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The Care and Cleaning of the Twitter Account

The Grand Game

Almost everyone has a opinion about Twitter and Facebook. Conservatives consider them capricious in the way they handle “political speech” on their sites, rewarding Leftist views while punishing flag-waving Love-America attitudes.

Both are hostile to American-style democracy and values.

But as long as the American political class, including Republicans, is in the grip of elitists who want to permanently disenfranchise Americans who are below their standard for full citizenship, (approximately 92%), we simply have to learn to make-do with this circumstance until we can show these people the door. That’s already a work in progress.

Either way, there will be an eventual reckoning.

Along with Google, I believe Facebook to be a world-class malevolence on a totally different level than Twitter. G&F engage in the dark arts of blending mass mind-control and subliminal messaging with the general idea that humankind can be molded into any living, breathing shape they would want us to be.

Heavy stuff.

World thinkers began seeing the dark possibilities of this futuristic world as early as the 1920s, even before movies had become talkies. By the 1950s television had hypnotized America’s children, proving the power of free commercial advertising to sell sugar-coated cereal to kids who hadn’t two dimes in their pockets. Vance Packard called these “hidden persuaders”, pointing his finger at Madison Avenue in our golden age of mass media in the 1950s. But in the 1930s it was called “propaganda” when the only tools the state could employ were radio and the superman film imagery of Leni Riefenstahl. Leave it to American admen to transform those tools to a free market.

It was only a matter of time before newer and more subtle technologies would get out in front of this desire to manipulate and control the masses for both profit and control.

As for the skin ordinary Americans have in this game of thrones, Individual Liberty is a very recent insertion into human history. And since it was so commonplace in America, Americans generally lost sight of just how precious jewel it is. So, we stopped teaching this to our children 1-2 generations ago. The absence of that teaching partly explains the kinds of people we see today on Twitter.

The general idea has been than with the magic of technology super-men can control other men without the jack-boot thuggery once required to subjugate them. Just watch people walk around like Zombies today, looking at their cell phones while tripping over sidewalks and, if old enough, you will be reminded of children being sold Lucky Charms on Saturday morning TV.

In this state leftists believe they can avoid having to send all but the religious off to re-education camps.

It’s believed that once we lose this taste for individual liberty it will be lost forever, since there is already  diminishing knowledge as to how human freedom came into being in the first place. And no known academic discipline to inquire how or when it might arise again.

Erasing history has been reduced to an algorithm, what Google and Facebook do best.

But for now the American people and their native instincts are the fly in their ointment.

Small ball and Twitter

I think Twitter was designed to dull those instincts.

Twitter appears to be a mere dog-whistle lab experiment, Psychotics 101, compared to the grandiose plans for a New World Government. Still, it would be prudent to assume the are linked, the lesser doing the bidding of the greater.

A general observation: 90% of what happens on Twitter is irrelevant to what happens to the world outside it.

Twitter “trends” have almost no bearing on history. Twitter cannot destroy a good man’s reputation, nor can it rescue a bad one’s. That’s because 90% of Twitter readers’ minds are already made up.

E.g., we’re told Twitter trolls destroyed a perfectly good small business in Indiana, Memories Pizza, by causing them to shut down, all because they were Christian and an employee had told a reporter they likely would not make a special pizza for a gay couple if asked to. With a mass invasion of threats which they took seriously, the pizza joint closed, only to wake up a few days later rich, from over $800K in donations. Bingo! Let’s hope they bought a nice condo in the Caribbean and are now living large with their Twitter-borne victimhood.

Twitter was also a major reason as to why several main stream media print and television companies, along with several prominent celebrities, may soon be paying out large court-awards in the hundreds of millions to a single Catholic high school student in Kentucky. The fact that the media, nor Twitter (nor Facebook and Google) will broadcast these judgments once handed down, won’t alter the fact that those offending defamers’ accountants will.

Twitter has created a template where fools eagerly rush in, only to be handed their asses. But since new fools are propagated with the ease of creating new Orcs in a Tolkein story, there never seems to be an end to them, and never any permanent lessons learned.

That Twitter may have been designed with this very circumstance in mind should be of concern to us.

People go to Twitter for hundred’s of reason, from joy-riders, to peeping toms, to trolls. And if you pick out a good array of people to follow you can actually get a pretty good glimpse at what’s going on the world, both in your chosen world of Light, as well as their chosen world of Dark.

When you into Twitter it’s like going into a saloon. Since I’ve always liked the seedier part of the world I’m always comfortable there. Raised to enjoy the great art of Titian, Raphael and DaVinci, I found Toulouse-Lautrec’s can-can girls more interesting.

But the Twitter saloon does give us the ability to see some of even the finer artworks below the waist.

Unless you’re careful, the Twitter gin joint can curve your spine.

My mother said that every finger you see giving you the “come-hither” in “the Valley of the Shadow of Death” is attached to the hand of Satan. She was right. My dad wouldn’t have given me the same warning that way. He would have said “Be careful” and expected me to go find out for myself. After all, he’d spent a year of WWII in Naples.

Like Gollum, Twitter may have a small role to play in the grander game.

The main cast of players in the Twitter saloon are liars. Just learn to know them when you see them. The same for the ego-maniacs, an equal number on our side as theirs, I often think.

Very few people can make a difference at Twitter. @RealDonaldTrump, who has over 59m followers is one. Everyone wants to know what he has to say, even his enemies. His direct messages to them is greater by a factor of 5-to-10 than any MSM outlet can match. And they go to the right people, his base, the people the MSM doesn’t try to reach, but would rather try to keep in the dark about any positive news about the Administration and negative news about its friends on the Left.

Trump gafoodles that scheme.

There are others I enjoy, who also are not there to chit-chat with strangers, but to be heard, and slit the gibbet of the occasional troll. I like @theRealJamesWood, over 2m followers, because he is so caustic against the Left, plus I’m an old “Diggstown” fan (a true cult-classic). And there’s @ScottAdamsSays, over 300K followers, because of his insights into the corporate culture with his Dilbert cartoons from the ’80s, years ahead of his time, from when we should have taken the front office disease more seriously. He should be taught in university, if we can ever regain that turf.

I also follow a couple of best selling historians who I knew about before I began to write, and they actually follow me back.

I don’t follow any Leftie, but I do get to see plenty of their Tweets, in part because many people on our side are obsessed with them. Personally, I don’t think this is healthy, since I’ve been paying attention to Lefties since the 60s, three generations now, without the benefit of Twitter. One of their turn-ons is thinking they are causing us grief, so why oblige them to whine about it in public?

The MacBeth witches, Ocasio-Gomez, Ilhan and Tlaib, have followers ranging from 3.75m to about half a million, which means they can use Twitter as Donald Trump does, to send communiques in the clear to their base, possibly also with subtle bread crumbs. Since AOC doesn’t write most of her Tweets, I expect there are bread crumb messages among those too, for that requires the ability to connect more than two dots, a skill she seems to lack.

For current honest State-of-the-DeepState news, I follow a string of better (for my tastes) journalists, @ByronYork, @MollieHemingway, @SaraCarterDC, @VDHansen, @AndrewCMcCarthy, @KimberleyStrassel and others, about 15-20, who, as far as I’m concerned are the total number of reliable qualified national journalists in America today, people who can actually connect more than two dots, and all of them being factual, not speculative. They all share a common trait, a love of America, and a fealty to the notion that facts (evidence) are stronger than speculation and rumor (gossip) and, God help us, clairvoyance.

They can all tell the difference between a horse and a mule.

Twitter’s Impact: By comparison, illegals, almost none of whom use Twitter, had a far greater impact on the 2018 election than did any bloc of Tweeters. So I always worry whether Twitter is drawing our attention away from the real battlefield.

Twitter is something we can do sitting on our ass. Keeping illegals away from the polls isn’t.

Ten-to-one Tweets from our side are complaints versus calls-to-action, and 90% of our calls to action are calls for the government to do something when every citizen knows the only people the Left fears are The People. Us.

This may be Twitter’s greatest gift to the Left; keeping us engaged in pacifying our passions by chasing the irrelevant.

We need to spread ourselves around more.

I don’t like Twitter.

And Twitter clearly doesn’t like a few things about me as I have been suspended twice since Trump was elected, each without any notice. I simply couldn’t log on, then, after two weeks, Voila! I’m back on. Someone just pulled a switch.

Officially, I never know why I was grounded; a violation of a term of service? Or is there some SJW there I’ve hacked off? Not unlike complaints against FB and recent complaints at Twitter about peple who have wanted to follow @UnplannedMovie. Lines between front office or front lines are conveniently blurred. I’m told the Chinese use this same sort of punishment in their work camps, where a prisoner can suddenly find his rations reduced, or gone altogether, then, after a month or so, they suddenly are returned. Still, every day he must come to the dining hall and watch everyone else eat.

I’m told the Chinese were good at this sort of psychological puppeteering long before Google came to China…which does cause one to wonder who invited who? Simpatico?)

My friends who have been on Twitter since the early days (2008), and have many thousands of followers, tell me my Twitter sin is likely “spamming”, since I’ve published some of the most interesting stories at my website, and Twitter has been the only place I can advertise them to broader audience.

Some of my stories are timeless masterpieces, as I can’t see a picture of Eric Swallwell, the 5th grade Democrat from California, without making a wry comment on Twitter and adding my link to either “The Justified Bloody Nose” or my famous saga of Mick Hensley, about how I got my own broken nose, twice, and the lessons I learned from them, and how sad it is so many prominent Americans were unlucky enough to have missed out on these lessons.

No, seriously. One fat lip or bloody nose and Swallwell would change all sorts of his life-habits, perhaps even adopting a phony pretense of humility, just to keep from having to see that blur of a right cross come out of the sky again, like the one that broke his nose on the steps of the House Office Building.

Once upon a time that was a Natural Law life lesson and it provided a certain orderliness in the universe, especially in a land where men and women are kings and queens in their own House and tolerate no state-designated “betters”. My generation learned those rules by 5th Grade and we were all more honest humans because of it.

Twitter immunizes its friendly users from such fears.

Obviously, a lot of people think a huge Twitter presence can give them clout. Twitter-Clout is a much-sought-after commodity as I see people all the time offering contests so that they can reach some magic number like 25,000. Personally, I don’t see it, unless you have a marquee name to begin with, like James Wood, Scott Adams. and several more.

All I know is that that Twitter doesn’t matter in the Big Political Skin-in-the-Game-of-Life.

Many on our side today display the same shallow thinking to make me think that maybe they  became conservatives for the same reason the sophomores at National Review became conservative, to advance professionally and financially, while carrying the same general opinion of the 92% for whom the Constitution was written…just as did the best and brightest of my generation who called themselves “Liberals” in the 60s; people like Nancy Pelosi.

Twitter, like the Left in general, is made up mostly of soldiers who can’t think. But they have technology on their side, and they have three generations of laboratory productions, beginning with Lady Nan in the 1960s, to where we are now, with new and advanced Gen 3 products like AOC and Beto

You should go and review what Ayn Rand wrote about the Haters, Appeasers, Manipulators and Profiteers, in 1971, when people like Pelosi were their first laboratory rats; rich, spoiled, and so very easy to herd.

Only, now those four types have been rolled into one. They still hate the Good because it is Good, but from the USSR in the 1980s, and the Chinese today, the Party and the Apparatus have been morphed into one, a Nomenklatura, and they can no longer allow themselves to read beyond their designated lines in the chorus.

It took the USSR 75 years to fail, and all they have done since 1992, when it fell, has been to ease over their leadership into a top-down Darwinian fascism that has really changed nothing. Lenin was the last true believer, and over the 100 years since he died, every fixed cultural star that can guide a sane society gone, since its Fall, Russia still has no idea how to recapture even one star.

They still live inside the same laboratory.

And the replication process seems to be getting faster. China will be in much worse shape when it collapses. Hello Google. How can you implant any virtue, any truth, with creatures such as these?

They aren’t really human, but soulless humanoids. But we can’t shoot them. What we can do is take steps to see if they know real pain…a busted lip, a bloody nose, a stick across the shins, the taste of Ivory Soap, if only to determine if they can still be made to understand Natural Law by pain and taste.

Since we can’t preach Scripture to Orcs, what I want to know is whether Nature can overrule the laboratory, and rescue this portion of humanity? If we can, then Google, Facebook and the Grand Alliance of our Betters will fail.

Just like 1782.

Keep this in mind as you wade through Twitter, admiring Mona’s skinny legs.



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