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America and Hollywood have Made Fun of Wokeness since Before Talkies


You may heard of heard of Reno Collier..but I hadn’t.

Just watch this: a little over 4 minutes


But I have thought everything Reno’s said here, and have been saying since I first began writing at in 2008. Only, Reno just says it so much better.

This 4-minute piece should be seen by millions.

What I didn’t do was sound as funny as this reading. But it’s all true, and here’s the catch…it’s been true about what we call “the Wokes” today since the 1920s when Hollywood was making silent flicks. Everyone in those audiences 100 years ago knew a spoiled rotten whiny brat when all they could do was watch him or her on the screen, even without benefit of sound.

Brattiness was a universal understanding because it was a universal language, just like these pics are universal languages based on universal understandings.

 But in the old days they were not just in comedies.

Scarlet O’Hara was one, (played by Vivien Leigh) from “Gone With the Wind”, 1939, and it was the highest box-office film in Hollywood history…still is, mostly because of her teat-fittery. The film’s allure was all about the teat fits thrown by this privileged Georgia plantation girl, who wanted to marry a true gentle-man, named Ashley Wilkes, but couldn’t have him because he loved a woman just one step away from sainthood. Denied that, she ended up with a totally different type of man altogether, name of Rhett Butler (played by Clark Gable) and their relationship was played to the backdrop of the Civil War and Gen Sherman’s burning of Atlanta in 1865.

Pretty hot for 1939.

GWTW was re-released in 1967, and I got to see it in a real theater (which they ought to continue doing, btw)… it also produced the first Academy Award for an African-American, a woman by the way, name of Hattie McDaniel, who was unable to attend the premier in an Atlanta theater, (you know why) then, when she got the Academy Award she had to sit at a segregated table at the awards ceremony in Los Angeles (fergods sake!).

Note: Hattie was the only unspoiled woman in the film, other than Melanie Wilkes, who died.

All this buttering up of the brat-class in America began with the Obama years, who built their political ambitions around capturing Millennials and GenZ by taking over public education. I’m doing a Natural Law series, for as we’ve seen, Americans who for close to 80 years laughed at this brood of bratlings, and enjoyed watching them get their mouths washed out with soap, or the occasional bloody nose, or black eye, suddenly have found out they could all be called out, even doxxed, then suddenly find 20 kids, maybe from local campuses, carrying placards and yelling.

And let’s face it, we’re afraid to be singled out these days. And suddenly, since politicians see Millennials and GenZ’s as two generations whose minds and moods they can control, all because they have been surrendered over to the education system to provide all their moral teaching as well as define their appetites and attitudes.

This has to be stopped.

Although the Reno Collier piece above was about Student Loan Forgiveness, I’m focused more on the “fist fight” part. Remember just two things. First, They assume they won’t get a bloody nose. Second, Kyle Rittenhouse, who killed two men, not broke their nose, who were trying to do him harm…and here’s the kicker…a jury of 12 grown-ups acquitted him. Now it’s not wise to get too frisky in woke cities like Minneapolis (where George Floyd was killed) or Washington, DC, (where they’re seriously trying to kill the Constitution).

So do your homework.


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