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Hillary Clinton and Nuclear War by Incompetence and Indifference

(For the next three weeks I can find no profit in writing about anything except what possibly may be the peoples’ last opportunity to express their choice for who should manage the affairs of our Nation. If you will scroll back here over the past several months, since the Republican primaries, you will see that subject has dominated our postings already, only about Mr Trump. But now it is down to the nitty-gritty and Mrs Clinton has laid all her cards on the table revealing a Queen-high Oklahoma, as they call it in poker, Q-J-5-4-2, in three different suites. A hand as empty as her Mao jacket.)

(The recent parade of Anita Hill-like accusations and “victims” about Donald Trump has been tried so many times it has become weathered and stale, and over the years more and more provably false. With each passing attempt; a re-enactment in 2o11 for the benefit of Herman Cain, and then Bill Cosby, where a bevy of groupies who hooked  up with celebrities thirty years earlier for the express purpose of counting sexual coup, these latter-day, last minute expose have now degenerated at the same time “the people” have evolved to their highest state of alertness about media partisan chicanery; always against the anti-left good guy. They no longer believe this stuff anymore. Most of these recent claims against Trump are provably false, the rest of the ordinary she-said, with a corroborative she-said to a BFF variety, none able to pass even the barest evidentiary smell test in any courtroom…

…proving instead only that the Hillary camp is desperate, and has gone all in. …with that Queen-high Oklahoma.)

So, it’s time we turn our attention to the incredible shortcomings of Mrs Clinton herself; as a politician, as a public servant, but most of all, as a person.

Only don’t rely on Donald Trump, or me. Rely on her own former supporters, Camille Paglia, Susan Sarandon, and Jill Stein, current Green Party candidate for president. The first two were big supporters of Bernie Sanders, true socialists, only now, after WikiLeak revelations of how the DNC and Clinton campaign conspired to steal the nomination from Bernie (in a straight-up, fair primary, he may well have won) and Hillary’s mockery of Bernie supporters as losers still living with their parents, have now turned on Hillary largely because of character issues to go along with her now-very public private love tryst with the same Big Business she’d been hammering these many months.

Ms Paglia has long been a favorite of conservatives despite her left-wing views because of her brutal honesty about the psychological and cultural motives underlying the modern feminist movement and its political Sisterhood, which, in this campaign season, has bared its ugly face across the spectrum of professional journalism, especially among women, blurring the distinction between left- and right-wing vamps such as  Megyn Kelly and Rachel Madow, since both seem joined at the hip in opposition to Trump.

Camille wrote “I was wrong about Donald Trump” in March 2016, while Susan Sarandon has chimed in several times about why Donald Trump would be the better candidate on bases few women would dare speak. Paglia mentioned Trump’s broad appeal to people the political class had long overlooked, including African-Americans, mentioning Diamond and Silk., citing “a popular uprising and furious pushback against the major media and political elites, who had controlled the national agenda and messaging for far too long.”…comparing Donald’s energy favorably to Hillary’s wooden stature, “whose every word and policy statement on the campaign trail are spoon-fed to her by a giant paid staff and army of shadowy advisors.”

Even while the primary outcome was in doubt, in March, Susan Sarandon began doubting Hillary’s honesty based on her duplicitous promise to the people to tax Wall Street more heavily while begging for money from those same corporate fat-cats. She says, “I think, in certain quarters, there’s growing concern that the folks that are into Bernie Sanders have come to despise Hillary Clinton or reject Hillary Clinton and that should she be the nominee, which is as yet undetermined, they will walk away.” On revelations that Hillary had stacked the deck with Bernie via the DNC, that low opinion has sunk even further.

Enter Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, who also believes Trump will do better as president, in part because Hillary is more likely to cause a nuclear war.  War is always the greatest form of environmental degradation. Now WAPO is warning us that a vote for Stein is a vote for Trump while Stein is actively asking people to vote for Trump instead of herself!

These three women all have large and influential personal constituencies, but instead of taking the road the Democrats had hoped they would take, for the sake of party unity and a mutual hatred for Republicans, they have actively chosen to encourage voting for Trump. Camille Paglia, being the most insightful of the three, (for that matter of any congregation of 100 people however constituted) is the only one to highlight positive characteristics in Trump, the others using the same calculus many of the Christians I know are using, as a choice between the Devil and the deep blue sea, praying the deep blue sea will provide smooth sailing, because they must in all good conscience, reject the Devil..

My only addition  to these three ladies’ observations is that, by inference, all are choosing Trump over Hillary for a variety of glaring personal shortcomings of Hillary, from honesty, to duplicity, hypocrisy, out-and-out dishonesty (including perjury), and like Bill Clinton, an absolute infidelity to any cause, ideology other than her own interests. No one, no one, save a few women who see the world through largely the same “royal entitlement” prism Hillary does, sees the world in this way. No one believes a thing she says, so her stated policy objectives are meaningless, and the vast majority of her support is based on people who believe they will mutually benefit by her becoming  president….when it should become more clear that none of those reciprocations will ever materialize.

These three woman are warning anyone who believes there will be a cozy desk job in Justice, EPA, or anything other than patronage jobs coming to the inner cities, after all the funding has passed through several hands, would be a fool to trust this woman.

And the risk of nuclear war is actually more likely under Hillary, only Ms Stein understates the reasons. Mrs Clinton’s are more craven that mere bad policy choices. Libya, from 2011 forward, happened the way it happened not because of malignant intent but because Mrs Clinton made horrible errors in judgment in gun-running to Syria, in which she likely had a vested interest via Sidney Blumenthal, and of the Muslim Brotherhood, who she accorded a front row seat in replacing Qaddafi, only no Plan B when that fell apart and Al Qaeda moved in instead. Incompetence and indifference, not bad luck, put Chris Stephens in peril and cost the lives of four Americans just doing their job in defending what they believed were vital American interests, for in Hillary’s mind they only became important once it became clear she might be exposed.

Hillary is so practiced at screwing up, cover-up is always her first instinct. Some say that indifference is the greatest sin, and so it is that death by indifference is the worst kind of murder. At least civilized people believe that.

In July I wrote this about the “royal” aspirations  of both Bill and Hillary, but especially Hillary, for she is uniquely of the Bedouin type, who knows nothing but her own personal appetites, and believes she needn’t know anything other than the satisfaction of those appetites.

“Hillary defines herself entirely by her station and so long as she can show a clean official record in that regard…no indictments, no jail, no personal restraints on her movements…no matter that every American thinks she’s a crook…but one…she is content that she is still “the state”.”

Firmly ensconced in the White House, surrounded by factotums and servants, expect the worst.

So sayeth Jill Stein, Camille Paglia and Susan Sarandon.

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