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Hillary Makes it Official, This is about Class, not Politics

Recently, Hillary Clinton gave her take on the Bernie Sanders voters, as being wide-eyed naifs still living in their parents’ basement. Since conservatives have partaken of these kinds of jests about those kids for years, but for other reasons, the distinction between the two needs to be noted, for, as Donald Trump, say, it is “Yuuge”.

Are Hillary’s words a lament? Or a kind of dismissive chastisement? A washing of the hands? A shape up or ship out? Or a warning? A new sheriff coming to town?

There are all sorts of mixed signals here.

In my view, Hillary has been, piece by piece, separating America into the classes she and her tribe envision for their brave new world. Of course, what Mrs Clinton fails to acknowledge is that Bernie voters are almost the exclusive creation of her own political party and its own chosen ideology. Bern’s kids are the product of their educational system and their diminishing of the popular culture for 50 years now. That more than half of those children are from one-parent homes is also a survival-endangering cultural twist she and her ideological cohorts can take a bow for, but while intentional, they cannot afford to acknowledge it out loud.

And Bernie’s kids are showing their cumulative effect now as a voting bloc. Political demographers have been waiting for them, just as Madison Avenue, Facebook, Google and Apple have. They are now a “class”…only on  which side of the statists’ ledger sheet will this class be measured?

Bernie’s kids are the unwanted children of the Democrat Party, and with her recent comments to donors, she is performing a kind of ritual abortion. She’s acknowledging that some kids have slipped through the cracks of the Left’s 50 year-old educational plan. As a voting class, this weren’t supposed to happen. They can explain away the individual sortie, the solo jailbreak, as we reported here in June of last year, when Dylan Roof shot nine African-Americans in a church in Charleston. Dylan was a graduate of one of their public school hate programs, only he jumped their ideological ship. Instead of being merged into the limitless number of jobs in local, state and federal government, where he could have harassed private citizens legally, he went hunting on his own.

But hey, “this” happens, just as Obama has had to dismiss dozens of criminal acts by illegals and Muslims, who, it turned out, shouldn’t have been there at all, either being deported a half-dozen times, or awaiting trial, or slipping through the porous net Jeh Johnson and INS have set up to keep undesirables such as rapists, killers and Islamists-with-an-attitude, and their fetching wives, out.

Even the ambiguation of the English language falls in Hillary’s lap, from the intentional political and cultural misuse of language learned at Sol Alinksky’s knee, to the cowardly CYA double ententres of knowing just that the “meaning of ‘is’ is”. They are all on her. Can any of you recall, in music and ordinary speech, how the term “I love you” went to “making love” to “boinking” to “yo’ ho” in just 30 years? Hillary knows.

But this classification of Bernie voters, a sizeable portion of them college graduates, takes on a deeper significance  as it comes on the heels of Mrs Clinton’s classification of “deplorables” to almost all white males without a college education (a sizeable portion without jobs but would like one), as well as college grads excepting certain preferred professions, e.g, MBA’s, attorneys and college professors, plus housewives, people of faith, moonshiners and beaver trappers. A sizeable slice of the American pie, all”deplorable.”

By declaring these people to be “a class” we can begin to see the world Hillary and her Class  envisions. I don’t think “leftist” quite fits the bill.

Personally, I think Hillary’s unconsciously counting heads, Them vs Us, the Elites, the Ruling Class, no more than 20%, and then all the rest outside their orbit..

In doing so she is counting the dependency class, the client sector, assuming as much as 90% may be on her side. This may be a mistake.

Imagine Lucius Gellius Publicola sending out a rider with a white flag to speak to Spartacus and his fellow slaves, the heads of dozens of Praetorian Guards on pikes in the background, reminding them how well the Roman Senate had treated them over the many years; keeping them fed, warm cots, comfortable, all the Nehi Grape and moon pies they could wish for. But Spartacus was a gladiator, and this was Rome’s third “servile war” in 80 years, each one getting closer and closer to burning down senators’ villas, so those words no longer had meaning.


I’ve been getting that sense for about a year now. The Dems never had to worry about their client-class staying home as they could get a stand-in in most precincts. But when the clients turn out to vote, and the Dem’s are uncertain of who they would vote for, they get existential heartburn.

So today, Hillary is losing ground even inside what she believed was an impregnable compound, the Plantation. She’s likely to lose 20% of both her black and Hispanic support there. That’s what the drums say, only no one’s talking. So what can the Dems do?

Hillary is talking up Class, Us vs Them, even as Them (me and you) seems to be getting larger. And they are the ones getting more rowdy, not us.

By definition, elite classes need the benefaction of others not of their class in order to take power, and eventually secure it. But it appears they are becoming fewer and fewer, as well. Bill Kristol, Erick Erickson, call your office.. There are fewer and fewer holdouts as Hillary’s true nature is beginning to emerge, proving that when their plans derail they have a dark side.

Hillary’s Ruling Class is actually very small, and there’s their existential rub. The French invented the feudal system to protect its aristocracy legally, and in doing so they also created the Dark Ages, both of which lasted over a thousand years, returning man to a state of barbarism unknown since before this rise of Rome.

But anything to protect their Class.

Their problem is, it would not be much fun to be a part of a ruling class if it were any larger…needing just a strong police force to keep control, and a midriff of bureaucrats and factotums to manage the paperwork, in order to control the other 60%-80%. But history proves, their factotums feed on a case of Coors per-day, per-factotum, so grows by inches in girth per year, creating all sorts of health problems to the head and shoulders they are supposed to be supporting. Again, history shows that every tyrannical class was eaten by its bureaucracy in one way or the other.

We already know how this plays out.

So, if you thought Hillary was sending out a call for a rescue to some private donors, or to get out the vote, well maybe. But it could also be a call to put down a rebellion. A target mission. A call to arms.

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