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Should Trump Testify? —-No, It’s a History-Perjury Trap

Or should I say, “a perjury-History Trap”?

Mark Steyn announced on Rush Thursday that the House Managers invited Donald Trump to testify sometime between the 8th and the 12th of February…under oath. Mark, who I like a lot,  said “Why not?”

I disagree.

Whatever strategy Donald Trump has to try to right the wrongs that was the 2020 election, and play his part in restoring sanity to the American political system, you need to understand why this Impeachment and this testimony-request is being made in the first place. It is not (just) for the game of short-term political gotcha.

They need, by a script written 100 years ago, to be able to include a final footnote onto the History of Donald Trump-as-president to be leaving office just as illicitly as he arrived; criminally. It is much more than the history a questionable but clearly staged “riot” on January 6th, but the 2020 election and the 2016 election as well…all to then to be reformulated and established by 2040-2050, when the Donald Trump-Baby Boomer generation will have passed into memory, the new and revised history of this period. (Under the assumption that they will continue to win.)

(This would include, in the near future, now that the 5-year rule for qualifying for a postage stamp has been lifted, and living persons can also be honored, the final act, or final nail, if you will, by the State against the Trump presidency will likely include a postage stamp to Hillary Clinton, not a mere victim, mind you, but a “female victim” of the rapacious Donald Trump. A final tribute, and consolation prize, can be paid to that old goat while still alive, neatly wrapping up this 5 year episode into a neat historical package called called the “Bootleg Mutiny” or somesuch, calling on someone like Michael Beschloss, the esteemed historian of “great” American Democrats, (and who recently suggested that Jan 6, 2020 should be memorialized as a National Day of Mourning, as 9/11 is), to be assigned to write this first history of this period that will define how History yet to occur will be (re)written in America “until the ending of the world!” (Shakespeare, “Henry V”).

After all, the text has been written the past five-to-six years by the Media. All this History requires will be a named writer-historian.

Democrats don’t just want, but very much need this entire history to be rewritten, and if you look at the media gas-lighting, defying Americans to even believe “their own damned lying eyes” (Richard Pryor) this history has been subtly written in the daily reportage of almost all print media available to the internet since the Republican debates in 2016.

So just call this invitation to Trump to testify is “a History-perjury trap”, for no matter what Donald Trump is asked by the managers, and no matter how he answers, the reading public, even those who also watch the proceedings live, will still be told he “lied under oath” repeatedly. Even if Trump merely says he wears a Size 12 shoe, the New York Times, or CIA, will produce a copy (from a reliable source) of a sales receipt that shows he bought a pair of 12 1/2 golf shoes at his pro shop at Mar-a-Lago. And the sworn lie will be proved.

Modern journalism requires no more, (which is why I think more strident measures need to be taken to stifle it at its source until Law catches up.)

Of course this impeachment is a sham, since Trump is not a sitting president. Even the Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, who is supposed to constitutionally preside over impeachments, has stated he will not attend, arguably making this proceeding unconstitutional per se. In the near term of History, this won’t matter.

Moreover, the anointed SCOTUS fill-in is the senior Senator Patrick Leahy, who today heads the Senate Judiciary Committee because he lost his job as vice-chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee in the Reagan years when it was learned he’d leaked top secret intelligence that caused the death of an Egyptian foreign asset. (That resignation from one seat to a lesser seat was the sum of his punishment.) But it is fitting, if not ironic, that Leahy is acting in loco judicialis to a process that began with a first impeachment headed by a House Member who has passed on far more numerous classified information to unauthorized sources (the media, we assume) than Leahy, and punishable by many more years in prison, but has yet to be called to account for those crimes.


Mine is merely an explanation of the purposes of the Democrats now that they have recaptured power, even if this power-grab is no more legitimate than the Bolsheviks seizing power in 1917, the storming of the Bastille in 1789, or Hitler being voted into power in 1933.

Only one of those planned events was able to erase and rewrite their nation’s history, although all three originally set out to. Today, almost 30 years after the Soviet Empire (then 70 years old), so total was its erasure of both factual history and moral markers, the Russian people are still stumbling around in the dark, seeking both. And it was all because the Soviets had a better plan in that department, and if you’d scan the complete works of VI Lenin, say,1895 to 1917, you’ll find over 4000 works, many just letter-length, about every conceivable aspect of state management and power. It was those works that were able to worm their way into the American academy in the 1920s, attaching themselves to a particular type of student, then professors, as well as the Ellwood Toohey’s of the media world. The New York Times contract-reporter Walter Duranty, assigned to the Soviet Union 1918-1932, received a Pulitzer  Prize, in part for NOT reporting the mass famine Stalin had caused on Ukraine in 1932-33, killing millions.

NYT took a bow then and that relationship still continues.

No matter what Donald Trump might say, even if 100 million Americans tune in to hear him say it, History-going-forward, as reported by ALL and I mean all the print/social media will simply report he “lied-under-oath”. They will use several techniques or platforms because there is at present no legal mechanism to shut them up or punish them.

Yes, this story is far from over, just know their reasons behind the Reason.

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