Van Jones, Another Lawn Jockey for White Gods and Goddesses

I've said before, America's greatest sin was not slavery, but what the United States government and the Democrat Party, with meek complicity of the Republican Party since the death of Dr Martin Luther King,...

How Things Work When Unworkable Things are Allowed to Work (Step Two)

This is Part II, a Tactical overview of a suggestion I posed here on June 29. "Dealing With Public Insanity as if Our Lives Depended on it" To be at this point, you've at least...

The Hanging of Jake Spoon, a Cautionary Tale for Trump Haters and Democrats in...

(I first wrote this in 2010, as notice to Democrats that they were running with outlaws, and certain laws apply when they do do that. Well, today, six years later, the Democrats, God bless 'em,...

The Beginning of the Quickening

What a time to be alive! Because we're stuck in the middle of it, and even in our small ways, all involved it in, it's difficult to step back and see the true epic significance...

The Doctrine of Liberty, The Original Republican Brand, Who Owns It?

I claim primacy for the GOP that is the older of the two, as well as the one that claims the greater chance of actually growing in size

If violent crime is to be curbed, it is only the intended victim who can do----LTC Jeff Cooper, USMC