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The Left Must be Stopped

(The following is a post from Haystack, author of the Post-Covid Decalogues, Pts I-III, appearing over the past several days. About the larger Game at hand, beyond police-state tactics around the country, it goes to the very heart of real Name of the Game, and how it is closing in on us.

(And Haystack, who I’ve know for many years, and to be pacific by nature, his response is now: Finally, ¬†Game on! We’ve found our Sam Adams, right words in the briefest format, as if he were standing on a landing, urging 100 men to jump on board some ships and toss every crate of tea overboard.)

Game on!

I think it’s safe to say, as a self-proclaimed independent conservative, that the chasm between Republicans and Conservatives has grown alarmingly deep and wide since the days of Ronald Reagan. Interestingly enough, however, is the fact that there is almost no chasm whatsoever between Liberals and Progressives anymore. So much for their bullshit hollow promise of being the party of diversity. And, tempted though I might be to offer my condolences to the old-school Liberals for having lost control of their Progressive wing, I have no sympathy for the bloody lot of them. I happily lump them all together under the moniker of “the deranged left” and, here right now, drive my stake deeply in the ground, and assert that the Left MUST Be Stopped. At all costs.

Out of respect for, and in deference to, the United States Constitution and the subsequent Bill of Rights, we, the non-liberal peoples of the United States of America have gone about our business, how ever we have freely chosen to do so, expecting that everyone else in this country – exercising their own equal rights – would do their own thing and leave us the hell alone to do ours. And while it may once have been true, during our first couple hundred years, that this “agree to disagree” relationship more or less provided all of us the freedom to pursue our own flavor of life liberty and happiness, liberals eventually decided this peaceful coexistence was no longer acceptable. The left has been successfully chipping away at the rights and freedoms of non-liberals for so long now we’ve grown entirely too accustomed to it and have let them get away with it long enough. From this day forward, using every legal resource available, and with every fiber of our collective beings, the left MUST be stopped.

The final straw that set my half-blind ass up in my seat and set my wavy white hair on fire was yet another iteration of a news story about a no-name kid, from a no-name Tier-2 college football team, having been drafted to the pros by the New England Patriots.

What the hell does this have to do with “the deranged left”, Haystack, you ask?

Someone, somewhere, decided to study this kicker’s tattoos and came across one that offended them in some way. As it turns out, the ink has been associated with a group of organizations, known collectively as the “three percenters” that, apparently, should be considered offensive and dangerous and anti-American and anti-government. And, if you can’t find any other alarming category to squeeze them into, just consider them racist.

It works every time and is the tried-and-true method currently being employed to set about crushing this kid’s life long dreams and ruin his life before it has even begun. With every passing day this story is flaming through the internet to varying degrees and, despite knowing that the next shiny object will come along in the news soon enough, for this kicker, he will go down in history as an anti-American racist even though I don’t even think he has signed a contract yet.

Think I’m overreacting?

Saunter over to that harbinger of truth and impartiality also known as Wikipedia and note that a page was hurriedly put up that gave him all of one paragraph a factual data before launching into the controversy surrounding his tattoo. Did I mention that he has been shamed into removing the tattoo altogether, something incredibly more painful than getting it done in the first place and that the haters simply aren’t satisfied with his rationale for getting the tattoo? Yeah, that happened .

Let’s be clear about something in winding this piece down. The deranged left has made it abundantly clear that nobody is allowed to judge or condemn anyone else for the choices they make in their lives. From killing unborn children to sexual preference and orientation, and even gender identity nowadays, no one is allowed to dictate to anyone else what they can do with their bodies or how they can live their lives or who they can bump uglies with or in what manner or method or form they might choose to do so.

The deranged liberal cannot have it both ways.

Whoever invented this, and whoever might have reinvented it for convenience later, the idea of three percenters goes back to the ongoing argument about whether 3% of us in this country did 100% of the fighting against the King at our founding. I’m not going to dive into that because I’m no expert but I believe that’s probably true. Today’s three percenters stand in their place and vow, likewise, to stand against Tyranny by today’s government in much the same way that the founders warned us against. Another group, called The Oath Keepers, similarly stands against government overreach intent on chipping away at the freedoms and Liberties promised by the founders.

So here’s what I’m doing about it. The rest of you go about your business and do with this whatever you will. I’m putting my money down to join these groups and I’m getting the tattoo to replace the one being erased under duress from the deranged left. If we, as a people, can celebrate the alleged bravery a people burning Flags they made no sacrifice to defend, or embrace violent and destructive social Justice movements like Antifa, black lives matter, the New Black Panthers, or even the old Occupy Wall Street Freaks, or stand in solidarity (or kneel if you are a sucky pro football quarterback) with the so-called social justice crowd, I can get a goddamn tattoo of whatever the hell I want or be a member of any organization whose ideals I share if I so choose. And I can start trolling every website and every news article and every demented liberal journalist I can find until I’m completely banned from the internet.

Game on bitches.

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