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The Justified Bloody Lip

OK, it’s time we brought this up.

In March 2016 I wrote about “The Justified Bloody Nose”  because some old coot my age at a Trump rally cold-cocked a 20-year old paid bully sent there to break up the rally. It was a sucker-punch, actually a sucker-forearm, totally surprising the bully, but also laying him out. He had to be carried off, and likely still can’t show his face among his friends.

Considering the old guy’s age, and the bully’s size, I say it was fit justice.

Today, four years later, we’re trying to deal with the phenomena of people just walking up to you and getting 3- inches away from your face, then start screaming at you…because you have a MAGA hat, or are carrying a flag, or lately, are not wearing a mask. Then daring you to touch them. Even on your own front porch.

We’ve seen them at every BLM and Antifa “event” (which the media calls a “protest”) only, as the day wears into night, morphs into a riot. I’ve described in other articles, which I won’t repeat here, about the general psychology of these shriekers, as well as their general social status, with some commentary about how they likely were raised. Spoiled brats.

I also made some recommendations as to what federal authorities might do to dampen these children-of-the damned’s enthusiasm for this sort of mayhem. (States could do the same thing, only we know they won’t. And why they won’t.) But my purpose there was to deny those riots’ strategists the use of these children. Teaching the kids a lesson wasn’t my main purpose.

But as we’re seeing, because of the various Covid “rules” established by various governors and mayors, and strongly pushed by almost all the mainstream media, we’re seeing a lot of young people, male and female (but largely, female) who may or my not have any political affiliation with BLM or Antifa, in fact, may have no political affiliation at all who just go totally ballistic at the sight of some other citizen(s) walking around a store without a mask, or just tweaking them (in one case you might have seen) where a man walking his dog apparently caused a young girl on her bike coming from a different direction to change her course, setting her off a series of angry spasms.

Why we know this, of course, is because someone filmed it.  So enjoy it. It’s IMPORTANT to note that almost all of these confrontations, if there is a third or fourth party standing around, it will be recorded, which, as I will explain shortly, if you are the object of such an attack, is you to your advantage.

In the case above, we didn’t see the “causing event”, it was just the girl screeching at the man with the dog that he had interfered with her going through the intersection, and that he should apologize. Very politely he said he didn’t do anything wrong, so would not apologize, then attempted to walk away. But she would then plant her bike in front of him to block his way, and continue her rant. She did this a couple of times, blathering all the time about his guilt and her victimhood, until he finally gave her a feint one way then slipped away by another.

Of course, good for him. But had he the presence of mind to see he was being filmed for posterity, and was something of a thrill seeker himself, he could have done Mankind a favor simply by raising his hand and popping her square on the lips with the back of it. With luck it would have swelled a bit, and maybe even bled. The sheer unexpected shock would have shut her up long enough to make a clean getaway, or, if he was a real gambler, hang around so she could call the police and try to have him arrested.

After all she had witnesses with film, and considering her age, and class orientation, might even have believed it would prove her case. But even in New York it would likely get that guy an acquittal 90% of the time.

But the bigger lesson for Miss Congeniality; if she ever tried that again, and a man raised his hand only to scratch his nose, she would suddenly stop, and maybe even flinch a bit with the memory of that back of an open hand coming at her.

I know nature’s law here, for that only happened to me twice, both times for back-sass, both times from my mother, and both times under the age of 8. Back-sass was the only criminal offense I recall that would cause my mother to hit us above the shoulders, all the others offenses were with a switch (which we cut ourselves), or a bar of Ivory Soap (strictly for cussing…actually potty mouth since we never took the Lord’s name in vain until he were long out of her reach) and a belting once or twice for serious things. There were four of us, born 3 years apart, ’42, ’45, ’48 and ’51, so only myself and my younger brother (’48) had to be back-handed twice before the cure took. After that, all Mom had to do was raise her right hand and say “Eh”, and we stopped…which is the whole purpose of this report of effective deterrence methods for the over-indulged and under-raised child of the 21st Century.

As I mentioned in my own history with lying, it’s best to learn these lessons young. Like a tonsillectomy, it’s routine at 11, but much more serious and painful at 21. A broken nose or bloody lip is a great shock to the system, especially for indulged rotten kids, but fear of that raised hand can still be quickly taught and will have calming effect on the next outburst by many a young lad and lassie, once applied.

Note: This won’t necessarily change their politics. There are so many of these screaming banshees out there, not to mention the male David Hogg’s, but it will shut them up and keep them out of movies. I have no doubt that in 20 years there will be a “BloodyLipMeToo” Movement so that every congressional candidate and judicial nominee from the right with have to run a gauntlet of charges, all unprovable, or as in the case I cited above, unchargeable or convictable. But in 20 years that will be all the minority party of the Left will have left, if we do this right, right now.

(For those of you 21st Century’ers who believe that any sort of corporal punishment by parents to children is abuse and should be criminal, all I can say is “behold the work of John Dewey” and where it’s got us today.)

We really need to collectively put our foot down if for no other reason than to prove we’re worthy.

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