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David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez and the Vanishing Bloody Nose

A lamentation

As you know, I’ve always been a big believer in the curative effect of the bloody nose, especially since, despite all my mother’s efforts to have me learn the path of the straight-and-narrow in Sunday School and church, I learned several of the most important lessons of my life in the school of hard knocks, beginning with “Ya ought not lie”, which I learned at the end of a bigger kid’s fist when I was 12. You see, I had lied. That story’s become something of a classic because it teaches a great lesson about the virtue of the bloody nose in an era when a simple bloody nose has been elevated to near-felony status, possibly leaving a catastrophic vacuum in our culture by its absence.

Interestingly, in 1991 “Boyz in the Hood” chronicled the progression from fist fights by young kids, where honor and right and wrong were the issue, to the escalation of guns and knives a few years later Interestingly, as those kids grew older. I never saw the film, but my son, a recent college graduate, explained the gist as he saw it, as a father trying to teach his son where virtue might be found with the fist, because you know when to stop, but is no longer visible once you escalate it. Especially if you are not mature enough to know the value of the lesson.

Adding this dimension has caused me to rethink the curative effects of the bloody nose, for in social structures gone mad, as when the Democrats first starting building the ghettos in the 60s, it’s been staring us in the face that in those mini-societies, a bloody nose can lead to guns and knives in no time at all.

We also know it is not an easy task to undo, which is why most Republicans washed their hands in it years ago. Only we didn’t know, for they continue to talk the talk.


In this vein, our li’l friend, David Hogg and his classmate Emma Gonzalez have added a whole new dimension to his notion that a bloody nose is virtuous, for in many respects they too are occupant-victims of a contrived, manufactured social structure that has become increasingly dangerous, even explosive, which interesting enough, has been created and managed by the same leftwing intellects that gave us the Slums of Baltimore.

I need to rethink Li’l David, as well as the notion of bullying.

Today Li’l Hogg rivals Donald Trump as the most hated male in America, but this is likely because he is a camera-hog who was quickly snatched up by the media, but also possibly because he looked the way the media wants to portray young male heroes these days. A weenie. After years of admiring burly athletes, the “new look” of male teens does seem to be that of the over-indulged, afraid-of-his-own-shadow prince of snivel.

Hogg is probably a prototype of hundreds of thousands more.

And there’s the rub.

I have been growing increasingly aggravated at how young Master Hogg has been able to raise the hackles of far too many people twice his age, some even closer to mine, causing them to look and act like fools. It’s embarrassing

His power to shut down Laura Ingraham has proved to be a myth, a media-concocted myth that lasted a couple of weeks, which was about the same amount of time it took Memories Pizza in Smallville, Indiana, because of a twitter storm about their refusal to make special wedding pizzas for gays, to go out of business, and then go out and collect about 800K tax-free dollars from GoFundMe and buy a little bungalow on a beach somewhere, where it would never snow again. Not a defeat but a big win. And the sponsors who bailed on Laura, some of which I’ve never heard of, are looking in their books right now, counting their losses because the same freaks who shut down that pizza joint in Indiana sent millions of notices of disapproval to Fox News about Laura. And they swallowed the hook.

Last laughs are always the best.

In fact, I had originally planned to do an article here about how a favorite nephew of Laura, if he existed, could have followed Li’l David around and when the opportunity arose, walk right up and clock him. Right on the nose, thus ending his love affair with himself.

I’ve written about the justified bloody nose before, but because of Parkland and the whole new (to me) school and surrounding cultural environment, I’ve had to revisit my central thesis, as I stated in the beginning, above.

Boyz in the Hood rules apply now.

Other than teaching a snot-nosed kid a personal lesson, there may be no higher lesson in natural law that can be taught if occurring in a manufactured climate where bullying isn’t outlawed, or even discouraged, but reversed and protected.

If Laura had a favorite nephew, and he actually did boff Li’l David, I postulated that he would be arrested, charged and convicted, then get 30 days (likely suspended) and go home to a GoFundMe outpouring of at least a quarter million adoring donations from around the country. Just like Memories.

But then…

I also considered Miss Emma Gonzalez, who is/was a genuine social media bully, and who possibly has real Stoneman-Douglas blood on her hands because of it. Reportedly she’s mean, and targeted Nikolas Cruz at school. (That story is still unfolding, and will be told eventually.)

Imagine if someone boffed her on the nose?

Think of the outrage. A girl with a bloody nose?

I know less about Miss Gonzalez, but do recall the French, after America ran the Germans out of their country in 1945, made all the women who had collaborated with the Nazis during their occupation have the heads shaved, much like Miss Gonzalez’s. She might want to rethink the Che kitsch.

She and David are both modern types. Much too prevalent types.

Consider this:

In the 60s the Left’s indoctrination of our kids began in college. But today, kids are tapped out as early at 4th Grade. What hasn’t changed much is that the Left is seeking the same types, psychological profiles that are not only easy to pick out of a crowd, but also easy to sculpt in the laboratory in a petrie dish.

The “civil war” of the 1960s was represented by a counterculture that had great selling power in Hollywood, television and the music industries, but less with the public at large. From 1964 on, but particularly after the 1968 election, it was made clear that the American voters who still “loved America”, despite all the positive press the counterculture was getting, were not about to concede to college students and their faculties’ demands for a new and better America.

With the rise of the Occupy Movement in 2011, those with longer memories spotted a repeat of the early 1960s, and that the kids were back…often the direct offspring of the original “children of the damned”.

Today, students no longer have to storm university offices, since their mentors often run those offices. They dictate what is and is not politically correct, who can speak and who cannot. Well past Berkeley in ’64, they no longer have to worship at the foot of free speech now that only their enemies want to use it or protect it.

If you want a picture of what passes for college professors these days, imagine David Hogg years from now, teaching some sort of psychic political theory at some sort of institution for rich kids that is confused about the essential differences between Marxism and Fascism. This New York college instructor was relieved of his duties shortly after appearing on Tucker Carlson…justifying ANTIFA, if I recall. Not sure where he landed after that.

Stoneman-Douglas in Parkland gives us a good insight into the four-corners of the culture of an affluent school system; the social rules, who gets to bully and who doesn’t. Had anyone bothered to delve deeper into Columbine HS in Colorado, we might have known more about this new sociology 20 years ago. Just don’t expect college sociologists to carry out those investigations.

Everything we do in life has boundaries, lines where it becomes no longer safe if we cross them without proper education.. That period between 7 and 18 is supposed to be when we are taught those things; by our culture and customs, our religions, and a basic understanding of Law about the most general things such as lying, stealing, and cheating.

Schools no longer help in this, by and large. In fact it can be argued they impede.

For they, using law, have been able to turn over-indulged children, bright children, into bullies, without having to face any of the liabilities of being bullies. Bright beta-males, like Hogg, and alpha-females like Gonzalez, seem to be their prime carriers.

And now we’re here.

So we have a civil war on our hands, and while it would be nice to deal with Mssr Hogg and Mlle Gonzalez on an individual basis, their public education portion of this civil war is being carried on by a multi-tentacle operation above them; one that breeds them, indoctrinates them, and prepares them to carry this civil war forward via teachers, administrators, school boards, city, county and state officials.

They need to be unmasked and encouraged to quit the field while there is still time…

(There is a point to this, so look for Bloody Noses, Part II, coming up.)

(And visit Veteranstales.org ,write a story, tell astory, and leave a deductible gift.)









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