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Wanted Posters, the new Dark Alley Strategy Against ANTIFA and BLM

How did I miss this five years ago?

We’ve been writing “dark alley” posts for several years now, telling readers they can blight the path of the Left; in government, in education, colleges and university.

Our rule was just don’t do physical damage (maybe a bloody nose) and harm any animal.

Misdemeanors. It was minimal risk if you got caught, but the idea was to not get caught because even in 2011 we knew the Left was organizing strong-arm brigades, especially in blue cities where they knew they could get away with it, and would do to you what you would never do to them, if they only knew where you lived.

They arose from the OCCUPY MOVEMENT, but it was just a matter of time before they would go full-throttle anarchist, which really does satisfy the inner needs of a large portion of a generation who could tear up an entire toy aisle at Toy R’Us  without actually suffering any consequences. Their misbehavior was always indemnified.

God only knows how many kittens and bunny rabbits in their neighborhoods were tortured and murdered.

Face-to-face, one-on-one, they aren’t very good or dangerous, but like most predators they like to separate the weak from the herd, old people, the helpless, the outnumbered,

then satisfy those inner needs. Not wholly unlike rapists.

These scenes are similar to many others you’ve seen.

Portland has been a hotbed lately, but expect it to move east…but still to hospitable places where the cops will not hit back…and let the rich kids have their way with car windows, even their own squad cars, and downtown store windows.

But for reasons I don’t know, suddenly many of these felons (maybe Oregonians are getting tired of being a national laughing stock) are being arrested and taken down town, mug-shot, and booked.

Now, I don’t know if Portland Police are releasing photos and names of only out-of-towners, or all the people they arrest, and you’ll see there are a number of older people in the photo array, some who look like they must have just been picked up at a saloon, and offered $50 to go stand around, wear a mask, and act menacing…and clearly several who look like they are not Sociology 202, or even Gender Studies student material.

But they are releasing the names and home addresses of many or all the people they take into custody.

I mentioned this in July 2016,  when Black Lives Matter shut down a major highway in Richmond to protest the BLM complaint-of-the week, whatever that was. People who were arrested there were a mix, older people, lefties who do this for a hobby, sort of like Code Pink, who carry their get-out-of-jail money in their socks, college profs from as far away as Pennsylvania and Charlottesville, and actually even some black people. And students. The usual suspects. Not sure if any people died because the ambulances couldn’t get through, but citizens were hot.

I noted in the article where many of those who were arrested were from, but no one bothered to see if there had been mug shots taken that married up with the names and addresses.

This is huge. For now we can actually torment these people…yet never break the law.

You have no idea how important it is that these people have to look over their shoulders, fearing real Alt-Right gangs might want to track them down, or much worse, that the crew at Dunkin’ Donuts might find out they’re just as creepy off-duty as they are on.

So, lookee here.

There are dozens of mugshots like these, just Google ANTIIFA-MUGSHOTS. (Just avoid including Tiger Woods whose DUI mugshot is also found.)

There will be more, and it will be interesting if any of these people show up in future mugshot-lineups, say in Detroit.

A simple To-Do List

All you have to do is 1) match a name and address to the face, 2) Design a nice Wanted Poster template, (don’t mention a bounty, or anything stupid like Dead or Alive, and say only something that can be proved, such as “Domestic Terrorism” or “Fascist Terrorism” then 3) using Facebook or other social media, shop around for local residents in their locale, who also don’t like fascist hooliganism either and who may be willing to collaborate with friends to print say 100 and then hang them around where the ANTIFA’s hang out.

You’re mission is completed.

Just don’t get too boastful. Stay in the stealth mode. And wait to see if @Jack catches up with you.




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