Is the Red-White-and-Blue Line Dying Out: a Conversation for Veterans

Posted slightly different at our Veterans site,, where I invite you to read and join the conversation.) My father was a WWII veteran, leaving college as a freshman after Pearl Harbor, enlisting, embarking for...

Columbine and Parkland, the Common Thread

I'm not a student of school shootings, except to take note of the shooters, many of whom, from Virginia Tech to Sandy Hook in Connecticut to even Dylan Roof in South Carolina, were mentally...

Roy Moore and the Soft Bigotry of Elitism

(I'll get to Roy Moore shortly.) The Mason-Dixon Line of Elitism Who knew that Queens was just a half mile east of Dayton, Tennessee? Christopher Hitchens (RIP) once said that the English wear their class on the tips of...

The Natural Law Case for Violence Against AntiFa

In some instances the only thing that will work is some form of violence. Think about it. America was born because a few Americans planted their swords, not their pens, into a set of ideas, and...


Full disclosure I’ve been involved in “dark alley” projects against the Left for several years, covering various aspects of left wing official misbehavior. But I’m too old and slow to go out and kill bad...

If violent crime is to be curbed, it is only the intended victim who can do----LTC Jeff Cooper, USMC