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The “Great Gay Outing” of ’92, My Pride Month Commentary

Mark Twain once said there were “Professing Christians” and “Professional Christians”, one nice and the other not necessarily. If you went to church on Sunday you’d know what Mark meant.

The same could be said about modern LGBT Movement, which blossomed into something really big between 1988 and 2000, in the process, somehow being able to erode itself into something ugly, even pernicious.

Bona fides.

My life has allowed me to see fairly close-up gay communities around America, urban and rural, going back to the 60’s. Even my coal town high school had a couple of gays (guys), and everyone knew (or suspected). One, Harold, the son of the school librarian, was a member of our scout troop. A big fat kid. On our big camp-out at Camp Blanton, 25 miles away, he tented with me. That was the trip where three of us went frog-gigging in an old jon-boat on the small lake, and when we brought our catch back to camp, Harold showed the boys how to clean them, and then cooked up a mess of frog legs over an open fire, breaded with all the fixings. Next morning they brought their mess kits and eggs and bacon around and Harold cooked them better’n Ma every did at home.

After that we never had a troop event that Harold didn’t have to come along if food was to be involved. And by high school, the girls flocked around him. He went onto university, majored in French, and became a professor, and it was in university he finally came out. Or so his cousin told, with whom I still keep in touch.

My youngest brother, Sam, who only recently passed away from cancer, had been with the same partner for 50 years, having hooked up in 1971, after being tossed from the Navy (I attended his hearing at Great Lakes boot camp), and then tossed from my Dad’s house. He headed to LA, then was beaten up a couple of times by grifters who hawked gay bars, then with the help of “gay rescue” friends went to central Arizona where he met Dave. (My wife and son and I met Dave on our way to Japan in 1972.) Sam got a job as a nurse in the local hospital, and they stayed together until he died. 51 years. I helped walk them through the purchase of a home in a small town not 600 yards from the house my Dad and Mom rebuilt after Dad was forced to retire due to heart problems. I lived and practiced law there for four years, in part just to watch over Dad. And Sam and Dave showed me a lot about the gay culture when one generally had to try to blend in with the community at large.

Showing off just wasn’t done, nor, I think, were they ever inclined. According to Sam it wasn’t really difficult, for one, they didn’t cruise or put on flamboyant displays. Still in their late 20’s, but in a solid relationship, and in an area where all sorts of men lived with men (widowers and retirees) and women similarly situated living with other women, no one gave a second thought to it. Of if they did, only through whispers…just as people have done for the past thousand years.


In 1990 I ended up in Cincinnati, only across the Ohio River on the Kentucky side. About Cincinnati, once again Mark Twain, while discussing the End Times, said “If the world would end, I would come to Cincinnati, for everything happens here ten years later.”

I didn’t just pull 1992 out of my hat. Having spent 1979-1989 in a small industrial county seat in Kentucky, like the rest of America outside the the reach of Greenwich Village or San Francisco’s Mission District, (every major city in America has an unofficial gay district…clubs and apartments mostly), gay people lived alone or scattered in small apartments all over small-town/rural America. Not all coupled up.

At the going rate of 3%-4%, a town of 12,000 would have around 300-400 gays, and in a dry town, where I lived, their social “gay get-togethers” would be very few and far between. And young lesbians, less than half that number, were likely not party girls in the first place. And older women, still called “old maids” into the 90’s, with absolutely no inference of being lesbians, were just unmarried. I knew such a woman, my age, late 40s, who lived with her sister. From a Catholic family, when she was young fell in love with a Kentucky boy-not-a-Catholic, her father forbade it, and she lost all interest.

Old-Maidery is not uncommon and having nothing to do with sexual preferences.

I moved to the Cincinnati area in 1990 and opened up a practice, living on the Kentucky side, and got to know quite a few gay men who were part of the professional community (lawyers, CPA’s, and college teachers). Because of the super-conservative nature of Cincinnati, as explained to me, gay men kept their identity very quiet. A CPA lived next to me for about 2 years, as I began my back-and-forths to the Soviet Bloc. We often chatted. He had multiple house guests, usually for a few days only, but once I noticed a nice shiner where his left eye used to be and he explained to me that were his employers in his firm to learn that he was gay he would be cut loose…worse, branded, probably never able to work in Cincinnati any longer. Privacy was everything.

As you know gays in England were jailed, the 1500’s Buggery Laws not repealed until the late 1960s. Rex Harrison and Richard Burton teamed up in ’69, to make a film “Staircase”, about two aging hairdressers, not one of their best remembered, but the sort England could not even have produced just a decade earlier.

In Russia and the Muslim world it’s far worse, prison at least, hanging or beheading at the worst. Even American Indian tribes had special niches for boys who didn’t want to learn the hunting and warfare trade…they simply put on leather dresses and cut kindling, cooked and did other tent-hold chores, hanging out with the squaws.

By comparison, America was content with simply minding one’s own business, and in times before internet and social media, much like gossip about cheating wives and husbands, it was confined to back fences and garden clubs.

Ironically, if homosexuals came out in America in 1900 it would be the WCTU and Suffragette types who would break into their lounges with axes and break the place up…the same people who try to help groom them these days.

As we now know today, gays must pay a bribe price to keep these mavens of GroupThink from siccing the dogs on them.


It was in 1992 or thereabouts that LGBT (as it was then known) began well-financed crusades to force “out” the 3% or more of the Cincinnati professional community. My professional friends were both angry and afraid, for you see, at 97%, the straight community was still running the show. It would be another 20 years, and the arrival of Barack Obama, that LGBT could grow to the dollar-size of being able to invade the children.

But it was all about money then. LGBT in 1990 tried to make gays openly declare…in large part to hit them up for annual membership fees (not quite like Netflix either)…then let them return to their professional lives.

A form of hush-blackmail, LGBT soared to billions of dollars. And if you’ve seen what BLM has accrued in almost a decade since the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting of Trayvon Martin in 2013, imagine what 30 years has done for LGBT. It’s been shake-down city since, amassing hundreds of millions of dollars, and their own little army of lawyers who can shake down any city council, corporation and many middle class neighborhoods with a single phone call.

The Natural Law math of homosexuality simply is that the gay population(s) cannot grow naturally. Most die without issue, with very few adopting, in part because of the likelihood of grooming.

By adding the QIA+ to LGBT represents many more “subscribing members”, and in those groups, much like Orcs from “Lord of the Rings”, new members can be created in the laboratory, circumventing the natural law limitations of 4%. And those laboratories are primarily found in the school system…where billions are being poured into teaching colleges to train recruiters, also called 5th Grade Teachers, who only require a compliant school board to get exclusive rights to a few classrooms in virtually every school.

In short, not unlike Feminism, which began as a voting rights movement (noble cause) and anti-alcohol movement (which turned small time hoods into major crime organizations) the Gay “Rights” parade ended when money came front-and-center. It’s all about political power now.

One of the truisms Sigmund Freud made about young boys was that in pre-puberty it was natural for them to experiment with other little boys. “A period of exploration”, if I recall the literature from the 70s. It was natural, and in no way shaped boys’ choices about sexuality after puberty. The 4% remained safe.

The aim of modern LBGT is to cement those choices of children via public schools and media before those children reach puberty…and as you can tell, often with the assistance of (usually a single) parent, more often a mom…of which, 90% would fit the profile of a young Nancy (D’Alesandro) Pelosi or Christine Blasey-Ford, only two-three generations hence.


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