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The Two Faces of the Deep State and “the People”

So when they say “the FBI, or DOJ or CIA said this, or did that”, your first thought should be, “Which one?” Especially if it’s the media telling you these things.

Also, never forget that is has been this way since at least JFK.

In 1998 a man asked me to help write a book directed at the very people who are now taking back the country, one piece of government at a time. I complained to him that he was asking me to write a book for people “who don’t read.” He said, “Yep”. He died in 2006, and I’ve been trying to write that book, one chapter at a time, ever since.

The Deep State

A little history: For all I know elements of the deep state have been around since Wilson. Those are the career bureaucrats who will move mountains to do things their way, and always protect their jobs, and grow their numbers when the opportunity arises. That’s just part of the human condition, and yes, the Founders understood this. It’s as in a bureaucracy’s DNA to want to do this as it is a deer’s need to rut every autumn.

If governments through the ages have had a fixed star, it would begin with their Bureaucracy.

In the debates over how the new Constitution of 1787 should look, one constant both Federalists and Jeffersonian Republicans seemed to agree was that the size and power of government should depend entirely on the people’s control of the men who both could increase the size and mission of government, and also raise the money to pay for it.

Despite their animosity towards one another, the Federalists and Republicans were of one mind about keeping the federal government very lean. The idea that the federal government should want to grow did not begin until the formation of the Democratic Party and Andrew Jackson, 1824-28, when the spoils system was first introduced…after all the lions had passed away.

But they finally got an income tax in 1913 (16th Amendment), (count the years, by generations, 126 and 4) which, while very, very small, its fine print enabled Congress to increase it almost at will, and then, 19 years later, 1932, with the Great Depression, and the next generation of Progressives called in to fix it, (FDR and the New Deal), the government grew like mushrooms in a rain forest. Many of those programs survived well into the 60’s, until LBJ could replace them with a new set of programs, The Great Society, which haunts us still.

It was in this period that federal employment first jumped its territorial boundaries in the District and invaded Virginia and Maryland. And someone in Big Government figured out this was a good thing for Big Government, which in those days was entirely Democrat. Even the good ol’ boys in the rural south. FDR’s New Deal saved the old South, where loyalty to the Democrats was even higher than in the northeast until the Cold War-Civil Rights days. That’s because the first basic handshake FDR had with the old Confederacy was that if they’d back the national Party and their plans, and keep the blacks from voting (they were largely Republican then…ask MLK) he’d keep the federal programs coming their way.

The KKK was the Praetorian Guard for the Democrats until JFK was elected in 1960.

Then LBJ built a better plantation, and insured that federal jobs would be available for blacks who wanted an education, and plenty of blighted turf and 7/11’s to rob for those who didn’t. Only a small fraction of college-educated blacks go into the private sector even today..

(Compare the 2016 election and the 2013 crime, to see the territorial strength of the Democrat Party at the height of its empire.)

I hate trying to compress thousands of pages of American history into a few paragraphs just to focus on how the bureaucracy cane into being roughly 125 years after the federal government was formed, but it’s important to note this was where, like that rutting deer, it always wanted to go.

Trust me on this: Bureaucracies are organic, and it’s in their nature to want to expand and grow.

So the “careerist deep state” was born before the “political deep state” by at least 30 years. Think of them as the Political-bureaucracy’s ground troops, for when there is internal wrecking to be done, they usually do it…only they don’t always know the end game.

Several people I know could write very good books about how “politically-appointed” deep state operatives can manipulate “career deep staters” into doing things that would go against the patriotic impulses and moral fiber of their being simply by keeping their work compartmentalized.

And today, salaries and benefits are so much better than 40 years ago, so they are more willing to protect those perquisites against sudden shifts and changes in their mission. In the 1970s federal workers earned, on average, about 20% less than their private sector counter-parts. Including lawyers. Those numbers have since reversed. So they are going to be very resistant, as in wrecking-resistant, if some new administration comes in and declares “the Platte River is clean and we’re going to shut down that part of our mission.” They may even cause a major spill themselves in order to keep those desks open.

Bet you thought I was going to target the FBI, DOJ, and Intel agencies. Well, Obama’s DOJ refused to bring charges on the Animas River spill, so yes, we know the government can and has colluded to keep its “base” intact just to protect vital bureaucratic interests.. Muddy river and muddy lines between protecting political territory and bureaucratic territory.

Agencies such as EPA are part fact-finding (scientists) and part regulatory (rule-making and enforcement). The fact-finding mission goes on forever, but at EPA, rule-making (lawyers) and enforcement (inspectors) are missions which have a shelf-life. If they are no longer needed, that cuts the agency in half. which sometimes calls for drastic measures.

Since 2010, at least, “the people” who’d lost this control over their government, have been pushing back to change (through process), while the bureaucracy has been resisting, using every string they have in Congress to prevent it. The bureaucracy has been sensitive to this threat for many years.

In every agency in government, not just the high profile ones (EPA, CIA, State), there is a struggle going on between Trump’s new administration and the careerist deep-state. In some of those the struggle is exacerbated by left-right political ideology, where climate change and the billions it generates in universities and slush-fund companies such as Solyndra, is as much a life-and-death issue to many true believers at EPA as Iran becoming a nuclear power is to the Left in State and CIA. (Just watch John Brennan or James Clapper speak for two minutes and you’ll know what I mean.)

But on these issues, the Constitution names who wins the coin-toss in every case. “The people” through Congress decide, which is why Congress is so conflicted, for it is “the people” who puts them in Washington with a nice $174,000/yr salary, plus other benefits. But Congress’ real loyalty is to those people who can carry them to the next level, some on K Street and other connections, and turn them into millionaires and powerful brokers; who turned Harry Reid’s senate salary into millions, as well as Paul Ryan’s.

In that world, the federal bureaucracy, not “the people”, is the real Congressional constituency, only “the people” aren’t supposed to know this, and Congress over the past 30 years at least, have spent billions trying to keep “the people” in the dark. (Think of a Connecticut commuter-bank executive who keeps a mistress in Manhattan. Same tryst, same secrets.)

This is why they call it “the Swamp”. Apt name; marsh gas and weeds. And alligators, bugs and things that crawl in the night.

The Media

In her “Culture of Envy” work (1972) Ayn Rand first wrote about  haters, their descendants we’re seeing almost everywhere these days. She went on to describe their enablers and sponsors, “Manipulators” and “Profiteers”, living, breathing evils that abide in men and women in both the political sector and the Media.

Miss Rand defined the Media as “manipulators” although I’m not sure she sensed their power madness in those days. As I’ll lay out in a coming article, once an evil comes out of its façade and reveals itself, we’re all obliged to go back as far as memory will allow us to reconsider things it has told us, for in all likelihood, many things we think we know or believe about a thing has been colored by the private purposes of the people telling us. Even the things they say that are true are worth revisiting, just to set up a kind of scorecard. I can take the Media back at least as far as JFK in my own life, for he represented to me the first Big Media Lie.

Say what you will, especially if you write over at “National Review”, Donald Trump has served as an existential fork in the road for almost all the Media, including the “conservative” press. Clearly, some are better than others at being to go back to their closet and re-evaluate.

I’ll say again, Donald Trump did not create his base, Barack Obama did, starting around 2010. And after false starts in putting Republicans first in the House, and then the Senate, “the people’ went to the next level with their obvious next move, one actually easy to predict if you were looking in all the right places in 2015-16.

The good news is that in each of those moves by “the people” since 2010, they forced many people purportedly on their side to reveal their true purposes. So their (our) battle is not quite over, for a resounding message needs to be sent in these coming 2018 midterms that the hunt is only intensifying.. (For those of you who do read, please find new and clever ways to pass this onto to those who don’t.)

But to the American Media Donald Trump represents a life-and-death struggle for their craft, at least this current iteration of the Press, now probably in is 60th year.

I believe when an enemy is down…kick him.

Half the voters don’t believe the Media, and for an even larger group, they have lost almost all their relevancy. And the Media is finding it very difficult to fire up the rest, mostly lefties, millennials, and of course the people who live in those blue areas on the crime map.

This may be our greatest undertaking, and this is because of one man…….who gets it. A man who actually knows 1) what “the people” want, 2) understands that, per the Constitution, “the people” are in charge, and 3) can deliver.

The only loose end is for “the people” to get the Congress to remove itself from that harlot, its adulterous relationship with the money side of the Swamp and the Bureaucracy, and restore its own status as the sole determiners of just what is and what is not a good Congressperson.

Or else.

A lot of heads should roll in November.

One final note on the Media, in times like these I don’t know who to fear more, the Media or Rush Limbaugh, for the people figured the Media a long time ago, only Limbaugh keeps telling us to be afraid of them. Like the looney Left, the Media has reached the limit of its ability to grow, we know it, but Limbaugh continues to warn us, probably on the old notion of “what will the preachers do if the devil is defeated?” If the people declare the media less relevant, which it has, then Rush Limbaugh is less relevant. $$$.

So be it, I say.

As I have said before, and will again, the people were in charge of their own affairs for 150 years before the Constitution. Their complaints were laid out in the indictment portion of the Declaration of Independence. Read it. So all they needed to know about the Constitution for the first 126 years they could write on a note card, and put away in a bureau, for there was very little the national government did or could do to interfere with their ability to “pursue, life and happiness” and generally govern themselves.

It was a slow 50-year, 2 generation process for the people to see that government was beginning to annoy them, and another 50-years before Obama would come along and ring their bell. 2010.

Since then, which I’ve argued here for years, (in the process proving that Providence and Nature have a direct interest in seeing this Constitutional Experiment succeed and move on toward its full potential)… is that the ordinary citizen, “the people”, who’ve been lionized by no less than Peter Strzok as “hillbillies”, have indeed risen to become the true scholars of the original purposes of the Constitution, replacing all their “betters” among the pundit class.

Remember, a pundit, much like the government class, is a non-producer who makes light of those who do produce.

The Constitution of 1787 bore all the marks of a miracle, for no such a thing had ever arisen before in nature. Ever. The Constitutional miracle of the 21st Century has so far been that “the people” undertook to learn and understand the Constitional design “without benefit of clergy “; i.e. their betters. Another Great Awakening.

“The peoples'” reading, no better, understanding of the Constitutional Plan today, is totally consistent with how they perceived the Constitution to be from 1787 onward without having to read it. In 2010, when survival required they pause and dig a little deeper, they did.

That process moves apace.

A true miracle, the hand of Providence, that’s what I calls it.

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

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