Democrat PaRTY, Elitism and Class

Was Hillary Clinton the Head of Her Class, or Just the Head of a Big Pimple?

In the 1980s, when Hillary Clinton was first lady of Arkansas, her lamp-throwing escapades were well known all over those parts of Arkansas that knew who she was. Her ability to smile and make nice with notable personages and then just as suddenly break loose with a string of expletives because a state trooper had looked straight at her, or a house servant had delivered under-cooked eggs, were well known, even documented.

Oh, the Arkansas media knew it too, all right, and later, so did the national media once Hillary became First Lady. Her lamp-throwing espcades were legion, and God knows how much the White House kitchen staff missed Barbara Bush.

It’s not a matter of whether she ever felt the backside of a man’s hand, as victim-feminists then, and #MeToo’s today like to howl about, but whether Hillary ever felt the flat side of a parent’s hand on her little behind in that part of a child’s life where  crucial lessons are learned and those little swats, and the word “No!” forcefully spoken, or “Go to your room, young lady!” actually matter in a child’s development, no matter how smart they are.

Apparently Hillary missed all of that.

You do know that it was only since 2016 that Hillary Clinton lost her rank of the World’s Smartest Woman? The Head of her Class? The One who could take on and defeat matriarchal hegemony in the work place with the one hand while baking cookies with the other?

It was all a lie.

No one knows how smart Hillary Clinton ever was because she never had to prove any of it. If she did anything better than men it was in being able to keep the endless string of “m**her-***kers”, “sunsabitches” and “god-damns” under wraps while poor Richard Nixon couldn’t keep a single one of his “expletive deleted’s” away from the national front page, none of them ever uttered with anger or malice. But with Nixon, even my grandmother could fill in the blanks and was appalled that a president would say such a thing.

America was simply encouraged to draw this dark image of that Dick by a media who kept the sins of the whole Clinton household under wraps.

But that’s just politics, so, OK, the Democrat media got away with it.

But one harmless little restaurant owner in Lexington, Virginia unintentionally proved to the world that Hillary Clinton isn’t the world’s smartest woman, or anything special, but rather a well-known, and generally disliked type; a spoiled brat dressed up by an affluent class, which, regardless of education and privilege, were sold short on their upbringing and graces, making good people wonder what these girls could have made of themselves if they’d just felt a parent’s sting on their behinds when they suddenly became unglued….usually only once. (Twitter’s full of such exhibitions.)

The reasons why they didn’t mature like normal people in the 60s are as myriad as to the reasons why many of their children and grand children have signed up for trans-gender basketball or wrestling…in 5th Grade. I am just sure having never been told “No” or felt that swat across their vertical smile, has something to do with it.

But today there are millions of them, it seems.

For in Lexington we have a putative successful business woman, her photo taken with her teenage son and cuckolded (although he may not know it) husband, all wearing those cute little pink hats the teat-fit throwers of America wore as they marched after Donald Trump was sworn in, declaring themselves to be proud of their lack of upbringing.

This owner of the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington might offer a clue. A going business, a member and leader of the city’s historical district, Stephanie Wilkinson saw Sarah Sanders and a party come into her restaurant, and recognizing her, lost all sense of where she was, time and space, or what she was about to do. She literally was that little girl in the doll aisle at FAO Schwarz.

Trust me, Stephanie Wilkinson may have thrown it all away. And she lost it all inside of ten seconds. There was no sitting down and thinking, “If I do this, this will happen, and if I do that, that will happen.” There was no calculation. There was no thought given to the cost she might have to pay or the damage she may do to extended family and friends. Just raw instinct.


Just like Hillary, only Hillary never had to pay a price, and quite frankly, could care less that others who have followed her lead do, many are now in the process of being destroyed, all because, thanks to a cynical media, Hillary was able to carry her maleficence forward for close to 40 years, with nary a hint of public reproach. So no broader lesson was ever learned.

I’m sure similar thoughts were made as we watched some say as many as a million crowded the Washington Mall in 1969, protesting the War in Vietnam.

Stephanie could have been one of their kids. Who knows? But Stephanie wasn’t so lucky. Her jig is up. Let’s hope the whole classes’ jig is up, for now we know their trip wire. Hillary tipped us off.

Look for America to spank some more.

Bout time.

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