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The Fascists Among Us, Epilogue

At the time and date of this entry the world as we know it has literally gone to shit. If my grandmother were looking over my shoulder as I type this, she would scold me for my language and tell me it would be far more Christian to say, instead, that the world has lost its way. She would tell me that I should encourage anyone who might come across this entry need only look to God, in prayer on their hands and knees, and ask for guidance and straight-up unconditional faith and love and mercy in His name. She would also tell me to remind people that God has a plan for all of us and that we all need to look for, both within ourselves and toward our family friends and neighbors, the right path forward.

Personally, having read the Bible myself only a couple of times less than she had in her own lifetime, there is a mightier storm of anger fury vengeance and wrath in my heart, reminiscent of the Old Testament God, then there is even one iota of the understanding and compassion and love and forgiveness that we heard so much about in the New Testament. And quite honestly, a scan of the news or a walk down any major city street in America brings my mind’s eye a whole lot closer to Revelations then the book of Psalms.

All anyone can seem to find in the news is lies and misdirection, or both, and the only things you are allowed to be exposed to across the vast ocean of social media are the things they want you to believe in order to further their Fascist agenda of overthrowing America and casting it down into the fires of anarchy and chaos. And, whenever “We, the People seek out our elected leaders and public officials, looking for guidance and leadership, the only things we can find are images of old, scared, pasty-assed and out of touch white people insisting they feel our pain and are united as one with us as they get down on their knees in full surrender and submission to the Devil Himself.

Meanwhile, the Fascists, both in corporate media and social media, along with the criminals and terrorists ravaging the streets where we live, have taken control of the narrative, the conversation, the playing field, and all rights to dissent. And through it all, they are telling us we are the Sinners and they are the Saints.

This cannot stand; we fight or we die because if we don’t fight we will surely die anyway.

The Multi-Pronged War

It’s easy enough, sitting in front of a computer as I am, to talk about war and Warfighting as if I have any true understanding of what it is like to stand ankle-deep in your brother’s and sister’s blood fighting back an enemy, but I was never in the military and talking shit about things with which I have no direct personal experience is nothing more than dishonoring the men and women that actually have, and there’s plenty enough of that going around amongst our Fascist enemies on the left. And, not for nothing, this applies every bit as much to the men and women in uniform fighting wars overseas as it does to the men and women in blue fighting Wars on the streets of America.

Having said that, by and large, the enemy we face has likewise not had to leave the comfort of their boxers and dark socks and ergonomically correct keyboards in order to engage the Civil War they are egging on from the bleachers. To be sure, before this is over there will be bloodshed beyond that which has already occurred at the expense of countless innocent people. Unless, of course, enough of the rest of us can start working together to turn the tide against the Fascists among us.

Perhaps the most important first step is to cut off the blood flow, in this case, cash an advertising revenue, with the simplest of first steps. Cancel your big Tech social media accounts and, if you can’t live without this medium, start over again with services that still respect the First Amendment and disavow censorship at every level. Big Tech social media is raking in billions of dollars, some of which is coming from each of you, and has been using that money to support or embolden everything the rest of us stand against.

Sure, your current social media accounts are familiar and you have slowly allowed the overlords to change the rules without your permission and force you to change your behavior in their domains. And you choked them down because it’s easier just stay with what you know than start from scratch somewhere else, naked and alone in a sea of strangers. Who cares? I don’t like change either, but look at the change our enemy has thrust upon us. Get over it, mourn your losses, and get back to work.

Next, cancel your subscriptions to any and all Corporate Media news products. This money, along with the ad revenue coming from their advertisers, along with the products and services you buy from those external companies, only serves to further support and embolden our enemy. Hell… Boycott any company that advertises through these Corporate Media Outlets all together. It has been a tried-and-true tactic employed by the Alt-Left for many years. Let’s start doing it better than they did.

Admittedly, this next one might hurt a little. It certainly hurt me a little when I clicked “end subscription”, but it is in our collective best interest; cancel your Amazon Prime account. Through direct personal experience, I have found it very fulfilling, thanks to the COVID-19 shutdown hoax, that buying products and services from local stores, restaurants, and businesses… With curbside pickup or home delivery… Each of us can work together to pull money out of the pockets of Corporate Media and Big Tech media and the Bezos propaganda machine via The Washington Post and put it, instead, back into your local economies.

I know what you’re thinking. That is more expensive! But, even if it is, every dime we take away from Zuckerberg or Bezos or Gates, or any of the other fat-cat pasty white Fascist Liberal Elites fomenting for (and helping to fund) a war against American Democracy is one dime more back in our pockets to fund the resistance.


This has already run on too long but it is important that, if you take nothing else away from this series, at least remember that Progressive Liberals have taken over your grandfather’s Democrat Party and become the radicalized Alt-Left. Their actions and their demands are no different then every Fascist world history has ever had to confront, and their levels of violence, strategic chaos, and disruption of American lives and institutions have become the equivalent of an insurrection. For now, Civil War #2 remains little more than scattered armed skirmishes meaning there is still a chance for our nation to remain intact.

In order to prevent this from escalating much further, one piece of the strategy for winning is to cut off the enemy’s supply lines of cash and shrink its reach. The fight against Liberal Progressive Fascism has many fronts; we are outmanned, out-funded, underrepresented in government, and alarmingly way behind. There are enough stories out there suggesting that the battle is already lost and therefore not worth fighting but I, for one, refuse to accept that but if we don’t set our enemies’ wallets on fire and come to our collective senses on Election Day, and replace those Republicans and Conservatives that have thus far capitulated to the Fascists, with people that aren’t going to budge another inch in the war of ideology and our Constitutional body politic, those that have already given up will turn out to be right.

It’s at least worth the shot to try and keep that from happening.

I’ll come back soon, separately, to start addressing the mess we have made of our representation in Washington DC. In the meantime, get busy at the state and local level and put your money back into your local economies and get the hell off Facebook and Twitter an Amazon and the rest of them.

Good luck!

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