2022 Midterm Elections

Setting Our Jaws, 60 days out

This is not a new subject, since I first wrote about it in 2011, after the Tea Party first responded to Obama. Today it needs to be raised again in a timely manner, for the election that sets America’s tone the next half century, is drawing nigh, just under 60 days.

So, from now til November 8, this site’s front page categories: 2022 Midterms, How Things Work, Natural Law, American Exceptionalism, “The Wahr”, even side-bar short pieces such as “Stories” and “Sage-isms”, will be directed at this setting you jaws toward this one objective;

1) maximizing voter turnout, both Republican and MAGA-Republican, which requires footwork on the street, as detailed by Dan Schultz and his Precinct Project,  Scott Pressler, (the Persistence) and broadcast nationally by Steve Bannon, and now others,

2) providing on-site trained volunteers, who know the law, at polling sites and counting sites, to provide quality assurance that human votes get counted in the manner prescribed by law;


(I like to think of Dan and Scott being these two buffalo hunters, “splitting the herd”.)

First, let me talk about the picture, one of Frederic Remington’s early magazine drawings, from around 1890, I first saw it when I was in college. It’s not fanciful at all, but a true rendering of a kind of hunting few men could ever summon the courage to try. But there were plenty of eye witness accounts of this kind of buffalo hunting, and it was called “Splitting the Herd.”

When I first saw it I thought those were the two bravest men I’d ever seen. But years ago my old friend Moses Sands, now passed and who also knew this art said, rather curtly,

“Well, you missed it altogether, then. No, that ain’t bravery…that is supreme confidence.”

Our Rules of Engagement

You already know our 1st rule and I hope you abide by it as well, for it separates us from the commoner element. It’s the “John Wayne Code”: Never throw the first punch, but always throw the last.

There’s a corollary to that rule, from Joseph Reddeford Walker, explorer and pathfinder for John C Fremont.  Walker’s 2nd Rule, simply put: Finish it.

In other words, don’t let there be a rematch. Below outlines my Marquis of Queensberry rules for fighting the Left.

Force Analysis

As you may know, I’ve been in the analysis business for many years. I even had colleagues. We’re older, and we’ve been around. We knew socialists in most of their original haunts, from Moscow to Beijing, onto Washington, but also in basements and back alleys.

This began with Barack Obama, who tried to force us into submission under the sheer weight and intimidation of government, hoping we’d just roll over and accept our fate.

And all they got for their trouble was The Tea Party.

And what that 2010 Tea Party accomplished, besides taking first the House, then the Senate, away the Obama front office, forcing them to do some highly illegal (and still unpunished) things with his Attorneys General, their FBI and his “pen and his phone”, was to prove what natural law has always dictated would have to be done in the sort of free republic the Constitution created, if it was to survive, and that is to crush the enemies of that original contract in America; including that part of the Republican Party who saw only profit and power in their membership.

It started in 2010, and by 2016 had all come undone, when millions of people pollsters and Democrat planners didn’t even know were there, rose up en masse and selected an outsider, Donald Trump, to be their president. They denied the efforts of the Democrats to steal the election by simply overwhelming their wildest expectations of turnout, leaving them unable, in the few wee hours in the morning allotted to find the additional electoral votes to steal Trump’s victory, they had to concede.

Yes, they aren’t quitters…stakes, world-wide it seems, are too high, so the Dems caught their breath, went back to the drawing board and stole the House back in 2018, while our Tea Party essentially went back to sleep, believing their mission had been accomplished. So then, in 2020, knowing better, they got back up off the sofa and showed up in record numbers, probably winning by 7 or 8 million votes…only this time the Democrats were expecting them…with the help of a lot of Republican insiders in key states; Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania…involving an intricate (criminal) conspiracy marrying hastily put-together, relaxed Covid-based election rules to computerized voting machines and software designed to steal…thousands of lawyers standing at the ready.

So, right now, History teeters in the balance.

But to be more pointed, I mean “History” a hundred times bigger than the Crusades or any war, for if this Republic is lost humanity will be returned to the status quo of Feudal System.

And as much as you may not like “history” happening this soon, or on your watch, or in this un-pretty manner, when you go to bed at night, thank God for the millions of ordinary citizens who finally stood up and said “enough is enough.” They’ve made this all happen.

They forced the Obamaistas to play their hand with far fewer assets than they planned and on a time table they’d have preferred not to have to use. It’s been a mantra of ours, “throw them off their game plan.” Make them play certain cards too quickly, and discard other cards that have preferred to hold. Get out in front of them. They really aren’t that good at extemporaneous planning, or as the old Texas Rangers called it, “fighting on the run.”

Below, you’ll see why.

I’ve been trying to size up the “army” of militia, goons, thugs, goose-stepping mercenaries and cannon fodder they’ll need, trying to estimate just what sort of real assets they have to finally crush freedom in America.

My own view, stated here, is that they really don’t have what it takes. All they have in the end is an army of lawyers, and far fewer judges than they did just six years ago.

They’re pretty puny in fact, and I say this as encouragement to you, and as a stark notice to them…and to those who will send them.

You see, they don’t want to have to ride us down without us first doing something very criminal in the eyes of the world, as the media will define it. (Jan 6 just such an example.) Then they can call in the regularly constituted elements of law enforcement to put us down.

They originally wanted to be able to deputize a posse, actually an army of men wearing badges, who, once formed and trained, could pretty much tell state police, national guard units and local cops where to stuff it. That was to be Obama’s national police force, or Revolutionary Guard, call them what you like.

The Revolutionary Guard

I took Obama’s words very seriously, for he is a master, even better than Bill Clinton, at using words and phrases with double meanings. “Double-nintendos” my son calls them. Hope, change, transformation. So when he said he wanted to form a national police force with the training, skills and equipment equal to our armed forces, I took him at his word. But that was supposed to be, in our view, a project launched and in process by 2012, ready to march by 2016 when he was to leave office constitutionally. That’s about how long it takes, 4-6 years to train such an army, especially if you’re only fighting defenseless civilians, and I squeezed the timetable a little just to accommodate election dates.

Then 2016 happened. throwing all those plans into disarray?

So again, thank all those people who pushed the Left’s time table backwards, for all they have is a rag-tag army of squatters, druggies, and other “shite-ing bovines” strewn all over, where…the downtown areas of Democrat run cities like Portland and Minneapolis, all across America, where mayors are too crooked or too fearful to roust them. But even there, thank Kyle Rittenhouse, if they came at you and you take then down, a local jury may even make you a millionaire.

Top to bottom, they’re thin, yet still bigger and better financed, and better “dressed out” than us. Their numbers are swollen, tens of thousands of’ em, only how well will they fare in a real fight? Face to face?

Bottom line, they’re afraid of pain and afraid of being publicly exposed for being wrong or stupid. Or both. Or worse, selfish frauds.

At this site, under the general title Dark Alley, I discuss all sorts of scenarios, over 50 of them, from “Resistance” to killing rosebushes, and skunking thousand dollar business suits and purses, we explore both giving fear, and non-lethal pain a chance.



You see, Tea Partiers, Patriot-Citizens here for the most part are older. It doesn’t mean we’re lame, only that we’re mature. We’re experienced. We know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two. And at our core, many have even been shot at. Some have even been hit. We know certain kinds of pain, both in the inflicting and the receiving ends that many of theirs don’t. And we fight without being paid, which should tell all of you that we have something in our ammo pouch the Left does not have.

To win, we have set our jaws hard, our eyes fixed, our hands so they don’t quake and our fingers so they don’t quiver.

This fight will not be for the squeamish, but neither will it be for the screechy and squeaky…just like those guys splitting the herd.

We will finish it.

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