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Notes on the Georgia Voter-ID Reforms and Brian Kemp

I just read WAPO’s Apr 5 piece by Phillip Bump, “The Question About Georgia’s Election Law has Only One Answer: Why” and have added a few more words.  I’ve even borrowed WAPO’s borrowed photo from AP by Brynn Anderson, Kemp’s lost look a perfect capture.

I won’t respond the WAPO fact situation, since its mostly a bundle of lies, other than their meticulous reputation for being able to spell names like Raffensperger correctly. Anyone who watched more than 10 minutes of the after-hours shenanigans in Fulton County on election night and early Wednesday AM that fateful day, and I watched hours, know this WAPO piece for what it is, just a misdirection away from the far deeper crimes than this new Georgia Voter-ID law has actually interdicted. I know this because I have known the rules of evidence for courts for 50 years added by 20 years in the field, knowing how captive societies can be told their “own damned eyes are lying to them again”.)

WAPO is simply a chorus master feigning indignation about “Jim Crow” legislation that will require citizens to show proper ID in order to vote, but none of which would curtail in any way the midnight shut-outs of vote counting, or access of Republican poll-watchers we observed in November.

Thus, a feint.

I watched both chambers of the Georgia legislature carry on hearings, saw real evidence and heard sworn testimony, and then watched and waited as no court would allow that same evidence to be presented to it for legitimization.

In a variety of ways the same steal happened in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania (all considered blue states by WAPO) as well as red states Arizona and Georgia. Only three were needed to secure the Electoral College for the Dems not just for this election, but forever.

WAPO only focused on these two red states because securing them as “permanent” new blues is crucial to secure Democrat power over the electoral college in perpetuity, at least so long as all the new voting practices can remain in place. This was how they secured Virginia 2013-2020, and after no one paid any attention to the major House steals in 2018 it was then time to secure the presidency.

No national reporter has yet gone around accumulating the number of House steals in 2018 or 2020, or Senate steals in 2020 (at least three) and now that the orchestrated January 6 Capitol “riot” has been deified, using Candace Owens prophetic connection to the Reichstag Fire of ’33, four months after Hitler was sworn in as chancellor, allowing him to be re-named “Fuhrer”, it’s not hard to see where all this is headed.

And we turn our heads back to see just what Brad Raffensperger and Brian Kemp have wrought to America, not just Georgia, but America and wonder just what role Stacey Abrams might have played and is playing.

The WAPO strategy here is to take the focus off the big thefts and magnify this rather nominal change (Voter ID legislation) will have in affecting future Georgia elections, by hyping it in such a way as to cause Major League Baseball to punish Atlanta (as blue a city as there is) and Georgia (as red a state as there is outside Fulton County) by taking way the July All-Star Game, then causing, a la Pavlov’s dog whistle, most of conservative media chasing that rabbit while ignoring the fact that come the next election (2024) if Democrats need Georgia again, they’ll win Georgia again, despite Georgia’s new crown of thorns of having returned to Jim Crow racism.

It can happen again in Georgia because it already did happen again, with the January 5 Senate run-offs in Georgia.

Why do we know this? Because even after they were caught the first time, stealing both Senate senate seats from the legitimate winners on November 5, Loeffler and Perdue, they came back and did it again on January 5, 2021 in the run-offs. By this time all the evidence against the theft had been made public and all the fingers pointed more toward Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger because elections were his direct bailiwick. Plus, he had a better record at making money before he came to politics, so possibly the main voting machine companies like Dominion would rather deal with him.

But Kemp, 7 years his junior, had also been secretary of state for two terms before being elected governor in 2018. He also knew those ropes, and was alleged by media to have stolen that 2018 election Kemp, running as a conservative…from, guess who, Stacey Abrams, now Georgia’s media-anointed godmother of racial politics in Georgia, and considered to be the real political power in Georgia because of her power in Atlanta/Fulton County. She gets more television time there than Steve Harvey, not to mention Kemp or new Senators Warnock of Ossoff.

But there is clearly another game going on in Georgia that no one seems to have any insights about, or are unwilling or afraid to mention out loud.

Kemp ran as a conservative Republican in 2018, even gaining points among conservatives for having beaten a very unlikeable race-baiting Abrams, and possibly felt himself unassailable with the Trump loss there, as long as Secretary of State Raffensperger was taking the heat after the hard evidence was put before the Georgia legislature. Most of the wrong-doing pointed toward the Secretary of State’s area of control, so Kemp remained silent. But with 60 days to work with the legislature to correct it before the run-offs, and then those two elections showed a voter flip, giving the win to Warnock and Ossoff, when both lost big to the incumbents in the original, Perdue actually having over 50% until the last few minutes of counting on Nov 6th, forcing that run-off.

No media covered these races on November 5, or again on January 5. No one seemed to watching so, like 2018, the steal was easy. And the second steal was even more bold than the first, only there was no one there to film it or to testify to how it could have happened.

Of course, every American now knows that what Georgia politics did, whether the blame falls on Raffensperger, Kemp or the Georgia Assembly, singly or in unison, is that their election turned the entire nation, the United States, blue…for as long as the voting rules remain as they are, even if the Senate remains deadlocked at 50-50. The Democrats will control the tie-breaker…with just one filibuster rule standing in its way.

As you probably already sense, this new Democrat “machine” has not been designed to go back and forth as prior history has shown it always does. The steal(s) were just too brazen, (both for a new Supreme Court to even process in their young minds, and for future righteous Republicans, short of a Cromwell, to deal with justly, so many mighty names ending their lives in prison, including media) and too well-coordinated with that complicit media to be something they can allow to be reversed.

Integral to almost every Democrat plan since 1932 has been the enlistment of a craven Republican, (enter Useful Idiot, Stage Right) who thinks only in terms of checkers, never chess, i.e. without guile, so the idea that he may be selling out his country is never part of his/her thinking…even after the event is signed, sealed and delivered.

To my mind that person is Brian Kemp, who stayed hidden from November through February, only to re-emerge with this new election law that will fix Georgia’s reputation as well as future elections…even taking back up the public battle with Stacey Abrams.

Seems all sort of Kabuki to me, but for now I’m only interested in “the type”.

Interestingly, the various peoples I knew in the Russias know this type only too well, only in different contexts having little to do with politics but more about money, power and life in general. I heard men speak of Gypsies, or Albanians, of various mafia, as types. “Gypsies only steal, but Albanians are criminals!” meaning in some added, special way. Various mafia they speak of in the same way. It was like comparing Vito Corleone’s family to pickpockets on the street. Of course, in politics no one ever speaks of Democrats and Republicans in the same tone of voice. Democrats are deep, conniving, indifferent criminals, in it for the power, while Republicans are craven, sneaky cowards in it for the easy money and reputation.

So, unless Brian Kemp’s grandmother was molested by Dwight Eisenhower while he was soldiering at Ft Benning in the 1930s, and he has a personal grudge with the Republican Party, I have to think, by character alone that Kemp is the grease on this Georgia steal. The snot on the doorknob.

Of course, I could be wrong. Even 100%.

In Nature there is a measurable difference, and I’ve always favored Dante’s rings of Hell to define occupants not by their deeds so much as by the secret supplications of their hearts. Every culture always plants sniveling cowards a little deeper than mercenary, even mean thieves on the assumption the Devil knows his own.




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