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Kissed by an Angel in Afghanistan, RIP after 10 Years

(At UnifiedPatriots, we had been memorializing combat deaths in the Middle East since 2011, when the site was founded. With no deaths in 2021, we published this  “sayonara” only to be smacked in the face with the most indefensible loss of life in Afghanistan on Aug 26, 2021, when a single suicide bomber killed 13 US servicemen and women, Marines and Navy, and hundreds of Afghani civilians, using it appears, recently acquired bomb materials from the hasty bug-out and Taliban.

(This won’t be the end of this, at least on the American front.

(We cannot let this surrender in Afghanistan go unmemorialized.)


Since 2011, Unified, when it was founded, began memorializing every combat death in Iraq and Afghanistan. (For more complete details you can visit  which records every casualty, hostile and otherwise, unit, the home-of-record.

By An Angel’s Kiss | Unified Patriots. 

For years they bore a poignant set of photos, running through several wars, to the Serpico film theme, courtesy of an old friend, Beasley Beasmill, or Rick.

But, considering the nature of this political defeat, perhaps Davey Arthur and the Furies hymn “Greenfields of France” would suit the mood better.


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