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What If? Are Chili Rellenos the Answer?

You all know by now about the assault on a swank DC Mexican Restaurant by a group of American political terrorists. The story and video are available from several sources, some sympathetic, others outraged.

This one runs over 10 minutes, providing the full scope of the “battle area”.

Rather than get your panties in a bunch about the insolence or language, which has become so common and predictable as to be ordinary anymore, from a large part of our educated youth these days, notice the rest of restaurant, and the general absence of restaurant management. Again, for over 10 minutes.

Now, WHAT IF, what if just one of those patrons had stood up, picked up his or her plate of chili rellenos, and calmly walked over to where one of the loud-mouths were standing, and face planted those chili rellenos.

In Hollywood, this is called a “show stopper”, for there is usually a pregnant pause of several seconds once some new twist of action comes from out of nowhere, and no one, no one is sure what comes next.

In the famous Peckinpah western, “Wild Bunch”, this is the perfect example, and under the circumstances, the prefect setting:

For a few second no one knows what comes next. Then all hell breaks lose.

(Spoiler alert, if you haven’t seen it, the four gringos are killed, but not before taking out all of management, and about 200 of their front line employees.)

So, back at the restaurant, here we are with a soiled would be Antifa hero, a plateful of cheese and chili stuff running down his best tee-shirt, trying to decide whether to look cool or revert to his/her 11-year old foot stomping teat fit at FAO Schwarz’s.

Consider the many variations this one plate of chili rellenos can take.

1. For one, someone in the pack of fasco-Nazis could be packing, (it could happen) and start firing. In all likelihood, wildly. Our frontier history proves that being able to fire a weapon and being able to stand and stare into the face of others with a gun are two entirely different things. There are recorded fire fights where hundreds of rounds were fired resulting in a couple of flesh wounds. Most gang shootings are from less than 6 feet. Our colleague Allen Ness knows these things to be true. The one who can cooly stare at the other guy with the gun wins. It’s the cold steel hand of maturity, and something precious to protect, that almost always wins the day. I’ll take a granny with a Glock against a dozen college kids with the same almost any day.

Or 2, some of the customers, perhaps irate family members of the man who first stood up, all there for a special occasion, also stand up, and take their vengeance on the people who had ruined their evening, using still more plates, and maybe even forks. A pricey place, most of those patrons looked like they were adults, regardless of political persuasion. Too bad women don’t wear hats anymore, for those hat pins would come in handy.

Why the management hadn’t called the police, I can’t say. Simpatico with the looney Left? Happens all the time? One of Ted Kennedy’s old haunts? Couldn’t get the owner, who was vacationing in the Med, on the phone? Who knows? This was not one of those places where they have a five-for-$5 meal deal.

But I think the establishment took a public relations hit.

And 4., who tipped the little rat Nazis off as to where Ms Nielson would be eating? (Look for some media person to be in the middle.)

After-actions that have to take place, planning for the next event. I just don’t like the idea of our side having to make the adjustment to our normal routines of where we eat, having to sneak and grab a bite when it is the Left’s leadership who should have to sneak into work in a ’92 Camry, wearing blue jeans and a ball cap, then race up the back stairs for  a quick change once in the office.

That one plate of chili rellenos might have flipped the equation.

Lady Penguin reports, via Conservative Tree House, that one of the terrorist is a proud DOJ paralegal, name of Allison Hrabar, fresh out of a swank private college, Swarthmore. She’s a member of the DC cell of the Democratic Socialists of America, which should be on some Attorney General’s list somewhere. Not long ago, membership would keep you banned from government employment everywhere. Want to shut down entry-level deep state admittance, Mr AG, reinstate the list.

As to firing this specific little honey, I expect she expects to be fired, using this restaurant raid as a resume for a higher profile job in the catacombs of Leftist activismt. After all, she’s probably over 20 by now and due for a raise.

I want to add, Chili rellenos is not a good offensive weapon. If I found Chuck U or Jeff Flake in a restaurant I would never storm the joint and show my behind with chants. I’d be outside finding some way to commit an outrage, rigging a can of paint on the awning to be flipped when they walked out, or maybe just putting an ugly note about their rose bushes in the wiper blades. Or using my trusty ice pick. Anything to make them look over their shoulder, and aggravate the hell out of them.

Why should their spoiled children have all the fun?

Chile rellenos are purely defensive. But they do leave a mark, indelibly stamped, in fact, for they do send a mighty message that their kind of sport ain’t free…anymore.

Just remember that pregnant pause after the first face-plant when no one’s sure what will happen next.

If Donald Trump has taught us anything, it is to be one step ahead, not behind.


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3 thoughts on “What If? Are Chili Rellenos the Answer?

  1. Excellent post (as usual), Vassar.  I’m with you.  As I watched the video, it occurred to me that this is the same Occupy Wall Street crowd that threatened Americans, commandeered Zuccotti Park earlier in the decade, stormed restaurants during brunch and shutting down free speech at Trump rallies and on college campuses across the United States.

    I did notice how no one, absolutely no one, not the restaurant’s employees or its customers (a handful of whom applauded as the incident unfolded) spoke up.   Adding to that, I read somewhere that the manager of the restaurant was rather pleased with the actions of Allison Hrbar and klan.

    She is one of the leaders of DSAs Maryland chapter, rumored to be Antifa and she looks like of one of those snowflakes filmed in the bars and on the ground screaming into the sky after Trump was elected. See:  Rabid Marxist who harassed DHS Secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen, is a paralegal for DOJ (UPDATED).

    Btw, Hrbar was hired in the summer of 2016 as a paralegal in the DOJ. Why is this a big deal?  You may (or may not) recall that in 2016, Obama’s final year, he went on a hiring blitz.  Now why is that a big deal? Because, as if we didn’t have enough Communists embedded in federal agencies, Obama strategically planted thousands more right up until and past the 2017 presidential inauguration throughout government agencies.

    Almost forgot, the restaurant where the incident occurred is owned by Chef Todd English who also sells cookware on one of the shopping channels.  I expect that English will fold like a coward or find himself blacklisted.

    Now if only Republicans would stop acting against the interest of the President. These young ideologues have not made the connection that assault and battery attacks against Americans backfired in 2012, 2014 and 2016.

  2. Sorry you and I are not part of the equation, Puma, giving seminars even, but I assume some counter-measures are being planned now. the bottom line is that miserable little ass-holes can become so notorious that when they come in screeching because someone face-planted them in fresh, wet cow-dung, people will not necessarily blame Trumpsters. It could be anyone. And I were to mistake Jeff Flake for a millennial…hey.

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