’s darker power-side, is a perfect place for the Court to set out a Voters Bill of Rights, setting the guidelines for guarantees for voters to know their votes were cast and counted in the manner they intended, in every step of the way from registration to final tabulations, and that every precinct could pass inspection for accuracy of voter eligibility, intent and tabulation accuracy…all in the in the 99% range.

Arizona can’t certify any of this.

We already know that if any of the states in 2020 and Arizona and several others in 2022 were to be held to the standards of a standard bank audit, several people would be fired, a few charged with embezzlement, and a new election be ordered. Banks do not make distinctions between depositors with only $100 on account and those with a million dollars; or, as Jefferson wrote:

People who are “endowed by their Creator to pursue Life, Liberty and Happiness”

In 2020, state and federal courts turned away legal efforts to get it involved peering deeper into very provable claims of impropriety which would have shown that a large number of voters were disenfranchised, a large number of votes unaccounted for, a lot of votes counted that were not by residents or citizens or even living persons. The media message was that there were not enough to establish that the outcome would have been different, with barely a shrug of the shoulder that thousands upon thousands, if not millions, were deprived of their vote, either mislaid, lost.

It is clear that the correct standard for state officials were ignored or they were totally indifferent to. We saw conduct in 2020, as well as 2022, that simply designed to insure that citizens could not know what was going on.

That is the capital sin of voter betrayal, whether 10 in a single precinct, or 100,000 in Phoenix.

Perhaps the Court in 2020 felt it might have appeared too Taney-like for them to go out on a limb, so they were especially narrow in what sort of case the Court could allow to get in thru the front door.

I’m just trying to change the Court’s notion of “standing” here

Today, this week, the Court could order re-votes with strict stipulations about all the handling issues, which could be carried out and finished in January. I would suggest, in the offending states, that every candidate be revoted…only with election workers and state officials operating from a booklet similar to this Cato Institute booklet.

In Closing: My purpose here is ask whether those justices realize just how near they are to being  made irrelevant, in much the same way Roger B Taney was made irrelevant once the shooting started in 1860, even before Abraham Lincoln could be sworn in as President. With the rise of two new now-adult generations (1981-2012) who are culturally oblivious to the very purpose of a constitution, much less the Constitution, anyone who has studied world history knows you don’t have to be named Bonaparte to see a great opportunity when you see it…and seize it.

Again, this argument is based on Natural Law as much as it is about correcting through law the intentional and unintentional missteps that have slowly been eroding the underlying roots of liberty, what George William Curtis (one of the intellectual founders of the Republican Party, and who saw through the rough-hewn veneer of that rail-splitting rube from Illinois), called the “Doctrine of Liberty” in 1863. Curtis gave a speech by that title to Phi Beta Kappa at Harvard, on behalf of President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation. You can read it on Google. While the doctrine of liberty ruled for well over a century at ground level where the citizens lived, it was quickly thrown out with the trash inside the government establishment even before American even reached the 20th Century. A couple of years after I wrote that piece, I added “American Theology Simply Stated” which went deeper toward the Natural Law connection to our Constitution, and, shall we say, our working class folk, who, if you’ll check your family Bible, make up the bulk of the shoulders we all still stand on.

There are two general types of Natural Law as it applies to humans, survival-enhancing and survival-endangering, and they are constantly in contention with one another. I write about these subjects a lot, and keep those notes filed under Natural Law, and and American Exceptionalism at my site here. Feel welcome to read if you need some context.

There’s a lot of interesting history about how the first ten amendments worked their way into the Constitution in the first place, but if you pause to think about it, you’ll understand how “survival-enhancing” cultural behavior in nature is always competing with “survival- endangering” behavior and the role that raw power plays in tipping the scales.

Closing Note: All that the forces of tyranny need to finish the takeover is to be able to perpetuate their ability to control the election system, for perhaps two-three more cycles and their ability to play hopscotch across the country, always one jump ahead of the citizens, often on a district-by-district basis.

Instead of waiting for 2024, I’m of the opinion that 2022 can still be redone by the Court.

Now, the Court had gotten itself bogged down in micro-management before, when it tried to oversee desegregation and busing, using district courts to manage a process that natural law should have told them would be constantly getting in the way, for there were many opposing cultural interests.

Here, there is only one interest, and that is managing and protecting the voter in a competent, steal-free environment.

This is why Natural Law needs the Supreme Court to order, then oversee states as they clean up their elections. It may take several years, my guess 2024 thru 2036, before voters will be settled in with their new-found power base to the point it is no longer new, and the thief-class will have given up stealing elections as a way to gain power. Maybe a Reichstag Fire or raid on the Winter Palace in St Petersburg next time.

Remember, sky determines.







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