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The Natural Law of Nature’s Laws

Two primary categories, Natural Law and How Things Work, are presented on my front page here, running back to 2011. Much of what I have written here involves those two related themes, since almost all human conduct falls under them, either broadly or narrow. They are joined by other researchable categories, such as American Exceptionalism as well as several other themes which are more topical in nature, having to do with events-of-the-day or trends that may or may not be of interest to readers on any given day. For instance I haven’t had much to say about Turkish President Erdogan in years, yet he has his own category, while I have not given either Ukraine nor its president Zelensky their own categories even though they own the current news cycle. But all, in one way or the other, fall under the general aegis of “Natural Law” and “How Things Work”, since Ukraine and Russia each have their own culture and dispositions forged from Natural Law.

First, and foremost, know that there are two kinds of “Natural Law” that affect human conduct; First, the Natural Law of one’s personal relationship with God, which is totally under the dominion of the Creator, through the laws He established through his Son, Jesus, …who actually did die on the cross for our sins.

Although a few actually do live near-perfect moral lives, just saying so to ourselves in the mirror is a type of sin; vanity versus humility, so yes, we have all sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

(Yes, I know I can’t prove this with hard evidence, but I can prove it with the soft evidence that of the men who actually saw and heard this Man…they didn’t just hear about it down at the pub…carried the story of Jesus’ Crucifixion and Resurrection forward. Many of them were executed for telling Jesus’ tale without recanting and in coming years thousands more were executed…verified…all because this love they had was a thing they would not, could not give up. As circumstantial evidence goes, it would hold up in court even today…unless you stacked the jury.)

If you want to compare the comparative powers of Natural Law, imagine if all the people we believe to be criminal today because of their dishonest scheming and greed, Dr Fauci comes to mind, were suddenly drug before a court, only instead of facing a fine and maybe a little loss of public esteem in the honor department, but instead, faced years in jail, or worse, their very lives, how many would recant their sins and throw their lives on the mercy of the courts and beg the public for forgiveness? By contrast, how many would would proudly step up and face the rope like a man?…like Saddam Hussein, who in the end was a tribal man, and proudly died according to his tribal code of honor?

We know the ratio to be about 99 to 1 in favor of the cravens, don’t we? The craven thieves and mountebanks will always do anything to save their skin, while the very few, and you will see them at every level of society and history, will meet their fate head on.

Now, I can’t know how the Creator would have dispensed justice on Saddam Hussein, for his faith also swears some fealty to the Mosaic laws (#5, the murder clause) so he would have born great accountability for mass slaughter of innocents…I assume…and perhaps that is why Dante conjured up his several levels of Hell, for like me, he found the sins of greed, indifference and the like to be far worse than the tribal barbarians that just didn’t know any better, because their forefathers had done the same, and no mullah had told them otherwise.

But this distinction between personal Natural Law and collective Natural Law becomes easier to understand if you understand that the personal Natural Law, the “ruling criteria for individuals” is found in the words and acts of Christ, and the Creator is the sole judge; “love they neighbor as thyself” or, if in mixed neighborhoods in Chicago or Montenegro “reciprocate with thy neighbor” as millions of immigrant Americans were able to do for over a century, becoming part of the great melting pot called America.

When the first generation of witnesses for Christ went out, many went to their deaths rather than recant and denounce Him…which was so, so easy to do, often all the Romans would require…and this practice continued as long as the Roman Empire continued to hunt them down, off an on for over 300 years.

So God, through Jesus, retains sole power to judge humans individually, including those in parts of the world that have never even heard their story.

But when the Christian elders called their first conclave at Nicea in 323 AD and formed their “universal” Church, a new thing emerged; a collective enterprise, the Church, a corporation, if you prefer, arose. Then a whole new set of other natural laws were invoked on the members of that enterprise, and those ruling laws were not governed by the direct hand of the Creator, but by a body of natural law that operates independent of God’s judgement of individuals…a human law of the herd.

This broader natural law determines the fate of every, EVERY, institution designed by man, and to date, all have died a death-by-corruption of one sort or another. For a list of these primary causes, simply look at what we commonly refer to as the Seven Deadly sins: Gluttony, Greed, Wrath, Lust, Sloth, Pride, Envy.

You will find every one of these sins of weakness in every enterprise, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a Big Daddy land baron in a Tennessee Williams play, a store owner in a county seat in Vermont, the current CEO of Walmart or Disney, or even the ruling governments of England, China, Russia or the United States: there are fixed laws of nature as to why each of those will ultimately fail, actually destroy themselves…many to actually fall apart and hurt a lot more people than their creators or subsequent managers ever intended.

And I don’t think “good intentions” has ever served as a workable defense in either of God’s Natural Law Courts.

I place the United States in a separate category, namely because I’m not in the business of minding other people’s business, and leave it to Nature to do what it must do to fix their wagons, one way of the other. But only Nature can actually destroy all the life on the planet. All Man can do is muck it up.

Sam Walton started his company as both a Christian and pro-American enterprise, and expanded it with those principles. He proudly boasted of selling only “Made in America” products, only, when his kids (Generation Two) took over, someone at a board meeting asked the logical question “Why are we paying $2/dozen more for Fruit of the Looms when we can buy other brands (probably) made in China?” Short answer, Greed, only, since the 1990’s, as Gordon Gekko has taught us, “Greed is Good”…and the way he said it when he said it, he may as well have said “God is dead”…as believed by Nietzsche and other luminaries from the Enlightenment and an article of faith of the political Left.

Now, this isn’t a tent meeting, and I’m not Billy Sunday, (nor Elmer Gantry, the fiction version, created by Sinclair Lewis, a Yale socialist and converted atheist) but the relationship between God and Man has been a target of you-know-who (old Clootie) since Eden. And the Devil has his own agents working all those institutions, even snakes, if need be, and they have successfully undone every dynasty of rulers since the first Egyptian royal house…which originally began as a bunch of wheat farmers that banded together to increase their crop yield. It wouldn’t take many generations before they’d be erecting temples to their gods that had enabled them this wealth, then later, palaces and monumental burial tombs, once they’d gone corporate, to themselves.

Kings and dynasties come and go, but the king-system, going under all sorts of made-up names and justifications, lived on for thousands of years.

It was all accomplished by using those seven deadly sins against their own enterprises. We see it in action every day. Only now, we act helpless about doing anything about it.

Why America is in a separate category from all the rest of the world, but perhaps no more than a generation away from stepping over to join up with it, is that there is something in our make-up, and in how we designed our governance, from the bottom up, that provides us the ability, in corporate-speak, to reorganize ourselves. American historians recognize these events as “Great Awakenings” and we’ve had several, each at the right time…

…and always by the people, not the political class. Historians almost never pay attention to what’s going on among the masses. Arguably that period of Billy Sunday’s preaching in the World War I era, may have been one of them…for they attached to ordinary people, and not the ruling classes…”and the common people heard Him gladly” (Mark 12:37).

To keep this from being too long an introduction, I suggest you read “The American Theology Simply Stated” from 2015, speaking to the then-candidacy of Donald Trump as one of those inexplicable acts of Nature that just shows up at the right time.

Natural Law and the Election Season

Natural Law of every kind invokes Logic and Reason. Common Sense. Which means you have to think about it, not just feel it, and I can tell you without a second glance that we will not be able to change the physical plane we are now fighting to regain our country by sitting around and just sharing strong feelings about it.

America was born from the bottom up, and no other country can claim this. This means we can fix almost everything without having to wait for some General Assembly to allow it. Remember, the part of the American Revolution that most historians, and all governments these days forgets…is that the government didn’t create us. We created them. A 30-something named Thomas Paine wrote a pamphlet which was read in almost every colonial household, which then caused Thomas Jefferson to pen the most noble declaration of independence of history, causing the representatives in Philadelphia to Pledge the Lives, their Fortunes and their sacred Honor, by declaring their Independence.

As noted above, I once saw a room full of Soviet college professors in Ukraine cry when I read it to them… not a Christian among them. So I know the power of those words.

And unlike every other nation in the world, we also have the Second Amendment which gives us the right to purchase, own and bear arms.  The map of the United States, and the source of real people power here looks like this:

(We are the Red.)

If you wish to debate my understanding of the two scopes of Natural Law, feel free to comment me here, or via email VBushmills@yahoo.com. Just try to use the Logic of Natural aw instead of Scripture.

From now until the campaigns are concluded, I will be doing at least weekly reports here, in the 2022 Midterm Election section for our winning will depend on what you do locally, and state wide, even if you must appear to be a member of the Norwegian underground in WWII in order to accomplish the mission.

What you do at home, on the phone, at McDonald’s over coffee, to insure maximum turnout and to put the fear of the Lord, even more than the fear of the police and courts, into the people we now know who will be moving heaven and earth to deny us is the mission the next 8 months.

Leave Twitter and social media to the kids, and work together. We already have role models in the field to model ourselves after. The Precinct Strategy is but one, and now is the time to talk it.

Thus endeth Lesson #1.

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