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A Tale of Two Mobs

Since 2006 I’d watched Republicans, including many conservatives, fed up with Party choices going back to Bob Dole in ‘96, hand our government over to first the Congressional Democrats, then, even after the Democrat’s dark side had revealed itself, still refuse to stop the bleeding.

I thought perhaps that Obama and the clear intentions of his brand of Leftism might jerk a knot in this sort of petty arrogance. But apparently not. As we described at the time (2015-2016), part of the allure of Donald Trump was the result of the people’s search for someone who can bring back to the fold those legions who were shown the door after Ronald Reagan left in 1989, at least 2-3 million of them. More it turns out.

By 2010 the common folk had seen critical freedoms slip away while the faux-conservatives who live inside their nor’east bubble believed life to be safe and secure, and that there will always be that next election, when hope would spring again that their next Tom Dewey would come riding over the horizon and rescue at least their part of the Republic…sort of like how the French nobility in 1793 believed they could ride out yet another of the uprisings of the peasantry that had been going on since the 14th Century.

Turns out they had not accounted for the invisible hand behind the Mob.

Since the American Left is not a potted plant, and our freedoms not self-protecting, this is where I leave Donald Trump and remind you about certain natural law realities and what lay ahead unless the people re-secure those truths we all, once upon a time, believed to be self-evident.

For we may be compelled to meet the Mob head-on…without benefit of clergy.

*             *             *

“God said a fire, not a flood next time…”

(from “Well. Well, Well,” old Negro spiritual)

I’m not Ann Coulter’s biggest fan. But it’s only a matter of style. We are separated by 25 years of a kind of snark that doesn’t come easy to me. But she does lay liberalism low. In Demonic, How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America, she lays out a notion that is important for all of us to understand, for the ideal of the Mob transcends liberalism.

It’s not liberals I want to discuss here.

It’s us, for the idea of “the Mob” is a two-headed coin, for while we are about to confront a Mob now, we must also consider the second Mob that will likely arise from our children, should we fail.

You see, Ann Coulter uses as a launching point for her study the French Revolution and Terror, 1793-94.  That’s just seven years after we embraced the U S Constitution, and just twelve years after the French monarchy (about to be shaved) helped us set ourselves free from another monarchy-enemy of theirs. (It was nothing more than a family fight between rival monarchies, so don’t read too much into it.)

The Reign of Terror was defined by a guiding influence. It wasn’t just a big riot. The Committee for Public Safety and Citizen Robespierre, “encouraged” the French mob to first track down, then tie up and bring to ‘”trial” and finally, cheer and escort up the steps to meet the National Razor, an estimated 40,000 undeserving rich people in an era when they really were undeserving…

…only as a class, not individually, which was always what separated European and American legal and moral philosophy. They looked upon their commoners as filthy pigs, we looked up ours as the “boss”.

(If you’d been following the recent Ford-Kavanaugh clambake, you might have gotten a sense of how easily a Mob can hang innocent and guilty side-side simply by the color of their tricorn.)

Robespierre & Company were the first Nazis.

For Americans it’s always been hard to understand why the Euros fear democracy so much, since it comes so naturally to us. The grotesque memory of “popular will” from the French Revolution is why. The Mob. This is why they fear it. And by fear it, I mean nightmarish fear. Even today, to Euro regulators, the average Italian villager is still just one regulation away from taking every “new aristocrat” out and hanging his head on a pike.

In 2013 we wrote about the difference between how the peasants (Jacquerie) were treated in France versus how the Magna Carta had extended an element of dignity to the villeins of England, giving English commoners a 100-200 year leap on the continental peasants, which in turn may explain why it was why the English who got here first (some say God chose, but that’s another tale for another time).

The years 1776-1798  made the stark difference manifest, for on the one hand the American Constitution was created by English common folk, while on the other the French Reign of Terror was committed by French common folk, at the urging of an entirely different philosopy of government and intellectuals.

Those two views are at war still, and the Mob is still a tool.

The average American couldn’t even imagine this sort of disdain and distrust for common folk by government…until Barack Obama came along.

This is why the Euros eventually created a top-down, managed democracy, which is no democracy at all, but rather a rank-driven order, which, as we now see is teetering on collapse, still with no clear idea what the Swedish and Italian farmer might do, once it does collapse.

It’s been eight (8) generations since the Mob destroyed any taste for popular democracy in Europe, the Reign of Terror slapping that taste right out of their mouths.

The Jacquerie and other European commoners never knew what they had missed.

On the other hand, American colonialists were free to organize their own affairs without any real interference from government above for six (6) generations before the Constitution and now another eight (8) generations, since.

That’s fourteen generations of continuity, of being able to build and grow a society in relative peace, while no other country has been able to get past one. That defines American Exceptionalism in a nutshell. It’s our brand, but try as we might to share it, we are repelled as if we were exporting typhus.

(Britain is a qualified exception, Brexit possibly representing its last chance to allow the popular will of the people to choose its course of history rather than an all-powerful bureaucratic elite.)

We already know what happens to Mobs once they have served their purpose. Their most expendable elements are shot or sent to gulags, and the people will gratefully accept anything to stop the carnage. Just as Hitler set the Storm Troopers on the population, the people thanked him for then taking their leadership out and executing them (the Night of the Long Knives) then declaring him “Leader for life”, allow him to meld the remainder of the SA into a less-visible part of permanent government, inside ministries and offices of secret police with even greater powers.

But before Hitler, there were the Bolsheviks, all the way back to Robespierre, and forward to Mao, then Castro, each with variations on the same theme: send in the Mob, then earn the people’s undying loyalty by getting rid of it. The Europeans have had secret police for generations, under both the kings and the social-democracies, just as recent revelations have proved a nascent variety having had arisen in America in recent years.

Look at your blue-red map and recognize that the Mobs that are acting up in America today are in league or under the protection of the same sort of forces we recognized with the SA and Bolsheviks, who used fear and anarchy as a tool which they could easily disband and bury once they had served their purpose.

Baltimore, Ferguson, BLM and now Antifa, can wreak havoc in just about any place in protected blue areas today, including university towns that harbor a monument of a Confederate soldier, under the protection, or at least tacit approval, of local police and government, with complete impunity, so long as it meets certain political ends.

Don’t expect this to remain so tame.

Consider that blue areas as walled castles where the lords of the castle can send  forth sorties to inflict fear and pain on the people of the red.

Our task is how to meet these Mobs head-on without becoming like them.

There have always been ways to dispatch these Mobs, w/o serious harm. But on this scale it requires organizational and tactical skills, and some money. Not a lot by the “getting Beto O’Rourke elected” scale, but staying out of the public eye is key to any success. You can take Antifa, for instance, down for pennies on the dollar of what the Left is paying them to pretend tough.

Consider the alternative.

I’ve struggled with the problem for close to ten years, for many people who know history know this is coming.

The patience of the American people has amazed me, especially since we have always been considered to be the “barbarian-wing” of American society.

The American Mob

If the American continuity of fourteen generations is broken, it would take the New Order a few years to secure it. But since the American cultural memory is not the same as the rest of the world, a new Mob will eventually arise to retake the United States, only “the United States” will not be the same as the one that was created in 1787, or we know now.

Make your own list of the things you have now, and consider whether your great-grandchildren will even recognize them.

They will be our children, only defending an ancient compact as to how free men and women can best organize their societies and govern themselves will not likely be highest on the list.

The traditions of liberty will not the same. Just look at your children today and know that this is so. For some time we’ve been  getting a glimpse of how much we would not recognize our great-grandchildren in terms of the taught traditions of Family, God and Common Morality. Many of the things we had relied upon for 14 generations to help mature and educate our children have been removed.

Still, we have to meet and defeat the current Mobs without becoming Mobs ourselves.

The Parting Glass

Quite frankly, were it not for what happened here in America in 1787, even the facade of democracy would never have been attempted anywhere else in the world. The entire world’s pretense at democracy and free markets today is still an hypocrisy that vice must pay to virtue (La Rochefoucauld).

A reminder that they hate the Good because it is Good. (Ayn Rand.)

Had we never showed up the world would have remained pretty much as it was in France in 1781 (not 1793), and the common folk more like their Jacquerie instead of the freemen of England.

All the pretenses at democracy we see today have been sewn from a spindle first spun in America.

(Have rolled-up newspaper, Will travel.)



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